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  1. Psss.. . There are some suprises in the CBT. >.<
  2. each weapon has it's own unique id.
  3. I'm more interested how nobdy hit him in the arm or leg. i see no healing being done troughout all encounters and bullets being hit. Press account advantages conspiracy intensifies. No healing throughout. Monitor in built corsair so fun so hardcore much skill
  4. Any decent high caliber sniper rifle that actually destroys helmet or at least does some damage and some decent scopes.
  5. Playing with 3 people. Very hard to loose someone if you actually communicate. No.
  6. It's the textures letting shrapnel and blast wave trough. Question would be - when will they fix the texture penetration issues. Hopefully next patch - as we though would be fixed in previous patch. circle goes on.
  7. Gun is a gun it performs as it performs. you can't make it weaker and stronger - it is how its designer not choosing right ammunition for right targets is most what people do wrong in this game. for ak i use combination of PS BT PP manually load PS BT PP PP PS BT and repeat the circle. WORKS MAGIC! Can you imagine? ( Insert sarcasm smiley face )
  8. I managed to join arena. This is what i saw. I think it's dev testing map >.<
  9. Well. Lets go down the memory lane Release - 2016 end. Alpha 2016 January - reality = 2016 august Closed beta in August 2016 - reality = 2017 july? I still have strong faith in Tarkov developers - just not in Nikitas timelines (:
  10. Probably late or early august.
  11. There's always someone. Well - last patch the minimum amount for server to be started was 4 players. Now even 1 player can start the server instance but never think that you are alone. You are never alone in Tarkov. EU is pretty empty after 22:00 GMT and it stays that way till 09:00 GMT CBT will bring more eu players
  12. тут как би - все кто покупали - вроди покупали хардкор
  13. swap extraction points. sometimes game doesn't register your position until you move.
  14. If you are complaining about camping than this is not a game for you and probably you never served in conflict.
  15. so.. EOD edition stays for purchase? @Blackb1rd tease us with some screenshots. (: