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  1. This should be some useful information. Thanks for being a good tester, Escaper.
  2. Awesome work
  3. I had an idea for the Sherpa program I think a lot of people would like. One thing that would make the Sherpas stand out but have no unfair advantage over other players is to have a unique player model/clothing/headmodel. I think the perfect examples of a Sherpa USEC and BEAR would be the two poster boys of the game. Have these two concept characters rendered in game and have them be exclusive to the Sherpas. Thoughts?
  4. Cheeki is a dear friend. We've been playing the alpha about the same amount of time together and got into the game right about the same time. Glad to see him become such a asset to this community.
  5. Now this right here. Is a quality post. A+ man. @Blackb1rd
  6. I personally would love to see a unique melee weapon for the sherpas. Something like an Ice Pick or multi tool machete with increased melee range.
  7. I feel bad for these men, they have no idea the kind of hell the Russians will bring on to them.
  8. Just curious sir! Amazing work. Give the team my gratitude.
  9. Awesome! Was this the big announcement? Or was this just part of it? @Blackb1rd
  10. Man we are growing fast!
  11. Merica'
  12. Edited. I agree. No reason why we cant make this channel Multilingual @PatrickLaTrick. If we can condense the community that would only benefit everyone.
  13. I hear you. I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to switch to a high FOV, but more rather people going into the settings screen and changing the FOV in game in order to get more zoom, and there for exploiting it. Maybe lock the FOV setting just in the main menu screen so you can't exploit it and change it on the fly.
  14. Hey everyone! I am calling on all Emissaries to come in and report to our main radio side communication server on Discord! We need most of you in here as it bolsters the community and puts us on the front lines to answer questions and help new players alike to get used to Escape From Tarkov! The goal here is to get more people into the Discord who want to play EFT in groups or who just need help understanding the game. STEP 1: If you do not already have discord here is the download screen! Follow the instructions, they are pretty straight forward. https://discordapp.com/download STEP 2: Open up the discord invitation and join the server. https://discordapp.com/invite/0olC1YFQN4mTFCAZ STEP 3: Make contact with Frantic. He will get you sorted out from there. Once you all get in and setup, start inviting people to the Discord who are interested in playing EFT! Once Closed-Beta hits, this will most likely be our primary forum of verbal communication. This is not official Discord channel of EFT but un-official server run by community members with great potential of finding people to play with. Have fun in Tarkov! Regards, Kleanuppguy