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  1. Your suggestions

    noguns detected. Chinese guns are well made compared to other Chinese goods. We Americans may have better gun laws than Canada but the Type 81 and Type 97 make me really jealous.
  2. Your suggestions

    We all know we are going to see some WW2 surplus guns but how about some German surplus guns? The StG 44 was produced post WW2 for East Germany and in Yugoslavia. Some were seen as late as the Ukrainian conflict. MP40s,P1s/P38s would be a good trashgun surplus. Also this guy here. The MG3 is still in service today with the German and Estonian military, Identical weapons were built in Yugoslavia as the MG53: There is also the Swiss copy the MG 710:
  3. Your suggestions

    It might be interesting to see "bad" weapons in game. I would love to get a few cheap kills on players who are ignorant of the weapon's complicated reloading set up. Just a thought. I don't know how they would end up in Russia unless they were imported to Russia legally as sporting shotguns back when they were in production.
  4. How do I get better?

    get buddies. Having friends makes a world's difference.
  5. Other NPC factions

    Good points all. Perhaps their could be neutral NPCs certain raids, however their loot could be unique to their faction but engaging them would lower reputation with certain merchants.
  6. Other NPC factions

    Can we get other people to shoot at besides PMC players and Scavs? I could imagine police remnants and abandoned UN forces would make great enemies to encounter that could serve as higher tier enemies to engage. Iore wise it would fit that other organizations cut off from higher leadership would band together to fight for survival and thus come into conflict with the already established factions.
  7. New area suggestion *Tarkov Int'l airport (TKV)*

    I was thinking an entire airport terminal would make a great indoor map to complement factory. It could be separated into the terminals, lobby, cargo/luggage check basement, tram system, and security/Air traffic Control tower. It would be great for quests too.
  8. US Weapons and Item costs

    Not for the military, police or organizations like PMCs. Do you really think the military and police are paying thousands extra for a burst trigger pack and full auto bolt?
  9. Purple dot after being blinded by flashlights

  10. Hatchlings are too fast? POLL

    Someone wearing no gear and armed with a knife or hatchet can close distance pretty fast in real life.
  11. Skier broken after update

    Did you complete the Quests to level him up? They reworked leveling merchants.
  12. Silencerco Hybrid 46

    What weapon does this attach too? I tired connecting it to the sig 226 with the threaded barrel and adapter to no avail.
  13. Pouch Disappearance Question

    Check the patch notes. The next big content patch will not have a wipe.
  14. Pouch Disappearance Question

    Wipe was canceled.
  15. Pouch Disappearance Question

    What UMBGaming said. You can reset your character once every 2 weeks.