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  1. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    hehehehe. You don't think they would leave us with just ONE 7.62x39 round do you guys? http://gunrf.ru/rg_patron_7_62x39_eng.html and thats just the military rounds.............
  2. Single player In full release?

    the first consecutive raid play through are all SINGLE PLAYER if ya'll missed Nikita say it on stream and good ol Orbixals reply above. They will have the true main story objectives that require raid completion and moving on to the next raid , you unlock traders once you finish/find them on their respective location. After that its all PVPVE apart from the Arena mode.
  3. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    oh mein gott.
  4. Why even have factions in this game, if...

    you er............missed all what the devs said themselves then did you lol? Evidently.................the devs want this tied to the real world as much as really can be done , Russian secret police won't go round murdering each other willy nilly........not going to happen The factions are far , far more than just models....................I suggest you look it up. You're not thinking about it right , the game is not going to be in the play state it is now , theres no story , no side mission from traders , blind fire, radios , ai work , biological and radiological hazards and so much more. Anyway Karma gives EVERYONE the choice , murder your own faction or not and deal with the consequences , its really simple............I bet half the game population don't even know USEC and BEAR work together at the end because of the story......
  5. Full 180 Degree head turn

    It would be nice , definitely needs to be a bit more thats for sure.
  6. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    And it was meant to disappear when Beta had started Reckon EOD will be on steam when game comes out lol
  7. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    lmg dude , im happy with the original 7.62x39 RPK with the 40 or 75 round drum I really really want the PKP or the PKM for the heavy belt fed though , just that thing clattering away spewing 7.62x54r would be glorious. Im sure theres a few model of USEC trophy LMG I might use once in a while , really hope theres some light SOCOM style variants with the cloth 50/100 round bags
  8. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    yeah loads off stuff taken a little backstep , scav pain shock , no weapon jaming , no mastering at the moment. Probably taken lots of things out to rework them etc for CBT
  9. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    thankfully dude , its look like it was all a bit of a mix up , and they just are not a priority. You can imagine the amount of attention going into a belt fed mg with this quality of gun attention............literally probably have 5 heavy mgs for 15-25 other weapons?(no idea im not too hot on design) Yeah we gotta have that PKM and 240 at least bro! Heavy MG really is a free roam weapon in my mind
  10. Insurance.

    1.the full medical system isnt in yet , you wont be able to spam salewa like that as youll go into an animation so youll actually have to hide and heal like you would do.Theres medical skills as well that are going to affect things , changes as well as always. 2.Yeah , there have to be SOME compromises made for a game.And I think the painkillers are currently action like morphine will so yeah. 3.Lots of armour and armour work to do , separation of planes and soft parts so the plates will get damaged and degrade/offer no protection once damaged to a certain point etc.Full skills are not in yet either , nor the pain effects so just wait. 4.Yeah the magic save container , but you are so so worried about losing ONE gun?So isnt that a good thing in your mind , at least if you die you can 100% save SOMETHING , id be ok with out it , but I don't mind it being there. They wanted this game to be about the combat and fighting in crazy situations like this , while still being highly realistic in all other aspects , which it is. Russia 2028 will be completely hardcore by the sounds of it (they were talking about have salewas only contain certain amount of bandage,painkillers etc etc) basically they said wait for Russia 2028 for it to be that hardcore (I imagine RU2028 will be a persistent online world but , have to wait and see) I got over the fear of losing high end gear a long time ago , its a means to an end , whats the shiny weapon doing there apart from sitting there........or it could give you one of the best firefights of your life even if you die.........definitely ups and downs on EFT.......you can have a bad streak and ONE good raid and you are back to where you were before the streak.
  11. Insurance.

    you know you lose all of your gear in Arena if you die?Its kinda the whole point. There will be no offline mode very soon You'll have a shooting range in the hideout and you can collect your sparkly nice guns and fire them on the range to your hearts content.......never to be fired at a living soul. This is what makes this game so great.........its entirely your choice to do that..
  12. Leg Spray Meta

    Yeah they are working on it bro , damage model and full physics are not in yet (yayyyyy Unity 5.6!!!!!!) so theres some work to do ofc. Theres a good few more meds/drugs/food items etc that will help with variouss stuff. AND looks like they are planning to add an unconcious state , so in turn , id imagine much more often than not if you get whacked in the legs heavy , youll go into shock and be there unconcious bleeding for , however long itll take you to bleed out from that particular....incident lol.......and your buddies will be able to shoot you up with some morphine etc , get you moving again , or possibly even carry you (they are definitely doing dragging of bodies it looks like)...........only if you've got your squad watching your back tho
  13. 2nd Emissary from United kingdom

    Welcome brother
  14. Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    yes!!!!!!!!yessssssss so they are coming , just not a priority (good they shouldnt really be , maybe 1/2 but itd be better to get 30 other weapons of varying classes than just 6 machine guns right guys?)
  15. The Hideout announcement

    looks like its already done bro and they said someone else was doing it for them?Mustve out sourced it. Oh dude im still all faithful with star citizen......................mass effect 3 took 40 million to make and 5 years and..................look at it.......SC can take 8 years and 300mil for all I care (2012 was start of crowd fund)...it will be all the better for it. The stuff SC is working on is mind boggling , every single planet,moon,asteroid and ship is fully explorable......everything......and the proprietary procedural generation stuff thatll make all that work is insane