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  1. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I think 1,000,000 roubles is expensive enough
  2. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    9mm Pst (GRAU 7n21) has a good chance against IIIA , not anything else tho for sure. Thats Russian ammo for you tho hehe. SR1M pistol and the probably coming SR2 Veresk in 9x21 with similar exposed core semi jacket rounds gonna be very nasty for II and IIIA armour
  3. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    lolol a 9.55x37 copper jacket lead core slug going through JUST IIIA armour at 580ms is unlikely to happen. Wait till 6b43 has NIJIII/III+/IV hard plate in it , a lot of rounds wont do a damn thing.
  4. EFT Planned Structure?

    At least this guy did more research than most.You are bang on about USEC and BEAR , and the conflict is going to play out even more during EfT , we even band together at some points story wise. Many things are open to change atm , but the core is 3 main modes. Raids (separate maps like we have now with a time limit) , free roam (all maps connected together as one with no time limit and hopefully 64 players) and then Arena , like small deathmatch style games. USEC and BEAR have 5 unique skills each , and aside from that down the road with the DLCs we may have faction specific main story lines , even with the current lore etc I am very tied to BEAR.
  5. Getting the Game balanced for the new Players

    its right at the start when they are talking about it. Official confirmation would be amazing necuja , don't need anymore than a yay nor nay lol. Thats what I got from there being a story driven walkthrough , and what Nikita said on stream....it dawned on me thats what the walkthrough was.
  6. Getting the Game balanced for the new Players

    Nikita said it on the gamescon stream...............its what the 'story driven walkthrough is' You have to complete the raids consecutively in singleplayer doing the main story , to unlock multiplayer and free roam....at least thats what I got from what he said......said you only unlock raid replays once you had finished the main consectutive story mode........assume this also means free roam unlocked at end as well , doesn't make much sense otherwise.
  7. Getting the Game balanced for the new Players

    this is completely untrue in the current state of the game , PMC do not all spawn at the same time whatsoever, been put into games anywhere from 3-20 min in as have others multiple times. @MskGaming this isnt the way things are going to work down the road , theres so much we already know about let alone the things we dont. The spawns are still going to be reworked and changed , as are many other things + entirely new mechanics out the wazoo.The single player main story raid play through will be where people get their training , then its PVPVE from there onward or the purely PVP small map Arena mode (personally , yawn)
  8. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    hehehehe. You don't think they would leave us with just ONE 7.62x39 round do you guys? http://gunrf.ru/rg_patron_7_62x39_eng.html and thats just the military rounds.............
  9. Single player In full release?

    the first consecutive raid play through are all SINGLE PLAYER if ya'll missed Nikita say it on stream and good ol Orbixals reply above. They will have the true main story objectives that require raid completion and moving on to the next raid , you unlock traders once you finish/find them on their respective location. After that its all PVPVE apart from the Arena mode.
  10. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    oh mein gott.
  11. Why even have factions in this game, if...

    you er............missed all what the devs said themselves then did you lol? Evidently.................the devs want this tied to the real world as much as really can be done , Russian secret police won't go round murdering each other willy nilly........not going to happen The factions are far , far more than just models....................I suggest you look it up. You're not thinking about it right , the game is not going to be in the play state it is now , theres no story , no side mission from traders , blind fire, radios , ai work , biological and radiological hazards and so much more. Anyway Karma gives EVERYONE the choice , murder your own faction or not and deal with the consequences , its really simple............I bet half the game population don't even know USEC and BEAR work together at the end because of the story......
  12. Full 180 Degree head turn

    It would be nice , definitely needs to be a bit more thats for sure.
  13. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    And it was meant to disappear when Beta had started Reckon EOD will be on steam when game comes out lol
  14. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    lmg dude , im happy with the original 7.62x39 RPK with the 40 or 75 round drum I really really want the PKP or the PKM for the heavy belt fed though , just that thing clattering away spewing 7.62x54r would be glorious. Im sure theres a few model of USEC trophy LMG I might use once in a while , really hope theres some light SOCOM style variants with the cloth 50/100 round bags
  15. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    yeah loads off stuff taken a little backstep , scav pain shock , no weapon jaming , no mastering at the moment. Probably taken lots of things out to rework them etc for CBT