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  1. First death to a sure cheater

    Might be that you poked out trough the fence inventory and gun movements makes noise
  2. Login attempt and Pre-Order placed

    Well there was a security breach a while a go that BSG shhh shhh.
  3. Coop PVE

    No. Read before you buy. Technically this is co-op but everyone can shoot you tho move more carefully next time. Each death is a lesson. Check corners. You rush you die. (most of the time) People set up ambushes in real life all the time. Real life is not run and gun. In real life you don't get second chance. Luckily in this game - you can learn from your mistakes.
  4. Spawn campers are ruining this game

    so.. you complaining about which map? Which gameplay scav or pmc? There are some unlucky spawns where it's harder to get out but hey - it's part of the game.
  5. I Need Help

    Make a support ticket and include logs. Preferably record a video.
  6. Car battery

    So far for quest mainly.
  7. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Again EOD removal pro-longed?
  8. killing geared players

    Ammo Ammo and ammo. Aim for the head. If you have pistol ( anything that is TT)- try to avoid geared guys.
  9. 4 man team on the bridge. Thank you for your defenders and helmets. o/ Good fight. Tho i guess you didn't have a chance to see us
  10. One step closer to the average shooter.
  11. Want to take that away and make another pubg? Hell let's dumb the game down even more. I better get in a raid and wonder if the guy i killed has friends or not nearby than knowing for 100% in team queue..
  12. Yes. I like killing groups when i play solo. So you want to take away one of the core mechanics that put you in situations that you do not expect?
  13. Servers lagging extremely bad

    Avoid peak hours. Couple of thousand players click refresh on trader is ddos too
  14. flying hackers (again)

    might be the lag. yesterday i spawned and played as usual but my teamates said that i was like 50 meters up in the air - tho on my screen i was on the ground. Hope no cheaters.
  15. Extraction Campers Need to Go...

    (; yup. 2016 for casuals.