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  1. when is the wipe coming

    There is no wipe with this upcoming patch.
  2. Status Reports???

    May want to look here.
  3. The Oceania server started!

    Enjoy your new servers guys
  4. Taxonomy Error?

    For all information on wrong taxonomy please check this thread.
  5. Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    Yes all benefits are permanent but the starting gear can be lost.
  6. Will EOD edition last till official launch?

    Once EOD is gone nothing will replace it you will just have the Standard, left behind and prepare to escape editions. Also EOD is supposed to be for a limited time otherwise then there is no point in it being a "limited Edition" and adding another package that was similar would defeat the point as well.
  7. 605 no server found

    Updates on server outage will be posted here.
  8. 605 no server found

    Currently we are deploying a fix please standby.

    Please check this post and vote in the poll if you are getting the 605 Error as we need to gather information on how many users it is effect and in what modes/maps.
  10. 605 no server found

    Please report your findings on this issue to this thread and make sure to vote as we need the statistics to see how many players it is effecting right now.
  11. The third wave of Beta admission starts!

    Welcome all to Tarkov I hope you enjoy your stay
  12. Cant start a game

    Do you have Rivatuner or MSI Afterburner installed on your PC?
  13. Server not responding, now cant play anymore

    Currently there is a large influx of players to the servers which is why you will be seeing these errors and unable to connect. We are currently working on it and will let you know when it has been resolved. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  14. FOR DEVS!

    @omgplz Sliding is an intended feature on steep terrain.