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    The team are aware of the unstable servers and the desync issues, please be patient, it is top priority.
  2. ohhhh maa gawd - strength soo goodd

    There is methods to "train strength" but normally you level up by throwing grenades and jumping about.
  3. two good days with no lag then bust

    Sorry to hear that the situation improved then got worse again, but this is a very well known issue. Rest assured they are working tirelessly to fix this. #Locked due to the number of posts on this topic.
  4. What in the world?? Not fair at all

    The devs are aware of the issue and is the top priority for them to fix. Please be patient, they're working extremely hard to get the desync issues resolved. #Locked as there is a lot of posts on this topic.
  5. Cheaters

    The anti-cheat is active and bans people, as per the comment above me #Locked
  6. EFT is working better

    Coming updates will improve performance further, this is very high up on the priority list and there was a 10-15% increase in the last update, please be patient while the team work tirelessly to fix it.
  7. Thank you for your feedback, as the user above pointed out; The hideout is planned AFAIK, the dev team won't be adding silly unicorn hats or bright pink guns. It's a hardcore shooter at it's core, there is no place for things like that. More quests will be added too, as well as all of the issues you pointed out already being on the devs cards, so you can stay excited for the future!
  8. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    Yes! Amazing work by BSG Can't wait to get my hands on it
  9. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Yes, only half of the map is playable right now.
  10. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Yes! Looks so good, keep up the good work BSG!
  11. Great EU Mandatory! If you want to join our very rapidly growing community, please check out http://taw.net/ and apply today! If you want to hit me up for a game in TAW, look for me; TAW_LewisVI
  12. 1000 Backend error

    Direct all posts here please. #Locked
  13. 1000 Back end error

    Please try again, getting reports that it is back up.

  15. Server Backend

    Currently having server issues. #locked