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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Buying: x3 Gas Analyzer's .. Will buy for USD. Pm me thank you.
  2. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Thanks bro
  3. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    We going have a reset or carry on with the implant of the new content ? @Colonel Twerkins
  4. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Woohooooo get to da choppa ~ LemonK

    Yes they are working around main problems first brother, then they can step out too see where other problems are showing the indications.

    @MeditationState I come from early Alpha, yes deep down near the start of the game, servers can be choppy at times ups and downs where ever it send us, they are working hard to fix main bugs first to keep us up too speed also, in time yes we will have stable severs
  7. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    loooooooool @MrRolandos let me guess was that meh pmsl :')
  8. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    @Agnisekhar ty brother
  9. Body armor vs bullets.

    We missing the lower part
  10. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Best Clan I started playing with, Blood and Honor together we will fight in Arm's!! Join TAW today!! http://taw.net
  11. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    @Agnisekhar im ermmmm confused lmao!
  12. Wipe...

    To the people asking so many times "when is the wipe" is really annoying and the staff are working hard too fix the bugs what are in the patch too come, just chill out, relax. And yes they are trying too fix the problems what they are trying too work around and get them sorted out.. They will release it once its done. chill yo
  13. wipe?? when????

    The wipe? When ever they want do it, stop asking silly questions
  14. Spectator Mode

    Ive already asked one of the Devs and they said no
  15. What about with the player has a trail on there with a timer ( yes a 24hour timer ) shows on there screen also your screen on the bottom right, not to bright and not to big, you will have there username what they are using for this also but not login password.. Once they login, the timer takes action into play. So I see why not give our friends a trail into the game.