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  1. Very interesting report. Thank you for the detailed post my friend.
  2. Some skills are currently bugged and are not intended to do that. Please fill out a bug report! Thanks!
  3. Have to. Hopefully this is some of the transparency you want from us. Aside from updates in game development.
  4. Hey all, when do you all think the EFT beta will arrive? Vote here!
  5. Everyone please understand that we have a menthoed of releasing big news like this and it is the way we have always done it. We have our emissaries translate them in a quality manner other than just using "google translate". We apologize for telling you that we would deliver the patch notes, but this takes time.
  6. For the English speaking community. The patch notes will be posted tomorrow night as we are lacking the translation for all languages in the community. As soon as the translations are done we will post them! Remember these are preliminary patch notes. This means the update itself and CBT will not be released when we release the patch notes.
  7. Something.
  8. Soon™
  9. Of course!
  10. We're in the process of getting A LOT of western style guns in the game. Just be patient and wait for further announcements.
  11. Adding weapons to the game is not as simple as it may seem.
  12. AKM hype!
  13. The fake image on the Czech eft fb page was not done by anyone's on the team. I there was an annoucment about beta it would be posted by somebody here officially first and foremost. I urge everyone to please wait for an official annoucment here. We all want to play beta, I want to play beta, but we have to wait a little while longer. The Battle State team appreciates your understanding.
  14. Many of the key key bind options in the menu are not fully implemented yet. Many controls like the ALT+right click to change reticle, is not rebindable at the moment. In the future the keys rebinds will be adjusted and allow more freedom to the players.
  15. PMC and military groups rarely run around in full Kevlar padded armor unless they are sentries. Wearing a 50 pound armor vest is extremely cumbersome and doesn't have much practicality. The armor currently is bugged as well. I've tested it with the BS armor pericing 5.45 and SP-6 9x39 rounds. Those ammo variants go right through players wearing fort. You can literally see the rounds go through their bodies. However it does little to no damage to the armor, and no damage to the player.