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  1. Amazing need to do something like this for my YouTube portrait or find someone who can help me since I'm Photoshop illiterate haha
  2. @Auvlen unfortunately as stated Here The recruitment on this ended almost 24 hours ago so the candidates have already been chosen
  3. @lemonkelly it's nice to see fresh ideas but it's just adding more thing that need to be implemented the group system is still a work in progress the end goal is for you to spawn in with your group at same time
  4. Can I acquire everything that is mentioned in the pre-order packs in the game, by myself? Partially
  5. You will have the chance to pre-order and get into beta the only package that will be cancelled is the EoD once alpha ends EoD pre order ends If you want to be able to play to help fix the bugs in the game AND get the lovely extras EoD has to offer then go for it
  6. Oh no on a personal basis I have no problem with zombies I always enjoy playing the Resident Evil series I'm just stating the reasons why the developers don't plan on adding zombies
  7. I'm sorry but this will not be implemented it is not the aim for the project/game this is designed to be a realistic hardcore shooter with survival aspects and mmo as well as being original and zombie games take away from realism and originality
  8. Beta is at a unknown release any information will be posted on the project news section of the forums just stay tuned for the update when the devs feel the game has hit a stage where it is acceptable to hit closed beta it will happen
  9. thanks for the opportunity
  10. #locked for rule violation
  11. #locked for rule violation