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  1. You could just make the big weaapons rarer such as Shotguns. Or having to decrease the scavs or having to assemble a gun more often. Most often you just kill a scav or player and get a full kit/ Big gun or a Gun thats already assembled making it easier to farm.
  2. Yeah since its pretty much maximum, You cant really have an infinite inventory ye know. And about trading with friends, I think you can use the hideout for that purpose too
  3. This is as hype as Scav mode. Can't wait for it. Since we've all wondered when we'll be getting this done now its finally happening feels good!
  4. You'll need to go outside to scavenge resources for your base, Or to pvp, or explore
  5. Ohohohoh. EFT be rollin in da money money money money money, More peeps buy, The less they wanna work on the project, Kek I bet they even reached their money goal, I can see if they just decided to abandon the game CAUSE DEY ROLLIN IN DA MONEY! No need to develop this game anymore boys you already GOT DA MONEY! ~ Joke Post 17, This is reality.
  6. Well it's your fault you paid 150$ for this game! I bought this game cause I want to support its funding and play all the new updates I dont really care if making an update takes like 1 - 5 months as I want a quality update and not some rubbish update. with like 1 - 2 bug fixs and thats it. Im sure it wouldnt even be called an Update. But what I am saying is, I bought this game to support it and thy I will do.
  7. Oh yeah that'd be cool
  8. So basiclly I have a suggestion/Idea. When wipe happens like at the end of the month. You would be able to keep whatever you have on your body, And have the decision of what to take to you're next stash Cause there can be a tiny bit of story to the WIPE. Basicly when wipe happens I would think it would go like this... You were out taking a trip to whatever map Factory, Customs etc. There has been Scavs that have broken into you're Hideout/Stash by following you back to your home after you've extracted. They've taken everything, But the gear you had on you still survives so you get to keep it. I know there is like every wipe you get the Trizip/Rig/ And all that. But it would be cool. And mabye when the game releasaes fully and there arnt wipes anymore, It could be the same concept but you'll need to take care of you're self when you're extracting and make sure when you extract no body is around so they dont have the chance to follow you home.
  9. hey wait Escape from tarkov doesnt have its own Disc yet so uhm.. HOWD YE GET IT ON DA PS2 lemme kno ure wwaays
  10. Here you go guys! Solid proof 2:01:24
  11. I spawned at White Chem light. I head to PVE (usually where geared guys spawn for me) I see this geared guys legs at PVE. I was at Red blinker. I went up to PVE and saw him kill a geared guy in the Factory Exit right next to PVE. I go in and kill a Naked with a shotgun and a geared guy, As I said there was 1 already dead. So I started looting the geared guys while panicking, They both had Defenders, Helmets, 1 had a AVS and 1 had a Blackrock. While having like 2 saigas on both of them. I stop looting and hear another guy that was coming through PVE. I shoot him while beeing defended by the barrels. He had a Tri Zip, Defender, Helmet, And a Modified Saiga. I ran to take his trizip and defender. I hear some guy fail to throw 2 grenades through the door. He left. I unlock the Exit and immediatly hear a scav and panick to turn around while opening the door. He manages to throw a grenade in the room but the barrels defended me from most of the fragmentation only slightly touching the armor, I throw a grenade back and see another Geared guy with defender and trizip and helmet enter through PVE, He spams his saiga but I hid behind the barrels and fired and 1 tapped him blindly over the barrels... I took his Modded AK74! Dropped the defender that had lower protection. And picked up the highest one. I searched his trizip had nothing, I dropped mine in it and took it. Immediatly after I hear 2 scavs outside the exit. I murder them and extract! This is offically the most best round I have ever done. 5 people died that day. As well as 2 scavs too. Best Factory match ever. If u dont beleive me, I have solid video proof.
  12. Nice gun with extended but to short kek
  13. Do specific screen capture then go into escape from tarkov settings and turn fullscreen off. Should work and thats what worked for me C:
  14. cant wait to record all this action that happens in the game! and share it with the rest of the world! That loves a hardcore game like this! huehue