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  1. Summoning Circles?

    Roger, but it doesn't warrant hostility either way. I wouldn't call it a derail.
  2. General questions on weapon implementation

    They have differences in real life (AKM gas tubes need more hand fitting, AK-74 tubes have a spring to keep tension and are more precisely made), but are generally compatible so there isn't a difference ingame. You can replace the gas tubes with an Ultimak gas tube to add a rail, though.
  3. Hideout-Raids

    The wipe is a temporary feature that is purely for testing purposes, the final release of the game will not incorporate it. Additionally, it would weigh much more heavily on players who are new to randomly take gear, than a highly experienced player with a huge stash of guns and armor. So I'm really not a fan of that implementation.
  4. Fix-up a friend

    It seems like a logical step in the "we want a realistic game" process so I'd expect to see it eventually, though the animations might be a bit buggy with two characters essentially locked together healing.
  5. Summoning Circles?

    The "Woods Circle" is one of the marked areas mentioned in the OP, and the "Physical Bitcoin" is a very expensive barter item. The OP asked what they spawned, he answered.
  6. Killed by a Cheater

    It's unnecessary to post things like that, especially after the moderators have responded.
  7. reason people stop playing

    Battlefield maps don't have locked doors and a large number of searchable containers. It's not a great comparison. Nobody's forcing you to play a game you don't like, though. The community always appreciates another player sticking around, but if you're not enjoying the state of EFT, you can always step away from the game and do something else.
  8. 2 Suggestions

    Someone posted that exact "rep x gear" idea months back. I wouldn't mind some quests / maps that require a minimum level of equipment (e.g. "you need a backpack and a firearm to enter this raid location!") On the second point, I'd be much more inclined to something that lasts a day or more, as the biggest limiting factor is matchmaking time.
  9. Hideout-Raids

    Hm, it has some merit in that "here is a risk to balance having a big group stash." But in practice most experienced players don't keep consumables like food, water or ammo on hand, so I can't imagine Scavs would raid very much without pissing people off (e.g. stolen M4s.)
  10. Beta Contairnes

    Make sure to do all the quests! Some quests will give you special containers and cases which can contain extra items, like the 2x4 "Epsilon Case."
  11. reason people stop playing

    Hmm, I don't know. I played Day Z Early Access, and that set a new standard for awful. At least from my experience in Early Access / "Beta" titles Tarkov makes a lot of progress every patch. It has problems, but few games approach the level of complexity seen in EFT. I hope you change your mind as the product evolves.
  12. is this against game rules/agreement?

    Thank you for apologizing. Enjoy the game.
  13. Rare loot and key farming help

    This. Since a lot of Scavs have high-end keys in their pockets, it's a good idea to be proactive and kill Scavs early on, instead of just hatchet-running through the map for the marked room!
  14. Any way to open the red LOCKED cars?

    I don't believe there are keys which open those yet. There might be additional keys later on, maybe even the multi-tool lockpicking feature.
  15. Can't get a game

    Was this a specific map? Have you already submit a bug report?