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  1. I like how people come up with challenges like this? Mabye hatchet 0 dawn Where you only use a hatchet and you can only go on factory + only use the hatchet And can only take AKS or pistols <3
  2. I've seen that getting fort/defender have been rare on scavs recently compared to previous patchs. I would like to know why you decreased the already rare rate of getting it by (estimating) a woppin 99% I've seen it on Scavs and I have literally played for 2 days straight and not encounter a single Fort Scav.
  3. They fixed the desync. Good job on their part.
  4. This is epic! Imagine if that robot guy had a mouth... Through that entire 5 minutes. I just imagined him having a mouth
  5. Hey I found a can of tuna! Let me shove that in my arm. *:O* It regenerated! WOW! / Anyways, What happens if you have no food and you cant find any food? Will you starve and die? Will you lose all ur stash?
  6. Alright if you're looking for top quality gears like ak74ns and ak74u's Fully completed for free. This is the right place. Alright so in this latest patch. There is now a weapons rack in the suppressor shack on woods. It spawns weapons from Ak-74s & M4s and much more randomized. I've gone onto woods 2 times in a row. And ran straight to that shack in the middle of the forrest that has scavs hanging around it sometimes. Really easy to kill btw. I run in take all the mods on the bed. And look to my left for no reason and find 2 aks sitting on the rack. Not 1 but 2 weapons! More bang for your buck. Im just wondering if anyones noticed this? In this current patch. I know for sure it wasnt in the last patch,
  7. Lag mabye <3
  8. Lol poor computer.
  9. You could just make the big weaapons rarer such as Shotguns. Or having to decrease the scavs or having to assemble a gun more often. Most often you just kill a scav or player and get a full kit/ Big gun or a Gun thats already assembled making it easier to farm.
  10. Yeah since its pretty much maximum, You cant really have an infinite inventory ye know. And about trading with friends, I think you can use the hideout for that purpose too
  11. This is as hype as Scav mode. Can't wait for it. Since we've all wondered when we'll be getting this done now its finally happening feels good!
  12. You'll need to go outside to scavenge resources for your base, Or to pvp, or explore
  13. Ohohohoh. EFT be rollin in da money money money money money, More peeps buy, The less they wanna work on the project, Kek I bet they even reached their money goal, I can see if they just decided to abandon the game CAUSE DEY ROLLIN IN DA MONEY! No need to develop this game anymore boys you already GOT DA MONEY! ~ Joke Post 17, This is reality.
  14. Well it's your fault you paid 150$ for this game! I bought this game cause I want to support its funding and play all the new updates I dont really care if making an update takes like 1 - 5 months as I want a quality update and not some rubbish update. with like 1 - 2 bug fixs and thats it. Im sure it wouldnt even be called an Update. But what I am saying is, I bought this game to support it and thy I will do.
  15. Oh yeah that'd be cool