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  1. i'D think that it would be good if they were able to get an SVU or something like that.
  2. it just makes me mad man. I worked hard to be able to get a gun. Even then I'm limited severely. canada is more strict than calfornia. Then there's these jerks who walk around with ak's and pretend it's their god given right to be as "powerful" as humanly possible. Way back in the 50's here in canada, you could carry a gun to school and keep it in your locker and nobody would even bat an eye at it. now if you even have one walking around your house or in your car, people call the cops.
  3. what they should do in the states is how they have it in canada. Keep your full auto's and your high cap magazines. your armor piercing bullets ect. in canada, we pay about 500 for a course to learn about safety and gun care. one for long arms like pump actions and bolt actions. then a second for handguns and what not. States should have the same type of thing but with a third for full auto's. Then if you break any sort of law with it they can take away your license at any time.
  4. That's the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. I kinda wished the guy got shot for such a stupid act. It really shows they give complete retards guns in real life. not to mention his face is covered and everything. looked like the kid was going to go postal. "oh it's legal, so I'm going to carry a loaded rifle into a police station and everything will be fine" this video made me super mad. I'm so glad im canadian and crap like that doesn't happen.