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  1. SKS

    Love this comment man . Kill all bubbas, and people who tacticool their SKS! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
  2. SKS

    Yeah, I definitely like it a lot, love the 5.45x39 round, the recoil is almost non existent compared to my SKS' and Mosin, so it's always nice to just end a day at the range with this bad boy (or girl... slutty girl? lol) and just go nuts with it. Thanks mang
  3. YES!!! My beloved SKS will finally meet my beckoning, oh so ready hands! >:)
  4. TT is based off Brownings design :D. Kind of like a Russian cousin lol. All said and done though 1911 has better "stopping power", and the TT will just shoot straight through you. High chance of over penetration with the 7.62x25 speedin' along at 1600+ fps.
  5. They're lots of fun man, get that money together! Also; you do? Small world man, neat! Working on getting another up, but just deleted the first half by accident... so, it's back into the wilds of Tarkov Woods for now >:O
  6. SKS

    Thanks!; they are definitely loud as hell. At the range, people stop and look over every time I begin shooting it. You can, like, feel it in your chest lol. And yes, the fireballs are incredible. That is neat you used to have an M38. They're pretty cool, and interesting since they have no bayonet. Im personally not as interested in pre 1900 weapons (yet?) but I'm getting close as I keep going back in the years haha. Still quite a few weapons from the WWII and post war era that I've yet to acquire. I got a new gun recently though, was given an SLR-104 (AK74) for my birthday. I'm so stoked for it as I've always wondered what 5.45x39 was like and SKS' are my favorite, and the 7.62 round, but I'm finding there's a lot to love about 5.45 as well. The recoil for one, the velocity is cool too and the general characteristics like its yawing. Heres a pic of the AK:
  7. SKS

    That's exactly it; M44. Made at Izhevsk. I like the carbines more than the rifles. They just look odd to me.
  8. SKS

    Nice man, always thought Type 81's were interesting. Updated pics of my SKS collection. (and one of the overall collection for the hell of it.)
  9. SKS

    Thanks man; yeah they are neat variants. If I had a choice of which one I could get at the time I'd definitely have gone for the 88 000 000 serial #'s. They have the stubby fsb and a standard military stock. I'm not the biggest fan of the thumbhole stock, but I don't hate it either lol. I can see the mak90 in it. I hate my state, can't own AKs . Well, AK pistols are okay, and they just ok'ed the arsenal slr-104 (ak74) so that's a step forward. I'll let ya know once I get the chance to shoot! Ah hah! I was wondering where that thing was lol. Yeah I don't blame you for selling it off; I am also a stickler for condition, looks and originality. A purist, really. I don't like seeing an SKS in a plastic folding stock & bipod, sight, shell deflector, etc.(if it's already mismatching & whatnot , I suppose it's alright; in my little world lol) ha. There's a meme somewhere I'll see if I can upload it. Will you be looking for another type 56? Or has something else caught your attention that you want in the time that's passed?
  10. SKS

    Got another today SKS Sporter (92). The variant that takes AK magazines besides M, D, NR, etc.. So this makes #6 in my SKS collection to date; and still many more to get @hangoverhomey
  11. SKS

    Yep, I love my Alby. The handguard is so unique lol. I do want to get another though, that has all #'s matching. Thats nice though, that you were even able to pick and choose which parts for your SVT dude! Nice!
  12. SKS

    :0! Dude, they are gorgeous. Your SVT looks immaculate too! Amazing pieces you got there man, thanks for sharing
  13. I for one believe the special weapon should have some type of special attribute to it. What it is, I do not know. I also believe it shouldn't be a 100% one shot kill golden gun style weapon. Thirdly, I strongly suggest it not being able to be kept on death, so that if another player kills the Sherpa, he/she earned the sherpas special weapon and can use it and the special attribute is still active. Itd create a neat market / desire for rare "Sherpa guns" in the economy. They'd be worth a lot. Theyd be sought after by everyone and not only sherpas would be able to have them, but would remain special to them because it's only them who can earn one. In addition, to make it special to the specific Sherpa who earned it, in the item description of the special weapon, there could be a little anecdote/story on how the Sherpa came to acquire it, by say, "taking on a group of 7 scavs while wounded and bleeding out, managed to kill them all but took another shot which fractured his leg, the Sherpa crawled to the exit and called for extraction." That maybe wasn't a great example , but the descriptions themselves could be story/lore rich and full of cool interesting info and epic stories , similar to the item descriptions of legendaries in Diablo III. Maybe a special attribute of one of the weapons could be fire rate increased by 5% or something like that. But also, so it's not overtly better than another weapon, the recoil also goes up accordingly. As for the cosmetic condition of the weapon, I think it would be neat for it to have trench art engraved in the wood, granted it has a wood stock lol. As for weapons made with polymer stocks and such, maybe some type of interesting cerakoting. Just to clarify; while I think it would be cool for the weapon to have a small bonus attribute that makes it better than another weapon, I strongly believe it should not be golden gun good. It should still rely on the person using its skill mostly. And if the community as a whole decided they all don't believe a special attribute should be given to a sherpas gun, if any gun at all I'd be fine with that too. But I just personally think Since it is an RPG style survival shooter, that it would fit well. Maybe on a sherpas weapon isn't the right place, maybe on a weapon everyone can find and doesn't need to help newbs out and be chosen out of 10's of thousands of people for a Sherpa title. But still a rare, pray to RNGeesus type occurrence where you get lucky and find a weapon with (-5% recoil, +7% range) or something like that.
  14. SKS

    Yep! Considering they are doing a fantastic job with the weapon animations going as far to even make the smoke patterns etc from the pressure/explosion of the bullet coming out of the barrel unique to every different muzzle brake, suppressor, compensator ,etc. and record the sounds of each gun in different conditions/areas, chances are it's going to sound just as they do in real life. Borscht— not a bad question. I asked it not too long ago (a couple weeks ago) in this same thread to one of the developers and his response was something along the lines of "cannot tell you (yet)" im one of the people who isn't a big fan of polymer on rifles that were made originally wood and steel. But I don't mind it on some, and won't go out of my way to bash people for it. I like the slr104 and such. I'm going to probably get one soon since they are now OK in Maryland . That's pretty neat though, so did/do you live in Israel? M1's are neat and also on my list of "to-gets" big fan of carbines.