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  1. But by "a noticeably larger size than any other Tarkov locations" Did they compare it to the available maps ? or did they mean it's the biggest map in the entire game ?
  2. Can't wait ! But is it larger then customs ? if so .... holy ssssshhhh
  3. For me , I'm just waiting for streets of tarkov map .....
  4. The title is just ... So wrong..
  5. Can i be your friend ? if so ,.. I'm broke .. And you know what friends do right ? help each other
  6. Thank you very much , you can also put the small ak's in scav backpack, that will save a lot of space.
  7. this a countdown to the beginning to summer 2017 , as the devs said the beta will start in the summer , when in the summer ? we don't know.
  8. Thank you Blackb1rd
  9. i would love to be able to hit a button so the character can check the gun like when you hit ctrl + T it will check how much ammo you have inside the magazine
  10. If the NDA is going to be lifted , oh god.We are closer to the beta then we ever thought !
  11. Blackb1rd , are you guys going to balance the AI so it does not have high end loot ? , the game become too easy
  12. is .. is it really happening ?
  13. HYPE!