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  1. love that village area and the big building with the park and tennis court...all those rooms, cant wait...hyped once again. keep up the good work BSG
  2. horrible choice of music
  3. well, there a are a lot of ppl like me who just do not like steam...and who even cares Man. these devs have their own plan and i think it is the right way to go... as they have stated, early access here means that you get the game something like 10 or some days earlier than others( and i believe they mean a full finished game, not that poo steam pulls, nonono )
  4. today i was repeatetly shot through walls, wherever i re-positioned myself on factory i still got shot, until i was dead. not sure if AI was locked on me or a cheater. this game definitely has cheaters/hackers anyway so yeah...when is next ban wave going to come ?
  5. well, it happens to me over half of the is like a cheat/hack letting you know that another player is nearby.
  6. welcome here Man. remember to report those bugs and glitches you find on your way.
  7. EXACTLY at this stage its too early to promote imo at least.
  8. RIGGED community event, where only 50 ppl can participate. sounds like a legit community event indeed. am i the only one here smh ?!
  9. LIVE NOW, the don J Kenzo , certified bangers -
  10. well good for you man. why should i care though ?
  11. let the cannon fodder come
  12. looking good
  13. was there not a thread like this already ? anyway, i want ALL THE GUNS in the worlds to be in this game. easy
  14. pop a few xani bars in was well to make things even more calmer...seeshhhh. my god dude. dude is just getting his message across through these thick fellars. CAPS LOCK ALL YOU WANT