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  1. 你好,我是necuja,其中一位來自美國的官方論壇管理員,很高興認識大家!
  2. Nice one mate but advertisement of a clan discord or teamspeak belongs in the clans section #moved
  3. @Brit14D I never said it didn't I answered your question and the answer has not changed
  4. The numbers is the ending of your username on discord and I already answered and blackb1rd already answered that question no its not technically everyone you have to have access to the alpha
  5. Of course indeed the hunt will be amazing
  6. As blackb1rd said you have to have access to the alpha to participate
  7. It's ok @Frantic we have the whole server thing covered a link will be given later to participants
  8. @WelshZeCorgi @Redlycanthrope please read through the answers we have given throughout the topic 54 players will not be in a single map at once the map limits will apply this is stating a TOTAL of 54 will participate in the entire event... @Enchalada as emissaries mods and other staff will be a part of it as "devs" also players involved could be streamers I see a high guarantee this will be recorded/streamed especially when the English events start
  9. Sorry a more accurate date is not available as things are subject to change as you have to be ready for the unexpected so for now summer is what we're aiming for.... And yes upgrading to left behind grants 50%
  10. One way to look at it.. it'll be members involved as eft staff in some shape
  11. Further details as to how this will work will be announced later
  12. This won't be true as emissaries will be involved in the event as "devs" not part of those 54
  13. Very nice but this doesn't really pertain to alpha testing #moved off topic