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  1. I just took one the available graphics on the TAW page and shrunk it to fit in the space (and to not look annoyingly huge).
  2. Where's yours???? :-D
  3. Looking for some EFT NA Battalion guys to get on tonight! I generally make the mandatory Sunday meetings, but only on mobile as I'm not at home and I can't play after the meeting. PM me if your interested in playing around 9PM EST (GMT-5).
  4. FYI guys, I've started a thread on the public EFT forums at to link up your official TAW callsign, EFT account name, and in-game name (as well as TAW battalion & Rank/Position). Figured it would be nice to have all that info in one place since not all info is the same (i.e. my EFT account name is banshee56, but TAW callsign is BansheeLB). Go here: and make a post with the info!
  5. Thanks! Looking forward to escaping with friends!
  6. Just applied! BansheeLB
  7. I inquired earlier, but was never able (schedule wise) to get on with you, Natalino, to chat about the NA events. I've finally been able to get online in the game after some errors preventing me entering servers. Each time I get on I see a TAW guy in the lobby and want to team up because going lone wolf sucks. I just went to the TAW website and was disappointed I can't use numerical digits in my callsign since Banshee is already taken. I've used Banshee56 in online games for 14 years. Any suggestions?
  8. I had not seen this thread until today and have now read most of the posts. I've seen a lot of complaining about missed dates, restrictions on access to alpha based on the price you paid for your pre-order package, the need for offline mode, etc.. What everyone needs to remember here is that when you paid for a pre-order package, you were given a percentage chance of getting access to the various phases of development, not a fully working game. Obviously, some packages gave you better odds based on price and while that is getting close to pay-for-play that the devs don't want for the full game, we MUST remember that as development players, our role is to help the devs understand the issues with the game. Our role is to help the devs make this game the best it can be when the full release date hits. This game is very well developed given its status as alpha. Yes, we all would love to play the game for real with all features/locations enabled, but there are so many issues behind the scenes that have to be worked out before going there. The development stages are the medium to test and fix the limitations of all aspects, be it code or server stability. The developers do not owe us a hard release date, nor do they owe us everything all at once. Yes, we paid money (some quite a bit), but we did so with the understanding that we're here to help them finish a game we all want to play and the better we do our jobs (without petty complaints), the better the game will be when they do release it.
  9. Question: I am not available on Sundays @ 20:00 EST due to other obligations. Does this exclude me from joining TAW? I would normally be able to make the optional Saturday matches, at least during the winter.
  10. Interested in joining up. 44yo in KY. Been gaming for a while in various genres. Ran a Live For Speed racing team for 6+ years. Started FPS games on *cough* Playstation 1 *cough* with the first Call of Duty. Cautious & patient player, so survival & sniper mode is my comfort zone. Mechanical Engineer in real life, as well as being a competition shooter (IDPA/USPSA/2Gun).
  11. I'll be sure to do that. I like reading. Thanks!
  12. I initially purchased the Prepare for Escape edition, but just recently upgraded to EOD for the large backpack and larger stash space, among the other benefits. I'm kind of late to the game and not sure if I'll get in the alpha, even though the EOD gives alpha access guaranteed, but I am so looking forward to this game!