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  1. Hello Wylickk, I have no clue as to weather or not you are still doing the free access code giveaway for Escape from Tarkov or not but I thought that I would try my luck anyway, you can never succeed if you never fail right? So your challenge was to convince you to give a code to the two lucky people who convinced you to do so by explaining why they may would want access to the Alpha. My answer is simple, I have been following this game for about two years now and just bought a PC that is capable of running Escape from Tarkov. I have never seen a game like EFT before but at the first sight I was hooked on videos alone, obviously those videos will never compare to an actual opportunity so I decided to put up or shut up and buy a PC, well, here I am, new PC that is capable of running EFT smoothly and ready for the action one way or another, even if don't get a code, I still felt it was wise to try anyway. My grandfather once told me, "If someone offers you something, you take it. You may never know if you will ever get an offer that good again.". Well I'm taking you up on your offer and attempting to coerce you into giving me the pleasure of experiencing an opportunity I payed for in litteral blood, sweat, and dollars, again, I have no clue as to weather or not the offer is still valid but in the event it is, I would be honored if you would consider me.