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  1. I love you too bro !
  2. Will the levels over 58 available with this update ?
  3. ty from France !
  4. Un test de charge, donc !
  5. If you get vaseline in your inventory, this is not a problem
  6. 5 or 6 times I was stucked on the "Awaiting server response" (without a BACK button). The only ways to get out is to "kill" the game by pressing ALT-F4 (or wait for the eternity... i treid for 4 hours without success) After relaunch, the game ask me (sometimes) to "Reconnect" or "Leave the game". And "Reconnect" doesn't seems to work each time. In this case, all player's inventory is lost ! Maybe could you implement a timeout on the "Awaiting server response" screen. If the server doesn't respond in time, back the player on the main screen and keep his inventory intact ? PS : Sorry for my low-leveled english
  7. Hi everybody, Keeping in mind the devs wishes about realism, I think it would be very interesting if players could leave some marks behind them such as footprints in the grass, sand or mud, broken branches and so on.... What do you guys think ?