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  1. Quest Mega Thread

    I searched everywhere on the first floor of it, and its not there from what I can tell. I can't even open the door to the second floor, is there a certain key I need to open that? Or is it outside of the bunkhouse?
  2. Quest Mega Thread

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply - by 2f, do you mean 2 floors and I think i know which one you're talking about.. its in the area with the big spools of cable behind the large concrete wall thats broken just before the bus stop?
  3. Quest Mega Thread

    Okay anyone have any advice for prapors "bad rep evidence" task? WHere do you find the 0031 folder? what bunkhouse? does he mean dorms? Would appreciate some help.
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    can you give a screenie and how to drop the document holder?? EDIT: NVM just found it like you said, thanks man! I really appreciate it
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    I've tried that already to no avail...
  6. Quest Mega Thread

    Where TF is the swing room 2nd floor room 3??!?!?
  7. Quest Mega Thread

    How do you even drop the item?? I can't find an option to drop it for the life of me......
  8. Quest Mega Thread

    Where is the drop off point?
  9. Quest Mega Thread

    Big rig in construction area where first sniper scav is on customs. Its on the drivers side seat of the big rig with the huge orange trailer you need heavy machinery key to open it
  10. SKS

    When are the devs going to fix the reload animation for the duckbill mag?! It is so completely wrong. By the logic of the reload, the SKS in game should be bolt action. You have to HOLD the bolt carrier back, you can't just pull it back and "it'll magically stay that way". Not to mention, the aiming down iron sights is also wrong. In game, when aiming down the iron sights, you can't see any of the top of the receiver cover. In real life, you CAN see a portion of the receiver cover. This too straight angle in game makes using iron sights on the SKS unreasonable and difficult to use, when in real life, it's not at all like that, and simpple to get on target. Source: I own 7 SKS' . What I really want though is to see the reload with duckbill mags with rounds still in magazine fixed. For a game that the developers pride themselves on realism of weapons and function, this is unacceptable. As for the pictures I uploaded : The first pic is how it looks in EfT. Not correct at all. The second is how it looks in real life looking down the sights of your SKS. You can still see the top of the receiver cover. I also have a video explaining how the reload animation for the SKS is wrong and needs to be corrected. I made a thread in the questions and suggestions forum, to no avail. As I said earlier, a game that prides itself on accurate weapon function and handling shouldn't have a problem this big.
  11. The Shoreline Location

    Well i *sure* can't wait to *LINE* this map!!! /I'll let myself out....
  12. Woods is hot right now

    Exactly what I was thinking hahaha. "Woods is so hot right now!"
  13. Scavs Gameplay video

    No SKS in the video teaser (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ lol. >:).
  14. SKS

    Dude, I completely agree - Wood and steel all the way my friend! (and to your comment after that, reminds me of that picture with the bubba coming in through the door, saying, "its tapco time!" and the Yugo SKS is like, "No bubba! Nooo!!" hahha It's definitely not a must to customize - there are 20 round internal magazines, and others with the capability to take box magazines (that aren't the shitty duckbill kind), and side mounts for scopes/sights can be added or are already added in some of the Chinese variants put together for export to usa, like the cowboys companion, etc..(of course for the purpose of the game, and all the customization in it'd it'd be backwards to not include options for the SKS, so I'm not delusional or anything lol :P) The way I see it, if you want an AK/something like an AK, get an AK. I won't go any further, 'cause I don't intend to start an argument. I own 7 and I'd never put one in a tapco, ati, etc.. stock. Maaaybe I'd consider doing it with one that's non numbers matching, already been bubba'd etc. I've got two Yugo's as well, and I love the m59/66 as well, I'm about to get some dummy/training 22mm grenades to mess around with lol. I want a North Korean one pretty bad, which can also have a grenade launcher.
  15. SKS

    Lmao he/she just tilts, his/her head like "..wat?" haha. Yeah, in their video about getting weapons sounds and poo, they had a Mosin in it, so I'm guessing they weren't just shooting it for fun and are going to add it eventually. That'll be great; I love my M44. At the range, people always look over when I'm shooting it, so loud, you can feel a thud in your chest.