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  1. Do specific screen capture then go into escape from tarkov settings and turn fullscreen off. Should work and thats what worked for me C:
  2. cant wait to record all this action that happens in the game! and share it with the rest of the world! That loves a hardcore game like this! huehue
  3. Nice!
  4. Customs at the moment, Is a Stress Test map. In the future they will optimize it hard. Don't worry! we're not gonna die - Bleep de bop Biodecay
  5. So today I was in tarkov and I only had an axe. I was knocked in the back with a axe. I fell over just like slime and I was there till the end of time. (My back hurts) The end. c: THIS IS OFFTOPIC U CANT CHARGE ME 40$ FOR SAYING THIS! :3
  6. Yes, I agree with this. I think having the same thing as the menu on Wallpaper engine, Would be great! Reminds me when I had Halo 4 Animated wallpaper that would play some nice tunes everytime I turn on the computer.
  7. Yes, There will be a Karma system. And will change how people that KOS all the time will play.
  8. Yes, I assume you would be able to find a Gamma counter but its like Legendary rare. Or something like that.
  9. I'm not sure, I am sure there would be different varients of the USEC Uniform to distinguish from Bear. - Biodecay
  10. Its a Mabye, I am sure they will add more masks in the future, Such as face guards that are made out of cloth and metal. - Biodecay
  11. Yes I think you will be able to upgrade Stash, Via. Leveling up, I am not sure about Gamma box. Since I think it will stay at 3x3 and you wont be able to store like Good guns in there. Since it was meant for storing little valuables such as a 50k Stack of roubles. ~ Biodecay
  12. typing
  13. Well said.
  14. When Escape from tarkov is in bottom 10. In graphics... Well... Its made in unity so yeah..... I get it why its at the bottom...
  15. EAAAH