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  1. New NDA lift and soon new patch. Come check us out!!
  2. We will look for ya. Poke me or any Captain/Admin if you need assistance. Thanks!
  3. Welcome to UWS Yolo Swaggins!
  4. We have people playing at all hours of the day. Feel free to pop in to our TeamSpeak server and give us a try. If you enjoy yourself then you are welcome to Join United We Stand. No commitment required. Enjoy! -Mav
  5. It looks like your application was approved on Friday around 17:30. You should have received an email assuming your email was placed correctly. In any event, WELCOME! Join us in TeamSpeak anytime. Enjoy! ts.uwsgaming.com
  6. Thanks for the assistance Borscht. New Members Welcome!!
  7. We will get you hooked up. Thanks man. (Welcome)
  8. No formal screening process. Come check us out.
  9. Welcome Poptarts!
  10. We will keep an eye out for your application. Website was down for a little while today. If you continue to run into issues please let us know.
  11. Welcome to all the new members!
  12. We have active members/pubbers playing throughout the day/night. Feel free to hop on our TS channel at anytime. You're welcome to check UWS out and hang with other members/pubbers with any game that people are playing. Enjoy.
  13. Welcome to all the new members!
  14. Not sure if you have applied to join UWS or if you intend on scoping us out first. Either way, Welcome!