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  1. Slow walking speed

    You can run when your set to walk slow, but once youre done it will revert to where you had it set.
  2. Who the hell created these quests?

    I was able to do it my first try, but it sucked because it was during the long loading time issue. It's beyond me that they would include menu and loading time.
  3. Who the hell created these quests?

    The kill "blah blah" with a timer is completely against how they want this game playing out. You have to basically rush to kill scavs and keep ahead of players that may be following. Not to mention if you get screwed on the spawn and youre the one following the trail of dead scavs.
  4. 5-Man Squad Wipe

    I had one of the more intense gun fights of all my hours in Tarkov last night. My buddy was waiting for my in the Custom's lobby and said he sent me an invite when he saw me. I clicked yes right away, only to freak out and realize some random player invited me to a group and started the game. I frantically pressed back, just to realize it was too late. So I sat at the reconnect screen for a bit, in hopes that he would just run away from the spawn and not kill me as I loaded in. I load in and luckily he is no where to be seen, so I make my way down the left side of the first bridge over the water. I notice a fully geared guy across the street and i immediately dump a whole clip into. As I see his body slump over, I notice two other players take aim and start firing, at which point I step back down the hill. I pop back up and scare the advancing squad member back to cover, lob a grenade forward and retreat under the bridge. I hear several grenades go off as I sprint around to construction and attempt a flank. I make my way through construction, passed the whole in the wall near bus station and head into the brush across the street.I figured they were either collecting his gear and moving on or holding their position. I run right into FOUR other squad members in the brush while they were mid sprint. I was literally in the middle of them and immediately lay a burst into two of them, practically killing one, who dropped to the ground in a panicked state. His buddy was not so fortunate, because he took several to the head as he passed in front of the one I was aiming at. I panic start a reload and mid reload I see one approach me and hesitate, worrying about killing his teammates, at which point my reload finished and a two round burst found his head. I switch back over to the first guy I shot at and finished the job(he was still laying down, probably healing). I feel a shot to the back, flip around and fire a nice burst into his upper body, causing him to drop. I sat there dumbfounded that I was alive with a simple paca and an m4 against a 5 man squad. I looked over the ravaged bodies of my enemies and turned, to my friend who was just laughing on the other side of the room. I determined they grab their buddies fort armor and tried to escape with it. Also after further investigation I think I remember finding out the 3 medium geared players had no armor pen rounds. The two what appeared be semi experienced players were taken out of the fight too quick and between a 5-man squad, they need to work on their communication. The next game my buddy covered me in the apartments while I killed a three man squad followed by a duo at the end. It was funny because I got way more experience(Also my highest) for that one than my solo squad wipe, but that had to do alot with the level ranges of the payers.
  5. Where do I get Gas analyser?

    Selling one for 100k rubles atm
  6. I'm glad you calmed down and apologized for your outburst. I know this game can be very frustrating starting out with nothing, especially when your new to the game. I almost jumped on you for some of your earlier comments, but i'm glad I noticed your later response. Hopefully someone can help with your performance issues. Also there are some threads in the general discussion, where some new players got some tips for starting out.
  7. Some few question from a new player

    This thread has alot of suggestions from the community for some new players. http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/43400-tips-for-a-beginner-tryna-make-money-and-get-good-gear/?tab=comments#comment-763578
  8. New Items

    Ya it threw me off when I saw something I hadn't examined in a raid.
  9. Suggestion about the wipe for the devs.

    They don't give out exact times, that will have to be a decision for you to decide on your own. Although, from what I've heard it could be the end of this month. I would just stick with what you have and upgrade after the wipe, doubt it would be too long after the end of the year if it doesn't come before.
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Selling: 2x Wallets= 50k each or 90k for both Pistol Case= 180K 7x Tushonka=24k each or $1,000 each 1x Gas Analyzer=80k or $1,000 2x GM counter= make offer 2x Gunpowder= make offer 3x Roler watch=make offer 2x Flash drives= make offer
  11. Sigh

    Kiver isnt going to stop that then.
  12. New Items

    Have any of you seen these attachments before?

    It's already been discussed, but it seems that there is some type of issue with the insurance.
  14. Bad teamates

    As everyone has mentioned, be careful who you group with. But also naming and shaming is against the forum rules.