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  1. Well i *sure* can't wait to *LINE* this map!!! /I'll let myself out....
  2. I can vouch for this guy. It's a good community
  3. Exactly what I was thinking hahaha. "Woods is so hot right now!"
  4. No SKS in the video teaser (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ lol. >:).
  5. SKS

    Dude, I completely agree - Wood and steel all the way my friend! (and to your comment after that, reminds me of that picture with the bubba coming in through the door, saying, "its tapco time!" and the Yugo SKS is like, "No bubba! Nooo!!" hahha It's definitely not a must to customize - there are 20 round internal magazines, and others with the capability to take box magazines (that aren't the shitty duckbill kind), and side mounts for scopes/sights can be added or are already added in some of the Chinese variants put together for export to usa, like the cowboys companion, etc..(of course for the purpose of the game, and all the customization in it'd it'd be backwards to not include options for the SKS, so I'm not delusional or anything lol :P) The way I see it, if you want an AK/something like an AK, get an AK. I won't go any further, 'cause I don't intend to start an argument. I own 7 and I'd never put one in a tapco, ati, etc.. stock. Maaaybe I'd consider doing it with one that's non numbers matching, already been bubba'd etc. I've got two Yugo's as well, and I love the m59/66 as well, I'm about to get some dummy/training 22mm grenades to mess around with lol. I want a North Korean one pretty bad, which can also have a grenade launcher.
  6. SKS

    Lmao he/she just tilts, his/her head like "..wat?" haha. Yeah, in their video about getting weapons sounds and poo, they had a Mosin in it, so I'm guessing they weren't just shooting it for fun and are going to add it eventually. That'll be great; I love my M44. At the range, people always look over when I'm shooting it, so loud, you can feel a thud in your chest.
  7. SKS

    Love this comment man . Kill all bubbas, and people who tacticool their SKS! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
  8. SKS

    Yeah, I definitely like it a lot, love the 5.45x39 round, the recoil is almost non existent compared to my SKS' and Mosin, so it's always nice to just end a day at the range with this bad boy (or girl... slutty girl? lol) and just go nuts with it. Thanks mang
  9. YES!!! My beloved SKS will finally meet my beckoning, oh so ready hands! >:)
  10. TT is based off Brownings design :D. Kind of like a Russian cousin lol. All said and done though 1911 has better "stopping power", and the TT will just shoot straight through you. High chance of over penetration with the 7.62x25 speedin' along at 1600+ fps.
  11. They're lots of fun man, get that money together! Also; you do? Small world man, neat! Working on getting another up, but just deleted the first half by accident... so, it's back into the wilds of Tarkov Woods for now >:O
  12. SKS

    Thanks!; they are definitely loud as hell. At the range, people stop and look over every time I begin shooting it. You can, like, feel it in your chest lol. And yes, the fireballs are incredible. That is neat you used to have an M38. They're pretty cool, and interesting since they have no bayonet. Im personally not as interested in pre 1900 weapons (yet?) but I'm getting close as I keep going back in the years haha. Still quite a few weapons from the WWII and post war era that I've yet to acquire. I got a new gun recently though, was given an SLR-104 (AK74) for my birthday. I'm so stoked for it as I've always wondered what 5.45x39 was like and SKS' are my favorite, and the 7.62 round, but I'm finding there's a lot to love about 5.45 as well. The recoil for one, the velocity is cool too and the general characteristics like its yawing. Heres a pic of the AK:
  13. SKS

    That's exactly it; M44. Made at Izhevsk. I like the carbines more than the rifles. They just look odd to me.
  14. SKS

    Nice man, always thought Type 81's were interesting. Updated pics of my SKS collection. (and one of the overall collection for the hell of it.)