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  1. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    We should definitely get semi auto AR15s, as they are available in Russia and Europe, whether imported or domestic made. They are also MORE common with PMCs rather than full auto since PMCs are usually civilian contractors, hence the private part in "private military corp". Many do not have government permissions for full auto and will bring private firearms over seas like semi auto AKs or ARs. Hell many even use the HK91/93 series rifles and SCARs or ACRs in semi auto. Remember people, there will be over 250 weapons, probably more than 300, so many options should be explored and considered, common or rare. The 7.62x51mm round has 2600-3000 ft lbs of energy, and the 7.62x39 is around 1500 ft lbs. Not very similar at all, although you can carry more rounds of x39 in the same space as a .308/7.62x51.
  2. Your suggestions

    I'd like to see the M4/AR15 available in more calibers like .300BLK, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, and 5.45x39mm. The rounds are compared to 5.56 below. I'll also include photos of ARs in these calibers 5.45 .300BLK 6.8SPC And lastly the 6.5 Grendel I'd also like to see some of the attachments/optics/reciever types shows above.
  3. Your suggestions

    It would make way more sense to add the MK47 Mutant or PSA KS47 since they're actually produced in some numbers. The KAC was never made in real production, there were a few for special forces and that's all.
  4. Your suggestions

    I think a great holsterable weapon would be the MAC-10, M11, or M11/9. They're a bit bigger than the average pistol (especially the M10) and weigh more (5lbs), but are capable of mind numbing rates of fire (above 1000rpm in some cases). The full auto variants as well as a semi auto pistol version should be added for use by PMCs, and SCAVs especially. These would fit in the area of the game because the M10 has been used officially in Poland, and the M11 in Slovenia. There should be an open bolt full auto available with and without stock, as well as a semi auto open bolt pistol. There should also be a closed bolt SMG and pistol as well.
  5. Your suggestions

    Already being put in game next patch or so.
  6. Your suggestions

  7. Your suggestions

    This as well as other designs like the Sten and MAC10/11s would be cool to see. Especially homemade looking variants of them.
  8. Your suggestions

    I would love to see some Italian firearms as well, like Beretta's products, such as; The popular 92FS/M9. A double stack 9mm DA/SA metal frame. This pistol has served everywhere by almost everyone. The 90-Two, a modern 92fs, with a better grip angle, rail, and modified frame and slide. The M9A3, the most modern adaptation of the M9/92FS. It features a threaded barrel, replaceable sights, rail, and grip angle similar to the 90-Two. The Beretta 8000/Cougar (also made by Stoeger). It is a rotating barrel metal frame DA/SA hammer fired 9mm double stack handgun. These have served well with police around the world. The PX4, a modernization of the Cougar, with a polymer frame and rail. The PM12/M12S. A well known open bolt, straight blowback submachinegun in the counter terror community, it served with special units all over the Middle East and Europe. The CX4, a modern SMG/PDW in service with police all over, it is closed bolt and straight blowback, acceptING Model 92 magazines. And lastly, the ARX100, a very modular 5.56x45mm rifle, used by militaries and police all over the world currently. It serves the Italian special forces as we sit.
  9. Your suggestions

    I think that some Croatian firearms would fit well with PMCs, and could be a very interesting addition. HS Produkt makes some very modern firearms. Such as; The VHS1, a bullpup rifle that looks similar to the FAMAS, but operates differently. The VHS2, a modernization of the VHS1, that is much more modular. The HS2000 (Springfield XD9 line). A striker fired 9mm handgun that is quite reliable and competes with the Glock and others in that category.
  10. Your suggestions

    Already confirmed
  11. Your suggestions

    I meant the man "portable" miniguns. The mounted ones are common on aircraft and tanks somewhat but the one showed and suggested is absolutely not common.
  12. Your suggestions

    Again, you would not want to carry it for more than 5 minutes, and there is only like 2 or 3 on the planet.
  13. Your suggestions

    The shotshell used in the VPO209 isn't a combat load either. The .22 would be useful for light scavs and later in open world for hunting. A .22 magnum also would be a good caliber, as it is almost as powerful as 9mm and penetrates more, especially in a rifle. You can actually, there is a video of a woman doing so online, but it is way too heavy to lug around and SO rare that it wouldn't make any sense at all.
  14. Your suggestions

    Since the H&K MP5 is in game and the G3 is confirmed, I would like to remind the devs not to forget the HK33 and 32. The 5.56 HK33, and 7.62x39 HK32 are both awesome assault rifles, known for ultra reliability and very soft recoil. The HK33 uses a proprietary magazine, but some manufacturers like MKE and Promag make new polymer mags that do work well. The HK32 uses AKM/47 magazines of most types. The HK93 is a semi variant of the 33, and the PTR32 is a modern semi variant of the HK32. HK33/93 (also the H&K USP) The HK32/PTR32
  15. Your suggestions

    You are a heretic!