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  1. Witcher 3 is neither a shooter nor a multiplayer game. It works with a very short live radius, where the world is actually "alive". That leads to a very low CPU usage, which then can be used for dynamic asset loading instead, see above. In EfT the entire map is "alive", because you have a very high interaction (shooting/vision) range and it's a multiplayer game, so you need information about everything, even if it is happening on the other side of the map. The CPU load in EfT is already very high. Optimizing the code is a thing, but unless it is a total mess right now, you cannot expect wonders from it. If they now need 16GB of RAM for the bigger maps, I don't think we will ever see an open world of Tarkov which contains all locations and is about 10x that size. Unless of course they downgrade the graphics to reduce the size of the assets, which is what The Division did.
  2. Uninstalling and playing a decent game instead seems to be the only solution. Maybe they have this issue fixed by 2020.
  3. Textures/models are unmanaged resources - you cannot garbage collect them. The resources have to be loaded manually whenever they are needed. And to do that on a big map you have to dynamically load the resources which you can potentially see, which requires computation of vision. That leads to problem 1 I listed and results in a much higher CPU usage. Those are the choices for resource management, either a lot of required RAM or high CPU load. A game which has big maps and good graphics will face either of these issues. And seeing how EfT already is very heavy on the CPU, I doubt they will unload the RAM. Much easier to just edit the system requirements. The only problem stays that to make this game open world you would need like 32+GB or downgrade the graphics.
  4. Big Maps ⇒ A lot of textures. Lots of high res textures ⇒ High GDRAM requirement. Not enough GDRAM space ⇒ dynamic loading of textures needed. Dynamic loading of textures: vision calculation and loading from HD ⇒ High CPU usage all textures in RAM loading into GDRAM when needed ⇒ High RAM usage That's the main reason why pretty much all games with an open world or big maps have shitty graphics. It's just hard to make it work without high requirements. It is also the reason why EfT will never have an "open world" (without sessions) unless they downgrade the graphics or increase the requirements. Some say it is a memory leak (sloppy development), but even without that this game will have issues.
  5. He is not comparing the games but the development of them. And with that he is spot on. Both games have incredibly slow development which simply dont justify the price. How come good developers manage to update their games frequently even past release while those Early Access cash ins don't even update once a month? How come all Blizzard dev teams are updating WoW, Overwatch and HotS practically every week, while EfT in Alpha, which should get daily updates without having to worry about stabiliy, bugs are not even fixed months later. This is not how development should go of a game that is heavily in development (or in this case rather isn't). How are you satisfied with this poo? If after paying that much money you are fine with the game being done in 10 years, that is exactly what you deserve. Months after Alpha release there has been no break through in anything whatsoever. Almost 1 year later barely anything changed. Some bugs are still there since the very first day. That is EXACTLY like Day Z Standalone. And it says a lot that between those two Day Z is still the much more popular game. Nobody wants to stream or watch EfT because it is so awful. And if nobody speaks up as it was the case in Day Z, nothing will change and the game will stay in development forever, just like Day Z. The quality of EfT is more like No Mans Sky. Both games had tons of promises and hype. Both games were said to release in 2016. Both games have tech issues. Both games have disgusting bugs and problems. Both games failed to deliver by 2016. Both games are still in development. Both games have slow af development which doesnt justify their price. The only difference is that NMS was released as it was promised in 2016 while EfT got this "Alpha" tag. The result? NMS gets bashed into the abyss while EfT gets whiteknighted. Thats the effect of the "Alpha" tag on sheep.
  6. I said this here so many times, but the people here somehow believe it counts as delay when you say you will finish the entire game in 6 months but after that time dont get jackshit done. Even 1000 devs wouldnt be able to finish this game in 6 months. The last year of a games development is just polishing and bug fixing. Saying the game will be done in half a year pretty much means the game is done. It was such an obvious lie by bsg to sell this poo game, yet this community is too blind to see it. They never intended to release this crap in 2016. They also dont intend to release it in 2017 as they say now (and people fall for it again). This game is an utter scam and fanboys dont want to see it. Its the typical russian dev studio which grabs the money and doesnt do anything with it. It will not be out soon if this community is ok with it not making any progress and masturbate over every small patch that is long overdue. I disagree with one thing though. Maybe this game will actually be good at some point. But by the time it is nobody will be playing it anymore. By the time it is out there will be more and better alternatives. The requirements for a good game rise as time passes and with such a slow development this game will stay crap even with additional features.
  7. Do you always kill all enemies whenever you know where they are first, even when they are fully geared and all you have is a shotgun? Something like an ESP is not a godmode. You still have to aim, you still have to know your limits. Cheaters do die and not that rarely. Most cheaters are terrible players anyway. This guy here killed the dude in the corner immediately and then hit his teammate with the second shot right after as if he knew the first one died from a single buckshot through a wall. The chance that this is legit is very very slim, even if the sound engine wouldn't be as bad as it is now in EfT. Yes he died in the end, but only because he tried to shoot further through the floor, which didn't deal as much damage as he wanted and he wasted all his ammo.
  8. Amazing how every video that reveals how garbage this game is and what kind of a mess is going on here gets downvoted like crazy. That was >99% cheat or at least exploit. It takes a lot of luck and a huge idiot to make this scenario happen. Nobody with a brain would ever shoot a corner once and then stop as if he knows he killed the guy and then proceed to hit the other guy in the room. Especially not with a buckshot which shouldn't ever even penetrate walls.
  9. What makes this game an Alpha? Because the devs say so? All you have to do is google Alpha testing and you will find in pretty much every definition that an Alpha version is supposed to include all planned features with just content and bug fixing missing. This game has almost none of the promised features. It is just a broken and awful early access game, which considering costs more than triple A titles makes almost zero progress. It is at a state where testing makes pretty much no sense. All we can do is play this awful game, which is only fun at times if you either play with friends (which can make literally any game fun) or think you will have an advantage over noobs later on by having all the knowledge about maps, weapons and skills. The gameplay itself is straight out trash. Now with AI and this useless scav mode I wouldn't even consider it hardcore anymore. The devs lied about the state of the game to make a quick buck and now don't even bother working on it properly or hiring additional developers from all the sales to actually finish the game anytime soon. Its DayZ and NMS all over again.
  10. Before you buy a product, do you try out all the alternatives first or do you use your brain a bit after just reading and then decide based on that which is better? You say I don't name any issues, but then refer to one that I named in the next phrase. How stupid is that? With the scav mode I can just join a game as scav and run around like Rambo not caring about death, because I dont lose anything anyway, which would ultimately ruin the experience of the pmc players since they have something to lose and would get pissed by dying to a guy who can play carelessly. That is a HUGE drawback of the scav mode. If you cant see it before it actually starts ruining the playing experience, I dont want to have your eyes. If I would have to find a weapon first from corpses or loot boxes w.e. I would have to play carefully to not die before finding anything, otherwise I would have to start all over again. And once I find a weapon, I get the choice to extract with it, so I would still keep caring about death. That is a major difference in gameplay. Oh so finding a broken scav weapon somewhere on the map after having to play super cautious to not die to guys with guns, makes you fully geared. That makes no sense indeed. You should actually see yourself bringing up crap like this. Its absolutely ridiculous. Thats because I am not here to circlejerk but to point out issues so the game maybe becomes somewhat good at some point. People like you however who are trying to find excuses for every problem and cannot form a single proper argument are the reason why broken early access games get tolerated. Now thats what I would call trolling.
  11. What kind of crap are you talking about here? There is no hospital and there wont be any. You will be able to play your pmc all the time. And if there would be, it still doesnt mean that it should be like that. This phrase is the best indicator that you are one of those who is utterly incompetent to question about anything and just takes everything as it is. Nobody is demanding a battle royale system. People are offering simple solutions FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO GEAR LEFT. Which is just putting broken scav weapons out there and let them find it like in a BR. It is practically the same thing as playing as a scav, except that you have to find the weapon first. There are still all the EfT mechanics involved in it: Other people are spawning WITH gear, you can extract with what you find and keep it etc. etc. And again: Just because there are other systems, doesnt mean they are the right way to do it. Learn to question something, maybe you wouldnt be so ignorant then. You literally defend everything essentially with the phrase "but that is how they do it". If you would live in the past, you would be one of those saying "slavery is the right thing, because it is the law and it makes sense". And everytime somebody would say how stupid slavery is, you would tell them about how "gears grip into each other". That is exactly what your posts sound like. Oh so defending an opinion is a bad thing? And somebody can simply "declare" it as wrong? Interesting. I hereby declare your opinion wrong. I have yet to see an argument which is supporting the scav mode, especially from people like you who are utterly just explaining over and over again what the scav mode is instead of stating a single argument why it makes sense over other much better solutions. So far the scav mode will clearly make the game worse by allowing people to play risk free, but the issues it adresses to make it better (allowing bad players to get back some gear) have much better solutions without all the crap that ruins the game. That is so clear, my blind grandma can see it in the dark. Yet here trying to "declare" arguments as "wrong opinions" while offering absolutely nothing to the discussion. And who is able to switch around between 2 bodies to collect some loot for himself? Everybody? Switching bodies or having some people leave loaded weapons in their private apartments and boxes behind, which one is more realistic huh? Aside from that, Tarkov is a war zone. There are tons of ammo creates and weapon stashes, yet no actual weapons. People are being killed at those locations. You think after a fight everybody will collect all the weapons before bailing, just so everybody who comes there later doesnt find a single loaded gun? Do YOU take ALL weapons on the entire map from all scavs and players with you? You dont even have enough room for that. Now if there is a fight at this location the very next day, why shouldnt they be able to find those weapons? If anything, THAT is realistic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with there being weapons on a constant battlefield in a war zone. It is just your ignorance and desperation for not having actual arguments for the scav mode which make you blind. Another ignorant case of not actually questioning any decisions. SO WHAT IF THAT IS HOW THEY ARE DOING IT? THAT IS NOT AN ARGUMENT, DONT YOU GET IT? That doesnt imply in any way that it is the best way to do it or that it even makes sense or that it makes the game better. Naked spawns would be totally fine, if they wouldnt be just people carelessly loot hoarding with the safe container. If people could get some action going, spawning without a gun into the game and trying to find one instead would be totally fine and even fun for all the people who enjoy br games. It doesnt mean you have to enjoy it. If you are good enough to not lose all your stuff, then you also wont have to play that way. There are already tons of issues with he scav mode described in this thread. If you start reading and using your brain a bit instead of just explaining what the scav mode is supposed to be, you will maybe find some of them.
  12. They implemented a broken feature and then realized that its actually a terrible addition, so they put a cooldown on it. Amazing! The entire game was supposed to be based on the risk of losing your stuff upon death. The problem of bad players running out of stuff could have been easily solved by just making spawning naked actually viable by putting some loaded guns on the map, for example as @Miiller and @Bulveye13 described. It wouldn't have any of the disadvantages the scav mode brings to the game. You suck at the game and always lose your gear? Well then you have to spawn in naked and search for a weapon to use first in a BR way. Where is the problem with that? In scav mode people will just join in and play like Rambo because they dont have anything to lose... Meanwhile the main characters will actually rage whenever they die to those Rambo players. That has to be one of the worst ideas I have seen in quite a while. Ruins immersion, ruins realism, ruins hardcore concept and rewards players for not taking any risk. All that to allow bad players get some stuff for free, which could have been solved a lot easier. The only people who are defending this are the ones who literally never question any choice of the devs and cant think of any alternatives for problems. "Oh a feature which solves a little problem, it must be awesome, even if it brings 10 more issues to the game. HYPE".
  13. Great idea. Make it available to the public media just when the game is at its lowest with all the server desync issues and cheaters.
  14. If you like the game already as it is (from watching streams etc.), it may be worth it. Otherwise keep your hands off it and wait until it is in a state you may enjoy. The development is extremely slow and the game will most likely not be fully done before 2020+. Also, the pre-orders are never refunded, even if the system requirements increase and your PC is be able to run the game at some point or if they turn the game into a casual shooter to get a bigger playerbase. So I suggest you don't pre-order in the hopes that the game will become good anytime soon, because it probably won't. Only pre-order, if you are certain that you will have fun in the game as it already is.
  15. You asked for proof, I provided you proof. Now you try to blow it back on me, like it doesn't even count. Why do you bother asking for it, if you don't acknowledge it anyway? Yes, false advertising is absolutely inacceptable. That's why big companies are being sued for it around the world. It has nothing to do with me or you, don't you get it? It's not about me believing it or not, it's about them providing utterly wrong information. False advertising is a fraud. That is the entire point. Advertising the game as almost done, while a release in 2016 is nowhere near realistic makes this game a scam, no matter if me, you or whoever else fell for it or not. All I want after this is for them to start working on the game as they advertised instead of letting 1 guy do the whole work. Out of the 4 examples, you pick the one that suits you the best, ignore all the other ones and bend it towards the word that supports your point, while the entire and only argument you are providing seems to focus around how it is somehow my fault that the game won't come out before 2020 or that it somehow excuses the fact that this game is a fraud. Congratulations. Didn't even bother reading the rest of your brainfarts.