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  1. yea i think there are still people who have paid for it and not played yet........ so i wouldn't hold my breath for a free trial
  2. shadowplay FTW
  3. nice. havnt put up any vids to my youtube channel in a while. EFT will be a welcome addition
  4. one would be a fool to think battlestate does not want to make money. that being said , one would also be a fool to think they are doing this just for money. the alpha we are presented with shows they have a genuine interest in making an awesome game. the direction they are going shows they have passion for this project. the quality alone shows serious investment on many levels. i am very excited to see where they go with this.
  5. Colt45MaltLikka#7777

  6. i doubt it. just pony up the rubles if you wanna play right meow
  7. it is worth it. this game is pretty good now and its still alpha.......
  8. honestly it is in your best interest to lift the NDA more people check out new games on youtube reviewers they trust nowadays...... at least the type of people you guys want.....