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  1. Literally going to shout at/talk to any other B.E.A.R guy I come across , going full role play with it in that sense. Plus you want that good karma for free roam
  2. I tried one of those once....it was awful
  3. oh mamma
  4. freaking awesome. plz when some new guns in game?Coming with next patch?
  5. Karma system has been planned for long time and will cover this kind of stuff
  6. no its not , because it means 2 5 man teams can never face each other , so the number is not fine at all , most maps will be around 12 PMCs max iirc
  7. say thanks to Odin and he shall provide!
  8. English is brilliant mate where are you from? Welcome to Tarkov This has happened to me and all my my friends at one point or another , they also get much more disconnect fade to blacks then they are in game with me , lots of server side issues at the moment and they are working on them. It would be nice if something goes wrong with the server side it gave you the inventory back and returned you to the main menu , maybe it would have to do that for everyone? Hopefully with the move to Unity 5.5/5.6 and the coming updates , this will be a thing of the past.
  9. saving for 1080Ti and 3440x1440 144hz Gsync samsung monitor end of year.......hopefully 1070s are a sure bet and theyll get better in a year or so with the drivers , 1070s as good as a 980Ti........nothing to turn your nose up at thats for sure
  10. what about some dodgy Terra Group experiments that get out hehe
  11. omg this just blew a funny valve
  12. don't worry bro , we all trapped in our own little hells welcome to Tarkov
  13. Free roam is going to be all sorts of hell with the dynamic AI events , im sure they've got some crazy stuff in store for us
  14. I knew it I knewwwwwwww it. That area was far too detailed to be cordened off like that...........it felt so artificial........plus the size of the customs map itself....like the map map. Keep it going BSG keep it going you are just going from mind blow to mind blow