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  1. Scav Mode Objectives

    At the end of the day though, this doesn't offer that much variety to gameplay while still making insurance less effective and more frustrating, because you're still picking up guns in places where players die (which are the spots where you have good loot... see where it gets circular?) At that point, I think the effort is better put into something else. Like this new quest system is looking pretty promising, something along the lines of what we see there.
  2. Desert Eagle really isn't that bad to be honest. It has very mild recoil for the calibers it fires. Only things I'm really wary of would be multi-hit armor systems like Dragonskin, too many silencers, and... GP30 grenade launchers are already confirmed, suspected to come next patch. Also the RPG-7 and RPG-18 have been seen in the renders for the game, so they're probably already in. By extension, M203, M136, MAAWS are probably coming too.
  3. key ring?

    There are actually a "Wallet" and "Doc" which do exactly that, but for some reason they're so insanely rare that people buy them instantly and will raid the Customs apartment with just a hatchet to try and find one. Doesn't make any sense, right? Shouldn't be so hard to organize your keys.
  4. Thermal vision? Probably eventually. It wouldn't be too bad though, since thermal vision is not as good as NVGs at looking at terrain or finding details.
  5. Scav Mode Objectives

    These things work in a singleplayer game, but in a multiplayer game players would just camp the locations in which you do these special missions and kill you as you come in. It's already like that with the apartments office, the car with the grenade case inside the trunk, the dead scav machine shop... the reason I suggest a basic / simple task like "bring 3 cans of food" is you can do that without having to go to specific, heavily populated areas on the map, and if someone else has looted it's not an automatic loss and waste of your time. The more specific an idea is, the easier it is for one mistake / RNG to screw you over. It's more like the other way around. A scav is supposed to gather resources to support themselves and their family, not fight PMCs and farm shotguns. This is really how the game mode should be, so it's fundamentally different from how PMCs work. I forgot to reply to this, but that actually means that camping PMC spawns is now twice as effective, because not only can you kill PMCs in the starting area, you can kill Scavs coming for the exits. On customs, that also creates an issue in that camping the middle ravine / bridge area becomes an end-all strategy.
  6. Scav Mode Objectives

    Eh. I don't think any PMC would pay money just for an RNG lottery "if another scav happens to find my stuff." That also means if you're playing during low population hours / days you just won't get your stuff back. There's quite a few technical and balance issues with leaving dropped items to populate a map that have to be worked out. Also makes playing as a Scav very frustrating, as your mission boils down to "did someone grab the loot before I did?" Which is already bad enough in respect to keys and document cases in Tarkov to begin with. Are we allowed to crosspost?
  7. Suppressors

    Yeah that's true, you can load a 220 grn into a 7.62x51mm for example, but for intermediate calibers like 5.56 you can't really go much heavier than the 77 grn range practically. So the common weapons at least would suffer from those related issues. I mentioned that: It has special ammo to allow for that. Keep in mind 9x39 cartridges are more than three times heavier than a standard 5.56 cartridge and isn't as reliant on velocity to get the job done. A standard rifle cartridge that is normally supersonic, reduced to supersonic levels would not penetrate armor as well. And the MP5SD actually uses baffle "wipes" to slow the bullet down slightly, which does result in reduced power.
  8. Scav Mode Objectives

    Well, the idea I'm trying to run with is that your Scav isn't a single individual acting for their own interests. They're generally a person trying to sustain their family and friends back at home, if they fail to bring in the basic necessities to sustain life, there's generally consequences. 100K is a fair bit, but a lot of loot ingame isn't bought easily and it's a minor incentive if you happen to kill a player and immediately bail with their full kit. Not to mention, PMCs will eventually get objectives just like that, and the idea is to add some interesting variety to the playstyles.
  9. Suppressors

    No, that would be the Benelli M3, the 'convertible.' It can use recoil-operated semi-automatic or pump action. The M1014 / M4 is strictly semi-automatic and has a self-adjusting gas system to cycle different kinds of ammo. Unless the rifle has an adjustable gas regulator (like an FAL), and even sometimes with, they won't cycle with subsonic cartridges much of the time. There's too much of a disparity in what the weapon is designed to cycle. Pistols can because they only borderline supersonic in most cases. Plus, it would be very ineffective at penetrating armor. The AS VAL is just about the only weapon designed to penetrate armor with subsonic ammunition. So I feel players would just run suppressors with full power ammo to reduce most of the sound and keep all of their power.
  10. Suppressors

    TTK = Time to Kill. Supersonic ammo would do more damage so generally people would go for that if the silencers worked in a realistic manner, not to mention a flatter trajectory. If you have an M16 firing a 5.56 cartridge at 3,000 FPS and need it below a thousand, you're talking about a significant decrease in power and propellant loading. Firearms are designed to cycle with full power service cartridges, and using subsonic ammo can require weaker recoil springs, widened gas ports, depending on the firearm. Just citing Contract Wars (game a lot of the team worked on) as an example of suppressors done badly, and something for EFT to avoid.
  11. Scav Mode Objectives

    Part of the reason I'm suggesting that is that Scavving right now is mostly a way to grab keys or shoot some AI and flee with a decent gun. It's a pretty shallow mode that has a lot of potential to be better. If that doesn't work, maybe you'd have to trade some of your loot away in the menu after a raid to offset failing an objective. You have to choose how much to give up to meet some kind of value equivalent or something?
  12. Suppressors

    I don't think most players would bother with subsonic ammo since it generally needs a modified weapon to cycle reliably. They'd also probably load the hottest ammo that the weapon could fire for the lowest TTK. Which would be a lot like Contract Wars where silencers were just another mandatory upgrade. Boring implementation in my experience.
  13. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    To be fair, you guys are making what he's suggesting look far more extreme than it sounds. A lot of games don't have grenades for AI enemies. I don't mind them, the AI just needs improvement in general.
  14. Lower level helmets

    Nah I totally understand what you're saying. Personally I always go with 3-5 trusted friends. But we do want to think about the fact that new players initially probably won't have friends going into Tarkov and a really really steep learning curve isn't always a great thing.
  15. That's true, a Generation I NVG can't see much without an IR illuminator, thus it would make sense as beginner-level NVGs. You can see at night, but other people can see the IR. Then they could be relatively common without being overpowered.