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  1. Welcome all.
  2. At this current stage in development the time will stay at 4:1 Ratio. And no problem.
  3. Currently the server is running at 4:1 time ratio in-game.
  4. You will have to reset your account on your profile for the larger stash. Sorry.
  5. @Mowgl_i @Ferimer Here are all current giveaways.
  6. Just so you know Alpha keys only work for the Alpha and are not full game keys.
  7. Please search forums before posting.

  8. Time to get the party started.

    Alpha key giveaway coming soon watch this space @Ripper203


  9. Man getting that Friday feeling.


  10. Still cant get this song out of my head.


  11. Well looks like there are going to be quite a few giveaways
  12. A step in the right direction
  13. Not for cheating only bans for NDA breaches will be lifted on CBT.
  14. No it will be lootable but it will still be available in your inventory as the tomohawk melee weapon cannot be lost if you bought the EOD Edition. If you do not have the EOD Edition the Tomohawk will be lost upon death.
  15. That's kind of the point that you can lose all the gear you pre-ordered. Which I am fine with as it isn't then an unfair advantage.