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  1. Exactly like this I imagine an alpha Always new updates and patches Am looking forward to the new update thanks!
  2. no... im happy to see new stuff anyway but i think the devs should bring it also on the tarkov youtube channel because im checking it everyday^^
  3. NICE! good work this makes some ppl very very happy
  4. they have.. you saw it on the video he posted alot new information posted on a youtube channel named GameSpot so why this informations not on Battlestate Battlestate should be the first who give new videos not GameSpot
  5. good question! and why is there no new video on Battlestate Youtube channel for 2 months
  6. AWESOME! cant wait great news.
  7. ok thank you. ill make a new video after the NDA is lifted. ok thanks. that means i will make a new video after the NDA is lifted
  8. empty servers are very boring. in free roam i just want to join a area and have some fun. i really hope the free roam will not have that all players spawn at the same time until the server is empty that makes no sense.. if i die. i can reconnect i hope. maybe spawn at a different area far littlebit far away from dieng area. any maybe with a reconnect bann after dieng 5 min or so...
  9. i still missing a bolt action rifle like the K98 in game the game really needs that.. some older weapons. im not so much in the new modern weapons. please implement a Mosin Nagant and a K98 . also a mp40 wuild be nice and a PPS43 Sudajev. thank you very much for the best game in the world!.
  10. thank you devs you making a good job.
  11. my question is. When the NDA is lifted! And we have this message ... can i share videos I recorded yesterday. Or I can only share new video material after the NDA lifted patch with a newer version of the game. I'm assuming that there will be a patch as soon as NDA is removed
  12. Hello i have a question about the NDA. i recorded a video yesterday in Version if the NDA is gone soon. can i share the video i made yesterday ? or is it only allowed to share new version videos after the Extended alpha patch? So is the game version I show in a video no matter after removing the NDA? sorry for sh** english thank you very much.
  13. Nice interview ! soon! maybe 31 ? cant wait...
  14. Kar98 would be awesome in the game Mosin Nagant M1 Garand
  15. DayZ if i can remember me there was some hitmarker in DayZ ? i dont know anymore i ndont play it anymore but! i just found that gameplay of escape from tarkov !! it really looks like some hitmarkers! pls check it out and tell me what you think