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  1. Matching takes forever?

    Waiting for that server slot guys >.<
  2. @miserySeason Pull him out of that raid man Он там реално застрял
  3. stop putting me in running raids!

    Joining in the raid late is kinda annoying but at the same times is kinda nice. Ads to the randomness of tarkov... never relax.
  4. Recently hit a 1 year in TAW. One of the best decisions i have made in my gaming life. I want give out big Thanks to @Agnisekhar , @Natalino and @ShiroTenshi for having me and being able to withstand my antics which were breaking quite a lot of taw code of ethics back in the days - but thanks to these guys and TAW i can surely say - I have become a better person and a better player. Shutout to greatest CO @omenrash hugs n kisses Thanks!
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    :[ not me - but i know that reading quests in Russian language makes more sense than in English translations are off.
  6. Game/Patch Download Speed

    Fact that you have 200mb dl or up in country doesn't mean you have the same in different countries. I'm sitting on 300mbs optic. Since the CDN server that tarkov uses are not in my country - i can't utilize that speed. So i sit with my 6mbps while downloading update. Steam has CDN server all over the world.
  7. Is check ammo broken

    works fine for me alt+T P never worked for me with default. Technicaly it sounds like a new feature as ALT+T is check ammo count / check mag
  8. What happen with Tarkov

    Take into account there are more scavs and fancier animations and smoother movement. This impacts the fps. Back in the days were scavs were GOOD nad HARD to kill - i had 20 fps but once i killed couple of scavs - stable 60 I thinks dev screwed up a little bit by not defining system requirements correctly. As i read forums - people wan't optimization for 10 year old machines.
  9. Scavs spawning directly on player

    Yes - this is a problem. We cleared inside the gas station extraction and 2 scavs spawned less than 5 meters behind me ( my friend saw this ) and insta shoot me at the same time. Of course i died. So far it seems there is no spawn radius check for ai to see if players are nearby.
  10. Helm useless

    ............... ARMOR LVL II ( <--- Schutzklassen )
  11. are the quest too linear?

    You literally go to your character and on tabs next to skill click "tasks" it clearly states which map the quest is on. sheehs.
  12. Scavs are still easy. Smarts but they don't do 180 headshots.
  13. Matching when u are in a group

    Spawn new railroad. Rush truck stop on customs Throw 4 F1 greandes into woods team of 4 full gears dead. Good patch Matchin takes so long as the servers are full. A lot of people playing right now.