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  1. Hahaha this is epic re-posting so you can see on the forums better.
  2. There is a Discord community Here if anyone is interested good place to meet other players.
  3. Have you tried contacting xsolla support?
  4. Did you get in contact with support?
  5. There is already a Global Discord community here https://discord.gg/w8sBFpe If you are looking for people to play with in the community its a good place to go. Dev's as well as Forum moderators frequent it.
  6. Thank's but i check these regularly must have just missed it.
  7. Ummmm was this held on VK only??
  8. This is not DayZ please take your zombies and leave.
  9. Might help you out. http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/faq/id/92
  10. Looking forward to seeing what the Sherpa Program develops into.
  11. Thanks man
  12. Messaged you.
  13. If you guys are wanting to find players or just want to chat to the community you should try the Community EFT Discord. https://discord.gg/w8sBFpe
  14. If it is a gift there is no difference from buying it yourself. Also with the Left Behind Edition there i think is something like 50-75% chance of getting into the Alpha but people who bought the game earlier have priority. What i suggest to do is leave it a few hours then check his email again if you still have a issue after that contact support: support@battlestategames.com