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  1. First squad wipe!

    on woods you say... where exactly ?
  2. Fell through map and lost everything...

    tough luck , what can i say
  3. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

    hardcore at its finest ! respect
  4. Juggernaut scavs

    juggernaut - the worst, most disgusting word ever
  5. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    do not be sad fresh blood, il be there in the bushes waiting for you, with a f-1 nade. then we will be together forever
  6. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    ahahahahah, neeed moar tears !!!! it sustains mehh
  7. AI is to to weak on range now.

    they will fine tune it when time goes will get better, then bad again, then finally we get the balanced version of scavs. all takes time guys
  8. Escaping Customs

    yeap, i still have not got the factory key so i do the same most of the time.
  9. Why even have factions in this game, if...

    I just hope they will not let this game go into just into a glorified pvp shooter like it is atm. we could have something really special, but as long as we have scav killing scavs, pmcs just killing on sight their own ppl, this will never happen imo.

    there is no logic in that line man. THE SCAVS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LOCALS . local buddies, dudes who probably been to kindergarten together and to school. dudes who drink vodka behind or front of the store, who was working together in the sawmill. you really think when some shady military situation breaks loose, that old friends will just turn their backs at each other, start fighting alone, rambo style ?! maybe different groups yes, that can be so, but still, in that situation you want allies, because that increases you SURVIVABILITY .

    I would suggest a simple solution. you kill a scav as playing one, next time you come into a raid as a scav again, every other ai will shoot you on sight. maybe for even 2 or more raids the same to really show you why killing your own is a bad move. kill a are going to have a bad time. for the next few rounds at least when not using your pmc character.
  12. Cant Find friend?

    forever alone feels
  13. Spawning in late

    last night i went in as a scav in joke, the time left before the end of the raid was under 10 minutes. have not seen anything like that before.
  14. Upgraded to EOD, tips for getting factory key?

    forum warrior
  15. Post your favourite weapon that you own in the game.

    same here Man.