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  1. Very cool. I like it.
  2. You need to post your discord usernames to be eligible.
  3. So.. you don't remember that you put it on safe ?
  4. Is it that hard to remember which button you pressed on keyboard? Each time you go into a raid you fire selector is reset to default. ( which is semi )
  5. sYs#7920 probably not gonna be alone. will update with extra people in the evening.
  6. See - this is the reason we can't have player reporting. clearly knows where these guys are - is smart about it. Guys yell hacks cheating and so on.. srsly Nobody cheated in this video. Bullet penetration must be a myth to these guys. I do agree hovever that buckshot shouldn't penetrate concrete/brick wall.
  7. yeah - turn it on and ctrl+s saves last 10 minutes of gameplay. ( really cool if you had a great fight ) Otherwise - record all the time, tho i takes up a lot of disk space.
  8. it's called Redeon ReLive and you have it. pretty much radeons shadowpay.
  9. Na krishu garazha mozno zaprignutj s mest 8. a popast na krishu obshizhitie - tozhe easy. sorry - propal RU shrift. Po krishu obhizitie - detalah zahodit nebudu - potomu sto ot tuda mozhno popast zaprideli karti i valit vseh.
  10. He sneaked up on you. You should have anticipated this. GET GUT!
  11. Now i see it. Work monitor too dark. Classical hit no registering. We some guys have theories that hits are not registering correctly most of the time - especially with rapid fire.
  12. so.. we can say stuff like "Y have no life" " No girlfriend" and so on?
  13. Level has no point in the game except traders. Wish they give us stat points that we could spend.
  14. Well - i see no headshot in the video.