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  1. Soweit ich weiß wurde der Browsershooter Contract Wars von Teilen von Battelstat Games mitentwickelt. Als es aber darum ging aus Contract Wars ein "vollwertiges" Spiel zu machen um es auf z.B. Steam zu vertreiben (also Hired Ops), spaltete sich ein Teil der Entwickler ab und gründete Battelstate Games, um die Arbeit an Escape from Tarkov aufzunehmen. Genauere Infos, Quellen und Beweise habe ich dazu nicht. Habe das so in nem externen Forum gelesen, betrachte es dahingehend als reine Spekulation
  2. Allgemeines Spielforum - erster Thread ;)
  3. Nie wieder etwas verpassen! Folgt jetzt Escape from Tarkov Deutschland auf Facebook um alle Nachrichten rund um das Spiel und die Geschichte dahinter zu bekommen! Und das alles auf Deutsch! Erfahrt mehr über die Geschehnisse in und um Tarkov! Verpasst keine Entwicklernachrichten! Lasst euch mit immer neuen Gameplayausschnitten und Screenshots die Timeline verschönern! Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle geht an Community-Botschafter wylickk der das für uns möglich macht! Orginal Post:
  4. 30 %? Ok that's it Good job i couln't wait any longer! Schackalu is Escaping the Darkness now!
  5. If you talking about the "silver tongued" contest I don't think so at least he hasn't answered to me yet You may still try your luck
  6. Sounds like a great work and a good update! Too sad i can't see it with my own eyes... Wish me luck for the emissary contest
  7. No i actually missed that. Thank you! I was searching for some Background of these two Organisation. Here we got. Keep the great work up. BTW BETA 2016 woop woop ^^
  8. Great work! Will there be Wiki-articel to the BEAR and USEC too?
  9. contest

    There was a time when a friend of mine and I played this new game, called War Z (as Drakkaar mentioned you can find it today under the name Infestation: Survivor Stories). We were totally new to the game and started only with our flashlights, gathering some supplies but mostly different kinds of headgear. I guess there was something wrong with the loot spawning . Anyways we were walking for hours not knowing the map or even the direction we were going, as we heard gunshots. We were near a small building complex which was surrounded by a concrete wall. We called this location the headgear base (in German: “Hutlager”), because all we have looted there until now were, you may guessed it already, various types of headgear. As we approach the site, we noticed a bunch of guys trapped inside the compound and getting shot at with automatic rifles by a group of other players from higher ground. The attackers had large backpacks and military grade gear, literally everything you could ever dream of. The trapped defenders looked exactly like us, yellow construction worker helmet, melee weapon and a small standard backpack. This was our chance! While the shooters were busy spraying their bullets all over the poor bastards inside the building, we took a long hike upon us, so we could flank the shooters from even higher ground. Now there were only a few meters between them and us without any trees or bushes to use as cover. Our hearts were beating insanely fast while we approached them from behind, only equipped with our hammers, pretty much the standard melee weapon in this game. We then slowly crouched towards them until we were a stone throw away, we counted to three and then jumped onto them. Screaming in Teamspeak we started beating this hardly trained looking military guys with our hammers. We caught them by surprise and dropped the first one with a few fast strikes to the head, before the others could react. Although they now started to wildly shoot around, we were able to finish the remaining two with the might of our hammers and the killer instinct of a true survivor. There was so much loot lying on the floor, I almost couldn’t believe it. I started looting this pile of gear, smiling like a child on christmas... then I realized, they had killed my mate. It was heartbreaking, he was dead, and there was too much loot to carry on my own. I quickly had to choose only the most valuable loot, like weapons and ammunition and then get the hell out of there. It was certain the gunshots attracted looters or even worse. I started to run towards the treeline, which I could barely see because of the nightfall. Without orientation and without any source of light I wandered through the forest in the complete darkness. Meanwhile my mate spawned with another one of his characters and was running towards me to cover me while I was trying to get all this gear to a safezone. Man, I almost shot him accidentally as we met in the woods! We then managed to reach the nearest safezone without making any contact with zombies or survivors, mainly because we took a route so far away from any loot sources or potential danger zones, that it took almost an hour to get there. I can't describe the adrenaline rush I had all this time. When we logged out to save the gear, I noticed my hands were all sweaty. They didn't stop shaking for quite a while.