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  1. Return of Super Scavs???

    I'll be explaining guys, the scavs are another company undercover which is made up of special agents all over the world, they've infiltrated Scavs headquarter and now walking the areas off every map... the bad scavs which missed 15 shots out of 15 are actually scavs but those who'll hit you 100 times out of 10 are the super elite soldier scavs who went undercover they've the ability to penetrate helms to instantly kill anyone. we as a private military can't do anything against these beings they're far beyond out skills.
  2. Feature request

    9/10 will tell you to "git gud" but no sorry i totally get you when i joined the game in Januar i got rekt so hard mainly by the AI since they even back then were broken because the shotguns was insane. The only thing i can tell you is to run the scav runs. scav runs was designed tto new players use it and get to learn the map factory people requested a hardcore shooter where you're punished for mistakes, this is it. hardcore and you're punished if you're bad...
  3. 5-Man Teams

    I've complained about this since January when i started. the response i typically get was "git gud" and well i've 4-5 times managed kill 5 man groups but that doesn't make it fair. the game seriously needs to nerf these kind of things in the future we've armbands with colors so people can see what team they're in. but that supports the wrecking squad idea. i would love a limit of 3 in every map as of now since on woods 5 man squads is very hard to even kill because of the fact it's so open area. But as stated i've complained a bllion times since i started playing the logic of me killing 4 people and dying to the fifth is terrible annoying and just not actual fun.
  4. Taunt glitch or intended "feature"

    the taunts in the game is terrible i don't get why anyone would response to a taunt, second i don't get why the bears are giving hints regarding the grenades they throw.
  5. Any Roadmap around from devs?

    Shhhhh don't tell the truth to people they will bash you for it. just like people calling this beta when alpha in disguise.
  6. Cheaters cought on video

    Snipers can't 1 shot you with helm or chest. a sv-98 can finish off 1 entire bodypart and that's it not killing you without a second shot. they don't even have a silencer yet.
  7. Any way to fix server connection lost?

    Yes, better severs / more servers is the solution to things like these
  8. Idea for the top tier helmet

    lets fix the first one first before adding something new? currently the first one protects you insane even tho it only benefits part of your brain and back of your head not even the face, i like to see something like rust where shooting someone in the eyeball is considered a instant death to the player
  9. Why am I unfairly losing my EOD stuff?

    He can't there's two confirmed servers which you can gain the IP address off thought cmd and commands - but checking if your ping goes above 180 is technically impossible it would mean you constantly have to ping the servers to see the ping which then results in your ping increasing. Also this is a "alpha" with a beta name so there's issues only reason it's beta is because the devs wanted please the community and everyone who dind't buy the EoD, so yes alot of issues when there isn't more servers in place.
  10. Land Mines

    i don't think anyone that fight for to survive in a broken down country with no government cares about what has been banned and what hasn't.
  11. Can you explain this ?

    Yeah that's actually pretty easy to explain, not sure if noticed but everyone complains about 2 things in this game Desync and AI. So... with Desynch + broken AI = you're getting a terminator scav which cannot be killed or damaged but will instant headshot you 800 meters away with a small ak 3 times in a row making sure your helm and everything is destroyed.
  12. Binoculars???

    Decent idea, honestly would be quite useful if it meant that big scopes became more rare so to people could work together as a pair of snipers
  13. Possible to get an item table of contents?

    Honestly just look at the traders LVAO-C / LVAO-S was just added to the game everything else regarding weapons can be bought from vendors etc peacekeeper / skier has interesting stuff but that's it, also the fact we've a AKM silencer in the shop but no AKM, new weapon coming soon? Yes! i'm very sure the silencer was a hint to players
  14. are we going to have servers in Asia?

    To be fair and not to really offend you, but maybe you should've considered there currently are a EU/RUS/US versions? quite sure there isn't a asien version .. so kinda expected ?
  15. Just take the time zone you want? There's 2 timezones to choose fromz take one early and you will see the sun rises Everytime you spend 1 hour in real-life then 4 hours in the game has passed.