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  1. Donnnnnt get the Man O war if you are going Razer bro , it only has the 20hz-20,000hz 50mms Ive steered away from Logitech now (used to be die hard) now im Razer headsets and mats and Roccat mice and boards allll the way. I had the V1 7.1 Krakens , they were OK ......OK in sound quality........but the mic and positional audio are INCREDIBLE. Now I have the V2 with 50mm 12hz-28,000hz drivers(way better than the Man o Wars , and for $99 , holllllllyyy mother of something. Im sure many of these suggestions are probably higher quality and better all round , but what most peoples don't know is........Razers surround sound engine was bought from the military , and it was originally a 3d sound engine for fighter pilots to give an 3d audio tone of an incoming missile , and theyve had it for like........12 years and been using it for gaming ever since...........its insanely accurate for virtual audio never heard anything like it. I can't fault the quality of the V2s at all , full aluminium frame , super comfy , excellent sound , great mic. Im no audiophile and use my headsets for gaming literally 99%.........its brilliant for music though the best headset ive ever had for it infact , same with voice reproduction and ACTUAL bass , not the slightly distorted mess the V1 was
  2. called it ages ago personally and on here , Scavs defo are not going to be the only ones we fight , I had a huge huge feeling we were going to run into the UN or the RU interior military forces.......andddddd bingo look at those guys.......and its close to the Russian side of the blockade......yup defo lol. So much stalker vibes from that swampy picture with the church , I even remember the checkpoint guards and just generally some of the military guys on SoC etc had those head wraps on , and they both have nice looking semi kitted AK74s , light em uppppp!. And then theres this 3rd PMC thats meant to make a show at some point , lawd hath the merthy
  3. @Natalino ah I thought it was said to be over twice the size of woods map? still sound great
  4. anyone else clock those Russian military personnel in pics 5 and 7? Uh oh , definitely wont be fighting just scavs boys
  5. Does that mean this is bigger than the Streeks of Tarkov map @Blackb1rd , Shoreline sounds and looks absolutely massive.
  6. much awesome so much awesome
  7. man that controller sound , don't know about you guys but that high pitched whine actually hurt my ears , like there was a pressure on my head , made me want to kill them so fast List of memories for S.T.A.L.K.E.R is endless omg........such good games The area forward from Pripyat on SoC was just.....amazing.......Pripyat felt so empty.
  8. This is really awesome keep it up
  9. Ahhhhh very interesting reason indeed , +1
  10. looooll that video , brilliant
  11. *holds hands up* my mistake there then......lol yeah so it was.....wonder what took them so long
  12. Soviet Era? Might wanna re check your dates there bud.
  13. They will But there isnt anything stopping you wearing PACA under the AVS plate carrier , I think theres a few soft armour inserts for the AVS too.......unless they just count any armour as the armour slot.......like if you had the AVS with plates etc itd take up both the armour slot and vest rig slot? Hmmm
  14. Oh yeah don't worry , they've got lots of surprises in store for us to do with this , we definitely getting different clothing sets that actually have some stats , should be able to change all/almost all of the molle/ALICE attachments , and im pretty sure they are separating the soft armour and plates too Need that SMERSH RPK assault rig , hnnnnggggg baby.
  15. So much awesomes bro need to see your outfit Going softing and paintball with my little one soon hes just turning 11 , yeeeee haw! Definitely getting some of those patches and going as BEAR too , good old Sunday airsoft