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  1. Spawn campers are ruining this game

    Then you're in the one percent. I've been saying this for over a year now and it's just getting worse and worse. People are becoming weaker and weaker because they would rather have a guaranteed easy mode kill than ever possibly think of taking a risk. It's partly due to the stupid desync but mostly due to the fact that most of the kids who buy this game are incapable of patience or aiming. They'd rather sprint around and hip fire everybody. I've said it before and will continue to say it until it happens spawn camping and spawn killing need to be heavily punished FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME. Exit camping has multiple solutions but the fact remains. More people in this game are cowards that can't stand challenge harder than infinite sprint and no recoil. Can't prove me wrong because until it's a punishable offense the majority of players are going to continue to deprive as many people as possible of what could've been a potentially fun experience through spawn camping and spawn killing and BSG will continue to do nothing to stop it even though it's not really testing the game, just convincing people it's another game stuck in beta that will never get optimized or fully realized. That's the impression alot of people are going to get because in OBT I can guarantee there will still be no optimization of any kind, those using exploits (basically cheating) will still be almost as big a problem as the desync and the desync itself still won't even be remotely improve or touched because there isn't gonna be enough content to consider it until a few months after release and the refunds start rolling out because BSG didn't give us a complete title. I'm a masochist so I won't be asking for one but if things like this aren't resolved soon then it's gonna hurt BSG bad in the long run and I don't wish to see that as BSG really are trying to make something wonderful.
  2. New Weapons??

    that is funny I like the Raptor stuff. looks cool
  3. New Weapons??

    Must be the more common "Variant" seen in most games then. Maybe it has the same initial application that the ACR once did, or was rumored to have. This
  4. How to level up strength

    I punch the initiative!!!!!! No what you REALLY need to do is wait to level up then pour a point into S.P.E.C.I.A.L
  5. New Weapons??

    If it looks exactly like an ACR.........It may have a different name but the ACR definitely inspired the non Bullpup MSBS. So the ACR sucks now? I tried researching but couldn't find a direct source. Not a big deal anyway, Plenty or reliable carbines have come before it.
  6. New Weapons??

    The bottom rifle is an ACR, and the top looks like a Kel-Tec shotgun with a rifle mag jammed in the stock......oh wait it is from CoD Ghosts, I remember now.
  7. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    To all the guys who ever spawn killed me and continue to do so, Trip on your PC chords and break something, like a leg.
  8. New Weapons??

    Dont know much about it frankly, sounds like that 3 round burst god teir gun from CoD Ghosts
  9. New Weapons??

    Just youtube EFT gameplay trailers
  10. New Weapons??

    What did freedom Group do?
  11. Why does every bodypart lose hp if hit?

    Simulated full body blood loss
  12. New Weapons??

    That Pro 90 tho............
  13. New Weapons??

    I saw a Mk-14EBR in one of the first trailers. personally i would like to see a bullpup M14 (the Bulldog) XM8 would be cool but he is right, the thing costs WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much to manufacture, best thing as an alternative is the ACR with 7.62x39, 5.56, and 6.8 conversion kits
  14. Escape From Desync

    II live in Missouri and to hell with more than 5 or 6 smooth raids.
  15. Escape From Desync

    This is true, BSG often stress tests the game without our prior knowledge to see what in terms of assets pushes resource intensity too far and what doesn't. I've been here since the alpha and I've noticed a clear improvement when said tests aren't being conducted. Frankly I get spawn killed every other time I die so I've got a little less experience with actual desync but when I can make it a millimeter off my spawn I can see and feel a very destinct difference in hit registration. most of the time I just restart the game if the Desync gets too bad and I'm all good to go again, unless I'm out of gear and money (the result of constantly being spawn killed) in which case I reset the game profile too.