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  1. The topic of ai is a redundant post... we have feedback in the patch notes, the biggest issue is people don't want to learn to adapt to ai like they do when it comes to actual players, which is the intention of the game. Ai are not final and will continue to be adjusted, no they will not get easier, yes the slight moments of unrealistic behavior will be removed but don't think the devs plan is for loot bags
  2. This post has absolutely no point in helping with development, I get the rant portion but as you clearly acknowledged we are still testing.suggestions is for legitimate suggestions, not a way to vent frustration Try to not take everything as this is a full release game, scav timers being shorter means easier testing of aspects regarding the scav mode.
  3. Willing to upgrade

    Alright have fun with the upgrade when you decide to take it on
  4. Willing to upgrade

    Ya after upgrading you need to reset profile and the biggest reason it doesn't take effect is people are still in game at the time of reset
  5. Willing to upgrade

    Did you make same mistake and reset profile while I'm game
  6. Soo is this the new Vytiaz scope?

    Lol these graphical errors are being fixed
  7. Skier broken

    This issue should be resolved by this time
  8. Server Response Times

    We are very well aware of the late spawn conditions of the servers and things like this adjusted as we progress. Spawn points especially will be changed later on
  9. trader standing EOD

    As stated we will implement this later on your pre order so well worth it when we progress
  10. This sounds like the server was lagging very badly
  11. Grizzly

    Lol cool, ya grizzly is an important med kit people want, also try getting therapist up if you can find alot of salewas
  12. Hats/Head Wear

    @BruxiePC don't worry mate, later we will have a customization option for faces.. as to head wear it seems it sells out more then it used to, later more types of these added
  13. Willing to upgrade

    @ODA951Morelli at the next patch, should be around end of month if all goes well
  14. First let's touch on the "cut out realism" thing, not gonna happen bud.. of course it's a game and has to be fun, but the devs vision isn't gonna be strayed from achieving as close to realism as possible. Like stated above, reloading mags will change later, healing will be adjusted, and so will the ai. This is why we are still in a test phase, to make sure the perfect balance is achieved before going full releaae. As we progress the devs are going to change ai and we will fix any issue that deals with them performing in superhuman ways. Last note tho, from the broken leg standpoint, that's why we have splints and painkillers to use We are aware of all issues from having a feed back thread and any tests done that provide more info in it will result in fixes
  15. ''locked on Matching'' after the hotfix.

    Indeed, I played last night and had same thing a couple times happen to me.