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  1. Your suggestions

    Yes please! Right arm of the free world! Sit Nomine Digna!
  2. Weapon Companies Thread

    A few more "slavic" companies; ARCUS makes very durable pistols (Hi Power clones) and revolvers as well as grenade launchers. ARCUS Co. P.O. Box 6 219, Vassil Levski Str. 5140 Lyaskovets Bulgaria Phone: +359 (619) 2 54 84 +359 (619) 2 31 34 Fax: +359 (619) 2 21 23 http://www.arcus-bg.com e-mail: marketing@arcus-bg.com Arcus 94^ Another; FÉG makes high quality AKs and Hi Power clones. They recently went under so the licensing is open in my understanding. FÉG Hi Power^ AMD65^
  3. Your suggestions

    Please no to the DP. It's a pretty awful gun. They can't usually cycle through a full mag. No, retracts from gameplay.
  4. Weapon Companies Thread

    Jmac Customs, a high end AK parts maker and AK builder. Located in the U.S. Contact - HQ: JMac Customs LLC Princeton, WV Email: info@jmac-customs.com Phone: +1 (304)-444-4552 Custom AKM Custom AKS74U Another company; B&T or Brügger and Thomet is a very high quality submachinegun, PDW, and rifle producer out of Switzerland. B&T AG - HQ: Tempelstrasse 6, CH-3608 Thun Phone: +41-33-334-67-00 Email form link: https://www.bt-ag.ch/site/eng/kontakt/kontaktformular Postal address: P.O. Box 174, 3608 Thun, Switzerland APC556 KH9 MP9
  5. Weapon Companies Thread

    Wrong section
  6. Your suggestions

    @DrakeVanders I agree, the IZH18 would be an awesome replacemement for the H&R. It would be useful to find different caliber barrels that fit from .22lr to .308 and shotgun rounds as well. I do however still think 20 gauge should be added as a less recoiling, less damage alternative to 12 gauge, to add more diversity to the gameplay. I would also hope they do add the Tigr alongside Saigas in .308 and 7.62x54r for scavs. Saigas in 7.62x39, 5.45, and 5.56 would be good as well.
  7. Your suggestions

    The SVD should be added soon, as well as modifications for it like different scope mounts/rails and different magazines like the rare "20 round" bakelite magazine for them. Also what should be added is inexpensive shotguns like the single and double barrel break actions as well as bolt action shotguns, in both 12 and 20 Gauge. Some oddball shotguns would also be very unique and useful. H&R makes excellent quality break barrels. Stoeger makes also excellent side by sides like the Uplander and Coach Gun. The MTs-255 revolving shotgun would be a very useful shotgun for fast firing and inexpensive purchase price. The KS23 would be an extremely powerful shotgun, firing it's 23mm shotgun shell, it could likely one shot anyone even fully armored, especially with slugs. Lastly, various bolt action shotguns would be an awesome option for low cost power. The TOZ-106 in 12 and 20 Gauge would be compact and powerful, while also being accurate with slugs if the scope was added. Another alternative to those would be American made bolt action shotguns like the Stevens/Savage Model 58 and the JC Higgins 583 series, as well as other brands and models. Both are shown here, Stevens on bottom. (583 on top holds 5+1 12 gauge shells, the Model 58d on bottom holds 2+1 20 gauge shells) Both were offered in 12, 16, and 20 Gauge with even a few in .410 as well.
  8. Your suggestions

    I would hope that they will consider it at least, as they said they want rare weapons in game, and it fits the bill while also being really effective.
  9. Your suggestions

    I'm gonna throw a little list together today of stuff I'd like to see yet again since this thread grows so quickly. The Spectre M4 would be very effective and interesting, I have posted details on it several times before. (Spectre from a friend on insta) The HK33 would be a good PMC/USEC weapon, in either it's military configuration or the civilian HK93 configuration. The shorter HK53 would also be very very effective in factory. Much like the MP5, but in 5.56x45mm. More M4 mods would be nice, like a Microdot riser, backup iron sights, and different stocks like magpul and daniel defense and grips like hogue and the A1 grip. The add of a semi auto only AR15 would also be good as a less expensive alternative. I also think the Remington 870 in both 12 and 20 Gauge should be added in as well as some form of double barrel shotgun like the Stoeger Uplander or coach gun. Maybe the IZH43 as well. Also the addition of shell holders on the stock or receiver would be helpful.
  10. New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    I have before, just thought you might be able to nudge them some ;D
  11. CeraKote For Gun Customization

    I'd be up for it for sure if it's limited to actual camouflage. Gold and fire skins are pretty stupid.
  12. New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    @Colonel Twerkins Any chance he can get his hands on HK33s or HK53s?
  13. Your suggestions

    I would like to see even more attachments for the AR and HK pattern rifles/carbines. Up first would be the addition of the Magpul MOE SL stock, as well as an HK adapter and the HK93 and 53 rifles in 5.56 to go with the MP5. (Photo of HK53 from @Jagermeisterist on instagram) Next is the MOE SL-K stock, a smaller version of the above stock for CQB. Next would be the MOE K grip, a more straight angled and shorter grip for ARs used in CQB, it would match the MOE SL-K well. I would also like to see Troy rails, especially the Alpha rail in multiple colors. Lastly I would like to see older AR variants like the M16/M16A1 and CAR15/XM177 added in with parts interchangeability with modern guns as they should be. It would be very cool to have these as a less expensive alternative to modern ARs with less optic options but still having grip and rail options. The CAR15 is also a good CQB gun as well. The M16 alternatively is well suited for longer ranges. (M16A1 top, XM177 bottom) 20 round mags added would also be sweet.
  14. Your suggestions

    Again I would like to suggest the SITES Spectre M4, you can see in this photo how small/compact it is. If it was implemented with the ability to fold the stock, it could be easily storable in a space not much larger than this STI 2011. It could also be found without the stock or foregrip in the hands of scavs. I also would like some race guns like these 2011s as well as Glock and CZ race guns. (Photo from Jasonk7474 on instagram.)
  15. Your suggestions

    They just need to add a side rail adapter for red dots. Look up RS Regulate.