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  1. Need answers

    DEsync always been there, never got fixed, and don't even know if it will ever be
  2. To wait or no

    WAIT or not if u want to throw cash for something thats unplayble
  3. 605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    They can fix the IA by putting the pre-patch one, but no, so yes it's true
  4. 605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    Yeah they want the money before they fix anithyng, they could focus on fix and let the beta wave begin when the game is playable, but no They'r doing a poo communication and let people fell into a trap
  5. 605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    BEcause of the 4th wave i think, orverladed server and still no fixe
  6. Closed Beta will start in July!

    I lost server connection, maybe something is happening (or it's just the poopy server losing it again)
  7. Beta Fermée Informations supplémentaires.

    ça ne m’étonnerait pas qu'elle arrive début Août cette beta.
  8. CBT Hype Thread

    If only i could.
  9. CBT Hype Thread

    I can't express myself ?
  10. CBT Hype Thread

    because it's one of the badest Ea i played (close to war z), dev communication is bad, they made patch that made my game crap, and they're pretty slow in dev even with all the money they made (thx YTbers and twitch)
  11. CBT Hype Thread

    EFT, the only game i never get hyped for.
  12. Reste a voir si l'update rapporte plus de bug que de contenue.
  13. Preparations for the next update release

    Hope that update don't bring performance issues with it
  14. Ils sont bidont en com donc l'info sera pas tout de suite
  15. Déconnections en partie online

    Depuis 2/3 jours les serveurs sont en PLS c'est pour ça, je sait pas si ils sont en train de rajouté des serveurs pour éviter ce genre de probléme ont a aucune infos sur le sujet (la com c'est pas leur truc apparemment)