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  1. I'm pretty sure clan stash has been confirmed already! Will be a good addition.
  2. @SnowPRO and @Pompidom PACA is level 2 pusher, Fort armor is level 3. Level 3 is around 1,5million. Maybe 1,6, but the game doesn't show decimals AS you have noticed! So keep spending. #offtopic reply
  3. Maps are under work in progress. We do not know if there will be maps in this patch (probably not) before the patchnotes hit.
  4. The bans given for breaking the NDA is from the Alpha portion of the game. So it will be lifted when the game reaches beta status, announced to be this summer.
  5. SKS

    SKS is planned to release in the next patch. No date given yet, but within a couple of weeks it should be here.
  6. They have either probably had the NDA lifted for a long time, just not streamed as much, or they are an official "partner" of BSG. Like the Emissaries.
  7. Please note that there are 2 paragraphs! One is what is planned for the patch, the next one is generally what the team is working on. So please don't be dissappointed if there's not 2 new maps in the first upcoming patch. Still much hype!
  8. There is though. Not sure if you were making a joke or not? Don't get me wrong, I don't call it a survival game. It's its own genre. It's Escape from Tarkov. It's all about getting out while getting some gear for a rainy day.
  9. The other Scavs will become hostile towards him is what has been said. Guess we can wait and see in a not so far future
  10. The long barrel one is the Saiga 9 with a safe/semi selector switch. The short barrel one is the PP-19-01, with a Safe/semi/auto selector. They also have some markings different.
  11. Just thought it might be connected with why it didn't show. I'm not sure!
  12. Did you buy the EoD right away? Or did you upgrade at one point?
  13. @xroger I'm not sure I fully understand you, since you are talking about two different things? The forums says you can play with anyone from anywhere, which is true. Like the quote from NotWolf. I can group up with one guy from St.Petersburg, and one guy from New York, with my EU copy right now. Whoever is group leader dictates what server one connects to. The Region lock states explicably that it affects in what area the game is physically launched. As in where your computer is situated. So 2 different matters you are pulling into one. I gave you an advice on how you could try to remedy the situation, and you totally blew it off. If your friend from Russia is moving more or less for a long time, I would contact support and ask if they could change it. If he's just in for a short time, it's better to wait til he gets back home and you can play together just fine. I hope this helps.
  14. You mean like this? Stated after a red warning sign? Or this one? I'm really sorry I can't help you out. My advice would be for your friend to email support@battlestategames.com, explain the problem of him moving, and ask them kindly to help you guys out. Good luck, hope to see you in Tarkov!
  15. It will reset at every major patch and gamechange.