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  1. sounds interesting
  2. im not that sprinter type of player, the problem is spancamping hardly, iwas thinking about performing healing animation during gunfight otherwise youre right in group
  3. that equals inta-death and the gameplay gonna be reduced from 30 to 3 mins rofl, especially when youll engage a team, whos supposed to be soloing
  4. anytime
  5. its shows you a blackscreen , right? so change your active window to tarkov , then back obs i hope its help
  6. obs , run as admin launcher, run as admin its gonna see the game and works fine
  7. just tried out last night and im defo triggered , i do really like it so far at this state , also looking for ward ot future updates ahhh but wait a second: what about spawn campers ? LOL
  8. "Urban legend" there is the point well said