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  1. well I think it doesnt really has to do with the graphics but with the elements itself. so imagine a skyscraper would crash and you have millions of pieces and all these peaces must be visible for every player in the same way that causes server unstability. I think
  2. just look for unity engine at youtube.... looks amazing
  3. well sounds legit
  4. cause they wanna play there hyped
  5. @Livercheese Well I had the same issue with BF1 so I just stopped using it... sry mate, if you find a solution let me know please!
  6. Yeah right, thats why I was asking. because I am hyped like everyone else and I didnt hear anything
  7. How so you know? WHO confirmed it?
  8. be prepared to have the beta on the end of the month just my guess
  9. Thats what I think as well. I am sure they will fix these issues which appeared after this current patch was released
  10. have the same when I switch from 2k to full HD but my dell 2k monitor is doing good, this issue came with the current patch
  11. Also auf jeden Fall die neue Map Shoreline, für das Clansystem gibt es noch keine infos. Das Versteck wird es nicht in der Closed Beta geben. ich bin selber gespannt was dazu kommt. Quests kann ich mir gut vorstellen, da Questgegenstände schon mit dem letzten patch implementiert worden sind.
  12. ich denke, wir warten noch bis ende des monats auf die beta
  13. Bei der EoD version ist der zugang schon seit der alpha gegeben. die zählen also nicht mit rein sprich, es gibt nur die standart version momentan, die dich in die beta bringt, die anderen haben schon einen alpha zugang
  14. So you have waited so long. Its now just another couple weeks. You can do it, keep up your patience. With this current patch we experienced a lot of new issues the devs need to fix. I would rather wait and have this issues gone for the beta than have it still after alpha. This issues are not really big, but we have a lot of them