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  1. Day No.1: I got tomahawked by an invisible guy in factory. Loot: a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

  2. Time to give this game another shot :) 

  3. I cannot stress how much I love your banner.

  4. Hjello guys, could someone assess what changed since January? Also oldguys general
  5. Pls don't necro
  6. Hi, I'd like to get active on the discord. I own the Edge of Darkness edition.

    On Discord I'm myh0mie#2333


    Thanks alot!

  7. bump
  8. I still exist


  9. It's funny how it could mean so different things for other people
  10. 164?
  11. Emissars... Almost like comissars

  12. You can light molodob gogtails :DDDDD
  13. Back from Ukraine!!! :)))))) 

    1. Europoor


      Dobra robota tovaris! I guess you tanked yourself full with cheap alcohol :)


    2. Goodmydaniel


      Sorry, no alcohol for me, only true Kompot and semichki everyday. (Not even a joke i did ate and drank Kompot and semichki everyday lol)

  14. I love well translated Russian sites, this one is one of them.