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  1. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Fantastic! Thanks BSG. And don't forget that every cheater is a loser, coward, lazy and brain damaged person. And once they can't learn, they are going to try to cheat again, with other strategy. So please, keep on the good job.
  2. CBT Hype Thread

    Hype level is increasing for me and my friends. This is how we feel now:
  3. CBT Hype Thread

    How me and my friends feel now:
  4. EFT players worldwide

    The first one on Brasília (capital of Brazil).
  5. Bans for cheating

    I am thinking about this. I got to know that on February (2017) something around 3.000 copies of EFT were sold. Let's imagine that now on June (2017) 10.000 copies of EFT were sold. If we have 200 cheaters confirmed, it means 2% of copies were sold to cheaters. Isn't it too much? But of course I don't know for sure how many copies of EFT was already sold.