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  1. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    Because not all of the mechanics are implemented yet.
  2. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    The game is never intended to be a looter shooter.
  3. Insuration must be changed...

    Having a 100% chance to get your stuff back would ruin the whole premise IMO, there needs to be risk in Tarkov.
  4. Melee Combat Concerns

    Unfortunately, this is due to desync which the team are aware of and are working on fixing it There are new servers rolling out shortly.
  5. Another brilliant mandatory! A new record! Updated as more people joined! 125!
  6. Hey Escapers! I have just announced a giveaway over on the subreddit for the community, I will be giving away eight full copies of EFT. Please see the post below for a little story and how to enter Good luck! Note: You must enter on Reddit, not on this post.
  7. The cooperation with Datacam company

    Awesome, can't wait to use these ingame
  8. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Thank you for this very extensive Q & A Session!
  9. Can i gift the game to a friend ?

    You can give it to a friend as a gift #Locked
  10. Brazil needs servers now!

    The devs will not have forgotten about you guys, just please be patient.
  11. Good Headset?

    Moved to off topic
  12. Brilliant turn out for the EU Mandatory, first mandatory of the new year, breaking records!
  13. New player (hardcore veteran) - Feedback

    Thank you for the very detailed feedback. We have just created a feedback thread for all 7 day trial members, if you could post in there so it is easier to gather all of the data. Here's the post: #Locked
  14. ** Server Matching Times

    Great news