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  1. Disconnect console command

    Could we get/ is there currently a disconnect command for when maps sort of bug out? Say, Scav in: get stuck on "awaiting players" or "awaiting session start" the only option is to ALT+F4 at the time being.. Then it takes about 2-3 minuets to boot the game back up, load profile data again, etc. Two or three tries latter, You're pretty much screwed out of that run. No biggie, even if it was a PMC/geared raid. is there currently, or could we get a command to disconnect without leaving the game? as some other games have a ~disconnect type command. This would improve time wasted/lost gear, even if it did not effect the reconnect. It's just inevitable that it is needed sometimes. I could also see how it may get abused a bit, but so wont alt+f4 in the long run.
  2. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    With our current status on zeroing on midrange optics, and many reflex being off center i have to point out: there is no firing in the gif. Am i the only one who's genuinely concerned about this? It feels like there is no testing other than looking through it in game..
  3. ESP is real in this game lol

    actually it even bans for having it ran once per system start and stored in ram. There was even a PSA announcement on it. People use CE for single player games alot.
  4. Hotfixed help. Now it's been a big dodgy last night, today, 11 FPS on the main menu. What is even going on ?
  5. or just goto eft/logs/ and find the date/time of last gameplay. Thats why theyre there after all Theres some rendering stuff it keeps calling for ive noticed mostly on outdoor maps, but its happening offline to me sometimes as well in factory.
  6. Looking through log files there's a lot of "missing" textures its calling for repeatedly, assumed it was mostly foliage related, but the same thing happened on factory in offline. 1st day of the patch, worked wonderful. some of the best gunplay ive had in a while. Now ive tried everything from a fresh reinstall to any other type of improvement you could suggest. It's not my rig. It's not my settings. It's clearly server sided, could be new shaders, or AI. who knows. But i suggest we all look at logs for each session it happens.
  7. first post, quick thing i whipped together :D