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  1. Selawa in quickslot. lame. 4 5 6 7. damn i wish they add animation for healing asap. Hate these bullet sponges.
  2. Join TAW for epic community and best playas around. >.< we has cookies
  3. My favorite Italian MOTO
  4. Since Latvians know Russian pretty well. Don't forget - you earn high respect if You speak our language >.<
  5. Latvia is with You in these hard times. I express my deepest sympathy
  6. Should be in your email. Check your spam. If it doesn't come in couple of hours contact It might be that the payment haven't come trough to battlestate yet.
  7. eh Farewell good memories. Farewell flying guns. Farewell flying and becoming a door. I Will miss you and never be able to share You. Bright future ahead and new memories to forge in Tarkov.
  8. Sweet. Are the pre-nda lift content ( content with watermark ) allowed to be published? I have some Sweet bugs captured that are more funny than gamebreaking.
  9. Can't wait for optional and mandatory events. >.< + Nda lift woohOoo
  10. In last waves it was total 18 players.
  11. damn I already bought z270 gaming m7 for intel kabby
  12. they have reputation system or something in place. if i remember there are gonna be some trading restrictions and requirments and ' karma' would be one of things that influence that.
  13. Congratulations! Now bring us good news!
  14. + - august CBT