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  1. Your suggestions

    It doesn't make sense, really. A Magnum round expands better with hollowpoints, but they're not going to be significantly more powerful with ball or AP ammo. The ball ammo might penetrate a little more... but .44 Magnum is the caliber that most soft body armor is designed to stop. If anything they would be a styllistic addition, since there's not really any armor-piercing ammo made for Magnum pistols. They might actually be inferior to the handguns we have already. The MP7-style stock is already in EFT, actually.
  2. Well, there's no boxes you have to search and all vaulting obstacles are the same height. Also, the character models aren't customizeable, and the length of weapons don't change, so they have less potential animations to do. It's not that Tarkov animations aren't high end, but since there's so many more of them relative to other games, they're just not as seamless in application yet.
  3. Buying A factory Key

    Locking this thread as it is a duplicate of your other one. Please use the dedicated trading thread:
  4. EFT is working better

    Yeah it does seem to be better on some maps. Customs has the worst desync at peak hours, but I'm not sure what the specific reasons for that are. Woods and Factory desync isn't anywhere near as bad.
  5. Improved Vital Parts and recovery

    It's not? The bug kills you in about 20 seconds because you lose 5-6 hydration per second. I believe the original intent was that a destroyed stomach depletes hydration at a rate of 5~ per minute, which isn't so terrible. But I don't think you understood what I meant there. The animations for using medical items are a work in progress right now, so in the future you won't be able to heal and shoot at the same time.
  6. Visually distinct Factions

    I'd actually favor just discounting USEC / American gear for USECs (they get AVSs and FAST helmets cheaper) and certain types of Russian gear is discounted for BEAR. Or even exclusive gear like patches and hats only their respective factions can buy. I'd also probably like if USEC wore multicam or a brown camo, as they look far too similar to Scavs wearing green like they do now. Also, facial hair / different hairstyles would benefit them a lot. One thing we could also do is changing animations a bit, the Red Orchestra / Rising Storm series gives Germans and Russians different sprinting styles and movement styles to distinguish them at range, among other things. USEC and Scav are the same in this case, unfortunately. They also have the same hair and rough facial shape.
  7. Make ammo boxes great – ideas

    I routinely find 100+ rounds on any players I kill in EFT, it sounds like a lot of hassle to buy however many boxes and sort them out just to sell them back. If they're expensive, it nerfs selling ammunition, if they're cheap, then there really isn't a significant addition to gameplay that makes it worth the complexity. I'm pretty sure being unable to insure ammunition is intentional, as magazines are the only consumables that can be insured (so grenades, medkits, bandages, food). If they wanted ammo to be insurable, you'd get ammo back with the mags when your insurance returns them. Personally I'd just auto-discard the box from the stash if it hits 0 rounds to avoid clutter.
  8. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    That desync was intense.
  9. Your suggestions

    Stingball grenades are pain compliance tools, so if you're wearing full sleeves and armor they really wouldn't do much. They are, after all, mean to be less-lethal. The CS gas one might be interesting though.
  10. Left Handed mode?

    Please use the search function, this topic has been discussed many times (and it's largely been said it's not going to happen until late in the game development if at all.)
  11. Possibly double-tap "T" for constant on, press and hold for momentary? That's not quite correct, the x400 has a momentary switch. Almost all pistol lights have a momentary switch. I believe the Ultrafire handheld light also has a momentary mode (if you don't press it all the way down, the one I had worked like that.)
  12. I'd love a lockout so I don't accidentally sell important stuff when dumping loot I got from a big raid.
  13. Go watch the dev diary video linked! In a game like Fallout, you usually have a specific set of animations for a particular weapon and pose, in EFT a gun may reload a certain way but look robotic because you're standing by a wall and the game procedurally moves the muzzle away. It's a bit of a limitation in that it doesn't always look so great, but you'll probably see it improve as time goes on. I personally hope they add more varied walk / move animations if you're wounded or have different levels of training.
  14. Gear Companies Thread

    I can attest to this. Geissele is dope. Their SSA is legendary and they make fantastic rails. There is already an MLOK handguard in the game (AK MOE I think) so you can probably expect more soon.
  15. Tarbank armor graphics clipping

    I don't think there is a thread particularly about the Modul-3M armor and the clipping since it's new, but there are a few threads asking for more clothing: So just be aware a moderator may lock your new thread at their discretion.