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  1. there will always be an advantage from people who get in sooner over those who get in later. even when the game is full release this will be a thing. so yes in theory those that get in at beginning will have advantage same as everyone who has tested since the beginning over those who just start playing. this would be case even is we saw another wipe at the end of the waves
  2. the patch notes are posted in the alpha general section, which is only visible for alpha testers hence why we have shared here with you guys
  3. nah just look above my recent post someone pasted the patch there
  4. you have no reason dude. if you dont have alpha your not gonna see the link anyway. i posted the entire patch notes list earlier and someone just did again. sorry but a little research goes a long way before getting mad
  5. You just have to wait for the actual release date.. higher packs will unlock game days earlier then actual release date
  6. They do server side fixes that aren't listed sometimes, and the ram issue should help a lot
  7. Beta hasn't even started yet, we just posted the beta patch notes.
  8. That's the point, it's a beta update, so yes this update and beta will occur together
  9. Your making me end up with grey hair at such young age don't so this
  10. Preliminary, usually not much changes between final tho Still waiting
  11. But it's ok we don't expect apologies
  12. We have notes!!!!
  13. Yeah we could go back and forth on this all day but in the end it's derailing the key point of this thread as well to argue on why the devs haven't released the patch notes And no way am I justifying anything but until we get actual word we are all in the same boat
  14. My only statement on this is everybody who has just thrown a fit has proven the developers point on why they did not like to give out dates... Yes there was a lack of communication but something clearly went wrong and caused the delay and the first thing people do is grab the pitchforks These were signs that the developers were starting to trust their Community to be professional and mature when it came to these kind of announcements and the possibility of a delay