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  1. Nice, everyone can come to my place and have a nice bottle of vodka.
  2. Nope i deleted the stalker logo from mine
  3. To Gulag with cheaters.
  4. Amazing job guys, cant wait for CBT, keep up the good work. <3
  5. Nice, good job guys.
  6. Sry for English posting but those models look ducking unreal, can't wait for them.
  7. Nice, can't wait to be a dirty little scav
  8. For me it's one thing: Immersion of the 1st person, i don't like when it looks like there is a drone behind me.
  10. To put in perspective how hyped i am for this game, i took three huge shits while watching this video ( that is how my body reacts when I'm excited about something ).
  11. Hmmm wondering about performance when it is released, can't be good if it's bigger than Customs.
  12. Well it's not an FPS but Jagged Alliance 2 with 1.13 mod has over 250+ weapons, but kids rarely play those kind of games anymore.
  13. Yeah i had like 100e on my card and i was sad that i could not buy the EoD edition and today i saw 30%, insta buy, completely worth it
  14. Got the Edge of Darkness pack, I'm so excited.