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  1. The new patch just buffed Scavs by %10000000

    Scavs now are perfect ! the only downside to them is ... they can shoot you through grass and trees .. other then that .. they are perfect
  2. A Different Offline Mode.

    As the dev's said million times already .. there will not be offline mode with loot ever.
  3. Face Camo ?

    Like this maybe ?
  4. Please make offline gear savable for just beta

    Sadly no .. even the devs said there will not offline mode in this game. Sorry =)
  5. Why I think Suppressors should NOT be nerfed

    all i care is that they make it more realistic . That's what i care about. Not some Nerf or buff or some balance poo. in reallife there is no such thing called balance. The weapons are made to kill AFAP.
  6. What can we expect from the beta stage

    i suggest that you read this this will clear your image about the beta stage i guess
  7. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

  8. Ak-74N No Stock and Random Camo

    man .. look at that big hot mag .. i'm kidding .. calm down you did great man ! i love it
  9. They are amazing now (at least for me)
  10. BETA KEY - Clan Photo Contest!

    My friend died in a funny way .. he is like kissing the scav
  11. Maybe it's related to the memory speed of yours ? i have 16gb 3200MHz speed and the game works fine for me.
  12. Don't remove it, just a tweak?

    Wait for the dev's to add the hideout thing .. which will enable the .. how can i say it .. it's like if u are dead you need to wait a little while until ur character recover. And believe me after they add this you won't see those guys who like to do a free run without losing anything .. They will be forced to bring good gear or at least a real weapon.