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  1. We can if you explain how they're not working.. are you just stuck at matching?
  2. All recruitment to groups belongs in clan section #moved
  3. Of course you can Only date is they are trying for summer
  4. Just log into the game that's it everything is server side
  5. No they stated this earlier anything with a watermark is considered nda still and will result in the ban
  6. Recruiting of any kind belongs in the clans section of forum not general discussion #moved
  7. The final price is determined by your areas taxes so yes final price is 34.99 but taxes make it more just like when you go to a store
  8. At this time no there is nothing else planned on the 24th just removing everyone's watermarks any updates will be announced separately
  9. wait a couple days this is a known issue or send an email to
  10. Too much hype!!!!!!
  11. So awesome can't wait to test all this out
  12. These shall be some spicy new additions to our arsenal
  13. off the top of my head people under tech support would be pizzadudecook fgulli orbixal i tried to do google searches but that didnt work at all lol
  14. This belongs in questions section also blackb1rd is very busy better to look towards someone of the tech support for this type of thing #moved