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  1. And there is a little desync if there is a player scav is spawning (100%) SURE
  2. Best thing is .. His name is showing up .. i hope the devs look into it
  3. Yeah i really think it's Desync .. otherwise then that he is 100% hacker
  4. Nope .. This is not COD v2 my friend .. if you REALLY want to kill on sight and do whatever you want join as a scav or join arena mode (they will add it later)
  5. Desync
  6. Yes . Infact it will have 2 anti-cheat working at the same time. Source : FAQ
  7. Correct me if i'm wrong .. you can buy a new container from one of the traders ? idk if it's bigger or smaller ..
  8. Nice ! beta must be so close ! can't wait
  9. I remember you guys saying this " The DLC will cost circa RUR 800-1000 or USD 15-20. EoD Limited Edition will be removed as closed beta draws near. After the release the game will come in absolutely different packages (possibly two of them). " What changed your mind ? Sorc :
  10. Soon™
  11. Will we be able to invite other players for only beta-testing ? that would be awsome
  13. omg that's a really really good idea keep it up devs But Can we have a clan hideout ?