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  1. the tasks need to be translated
  2. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    i am a bit angry because the EOD is still available EFT team said that this is a limited versio and will be only available at the Alpha so i bought it. very expensive .. and now it is in the black friday sale for the second time.. and we already have closed beta. when will the EOD be limited??? when the game is released there will also be the EOD version right? i realy thought that the EOD is only for alpha supporter..
  3. 25 Bear in einer stunde killen??

    finde diese task total bescheuert.. 25 bear in einer stunde.. das klingt so richtig cod like auch wenn man dort warscheinlich 250 in einer stunde killen kann.. hätte mir da doch mehr tasks gewünscht die besser durchdacht sind tresore knacken und geheime dokumente im bezug auf die story zb ab liefern... aber 25 bear killen in einer stunde.... langweilig und nervig
  4. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    i shot a guy in fortarmor 30 times i empty a mag from a mp5 on close distance 2 meters away then he go cover and throw 4 grenades at me 1 of the grenades explodes right in front of my face maybe 30 cm away.. i still alive i reload and put him another 30 bullets in his chest wehn he was coming out of cover he dont die. he shot me i die this all happend inside of a house, strange...
  5. New servers added!

    thank you for adding more servers, but! i stiill waiting in matching for more then 10 min. please add more servers for Germany. thank you.
  6. ist ja ein richtig geiler patch! aber wo ist der rest von shoreline? und die neue map interchange welche angekündigt wurde
  7. Launcher Error

    Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (403) Unzulässig. ERROR: ProtocolError
  8. The Hideout announcement

    cant belive it... it is exactly what i thought and dreamed about what tarkov needs but i never said it because i thought it will never come.. this means all other dreams like real markets with real ingame npc dealers will also be real? scavs sitting around drinking beer and playing music will also be real? ingame animals like dogs? i love it... i love the hideout thank you devs!
  9. The Shoreline Location

    finaly some very good news! EFT DEVS this Location looks so awesome! just beautiful im speechless great work! cant wait to explore the Shoreline thank you!
  10. -.- what about a new patch?
  11. Coming soon - Escape from Tarkov in-game events!

    Sounds Awesome! i hope i can be part of such event somehow
  12. The EfT soundtrack: Geneburn - Dark Horizon

    nice soundtrack thank you for the download link! we have to thank you for the awesome Development of Escape From Tarkov! i really love all about EFT finaly there is a game with its own style and Music!
  13. The batteries you can find ingame will be needed for the flashlights? or for any type of electronic device in the future?
  14. Your suggestions

    EFT need a K98 ingame! we already have the TT in EFT why not a K98 and a STG44 this kind of weapons still exist this weapons was also used like the STG44 in the civil wars Syria. tons of World war II weapons still around on earth and the K98 is still used by alot hunters today also in russia.