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  1. these screenshots are amazing. really nice!
  2. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    Sure, I know how I would translate it but I am not sure if others know. well, lets just see what the results will be
  3. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    it is not what I meant. for example if you are a waiter and a customer comes in you want to be more formal. Like ingame there is the quest "can you get me..." I would translate the "you" formal to german language "sie" but if its says "you can not repair it" - "you" would may be personal "du" you see my point? so when I check out the translation there are some formal and some personnal. it looks not good if the quest says "du" and the other one he is being polite and says "sie" ... you know what I am saying?
  4. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    Other question... You want to have a formal or a personal way to have the sentences written? The way how you speak to your boss or to your friend? I see both translations. And it doesn't look pretty good if there are formal and personal mixed ingame later.
  5. The Translation Campaign: Your Game, Your Language

    How do you expect us to translate sentences if there are not enough letters to use? You wanna have crappy German translations?!
  6. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    wow... good job! everyone who hates is just jealous. I meanf ofcourse there is luck but you need that at that time. niceley done mate! havn't seen smth like this before.
  7. New servers added!

    USD, yes there are Aussie server
  8. Halloween helms

    Well they are pretty visible. If you couldn't see any Scav wearing them after 3,4 factory runs they are prob ably not ingame anymore.
  9. New servers added!

    I start to think this issue has nothing to do with the amount of people playing anymore... After 2 weeks most player do not play anymore and there are still failures in connecting. This happend not once before the patch. Something must have been broken in the matchmaking itself I guess.
  10. New servers added!

    what the hack mate... you wanna tell me you have just waited 40min? staring at ur USEC and count the dustflake? jesus...
  11. Omg... That is so frustrating!
  12. Team killing needs a fix

    It's supposed to be a realistic game. Don't trust anyone. Don't team up with random people, why would you if you can not communicate.
  13. I like the new system very much. Now you must think when you need to heal up... That makes the bandage or so important again... Before that everyone was just using grizzly and that's it. I mean it's tricky and sometimes frustrating but it was so unreal using 4 med kits at the same thing me and heal up in 5 secs like nothing happened.
  14. New servers added!

    please! fix the matching !
  15. New servers added!

    Is it playable on eu now? Can not try it by myself. good job! Cheers