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  1. No problem
  2. You don't pull back the hammer on an M4 or AR variant. You pull the charging handle, which pulls the bolt back, which in turn rides over the hammer, cocking it. Also, they are already working on what you suggested.
  3. I would like to see some B&T firearms added, such as; The APC9 and 45 in standard and PDW form. The APC556 in both standard and PDW for as well. The KH9, which is a clone of the Sites Spectre. The MP9. And last but not least, the P26, a clone of the Intratec KG9 or Tec 9.  What I meant as BS was the accuracy issue scandal. It was fought as a lawsuit between HK and the German gov.t and HK won. If you shoot ANY rifle that much, it will fail, and just seeing some melted spots on a G36 doesn't mean it is ruined. I know several people who own G36s in semi and full auto. Hell I know a guy who builds them, trust me when I say, it's not a real issue.
  4. I'd like to see more eastern optics added. Such as; The Obzor. The PK-AS. The PK01-VS. And lastly, the PKA-V or PKA Venezuela.
  5. The G36 melting thing is BS. That happened during a 9 hour continuous firefight with the German spec barrels, which are featherweight at .625. All export G36s are extremely durable. You're not supposed to use a rifle as a machinegun anyways.
  6. Don't forget the FAL, FNC, and P90!
  7. I would also very much like to see the Beretta 92/92fs/92A1/M9/M9A1 added.
  8. I'd like to see some European pistols added. The Zastava CZ99/CZ999/EZ9 or the .40 variants, which are a Walther P88 and Sig P226 hybrid that is used by police and military in Serbia. I'd also like to see the Walther P88 and P38 added as well. Another cool set of pistols would be the Hs Produkt HS2000 (Springfield XD9) and the CZ52 (made by CZ, not Zastava) CZ99 CZ999 EZ40 Walther P88 P38 HS2000 CZ52 I'd also like to see some American made pistols added like the Smith and Wesson M&P9 or .40. M&P9 M&P9 2.0
  9. Some of these may have been suguested already, or are in the works, but these are more that I'd like to see in game. The first is the AKMS, an underfolder AKM in 7.62x39mm. I'm sure you have the licensing already. Next is the Ruger SR and American series pistols they are inexpensive, and could be seen in the hands of Scavs if they were imported. Their website follows. https://ruger.com/dataProcess/customerService/ After that is the HK 5.56 series roller delayed blowback rifles. The HK33 (full length) HK33K (mid length) and the HK53 (the shortest). H&K website follows. http://hk-usa.com/contact/ These rifles are popular with military, police, and PMCs. They are used by Turkey, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, Britain, and the U.S as well as others around the world.
  10. I agree with all but the G36 & MK23. The melting thing has been solved as a manufacturing corner that was cut for local use rifles (Used in Germany) that had basically plastic trunnions. All the export rifles have hardened steel trunnions and are of much better quality. I think the MK23 should be added as PMCs still use them. Either that or a USP. It's still a beta. They said next year might be a full release. Give them time to fix issues.
  11. Something that I would love to see added is the Bulgarian Arcus pistols. I personally have an Arcus 94, which is basically a tougher Hi Power. They are built very tough and bulky. They take +p ammo well, and both the single action 94 (Hi Power) and the da/sa 98 are used by Bulgarian military and police, as well as the Arcus Co factories making Arcus 94s as the "Kareen" for the Israelis. The 94 is above, and the 98 below. They don't share magazines because the 98 has a longer magwell. The 98DAC shares Hi Power magazines.
  12. I found even more info regarding the SITES Spectre, which should be added IMO. The rights to the firearm were sold to Greco Sport S.A of Switzerland in 1997, which was a company associated with Gritti. It was made until 2001 in Switzerland, where I believe B&T found and copied the design with the KH9. The patent links are below, I believe they are expired. Hopfully this info will help it get implemented in game https://www.google.com/patents/EP0070258B1?cl=en http://www.google.pl/patents/US4589218 The SITES Spectre is an advanced for it's time design, that has been used by several notable forces, including Swiss and Italian Special Forces, as well as French police and other smaller forces around the world. It is a great CQB weapon, as it's casket magazine allows for a large capacity in a relatively short space, being available in 30 and 50 round capacity standard. It is a good weapon for concealment and use against terrorists as well, which it is used by anti terror forces as stated before. I encourage the Devs to seriously consider this submachinegun, as you stated that you wanted interesting and more rare guns in game. @Kleanuppguy
  13. I found a video of the SITES Spectre in Russian for the devs
  14. Something that should be added mods wise are Trijicon sights, including both of their Reflex models and the ACOG series, especially the 4x32.
  15. It's an MG3, a modernized MG42 chambered in 7.62x51 NATO. Still used to this day.