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  1. FOG comparison

  2. FOG comparison

    whow whow aint no need to insult my reading capabilities man its a post on a forum calm down and no ingame time is not the same, it can some times be 2-3 minutes off, had it happen on multiple occasions, its rare but it happens but ey, different people have different experiences right? at the end of the day its just in alpha
  3. FOG comparison

    oh wait huh? they were both in the same raid? i mean thats fucked but theres an obvious bug in the game at the moment where the time for both players will be different and thus the weather is different thats probably whats causing it
  4. FOG comparison

    Guys calm down its not settings or anything of the sort, ive had raids where its sometimes extremely clear and most of the time its foggy, its the weather system in the game, its a bit iffy and i think they do that on maps such as woods so people wont be able to snipe for example from the tank all the way to extraction, itll get better when the maps become bigger etc etc sidenote: who ever is saying the fog is realistic please do proceed to get your self checked up because fog situations such as the ones that are in tarkov happen once every few months...unless youre living in the UK LOL
  5. Medkit Spam

    Yeah this is a bit of an issue atm but the animations for the medkits will probably fix it
  6. Dont know man...people would literally only bring PMs out, the limb damage is bad as it is where a PM has the same opportunity of killing a person as an M4 or an AK due to how limb damage works so say maybe make AKS or AKN 20-25% cheaper for people maybe under level 15? that way people who actually bring stuff into raids can profit from the gunfights aswell
  7. Oh yeah dude, i can pin point exactly where a player is as soon as he jumps on woods its that crazy, mind you ive been playing since jan so ive pretty much studied these sound bugs, i know what each one is and when each one happens lol
  8. Its heavily broken, ill hear my self getting suppressed while the shots are on the other side of the map but because it passed by a player the game thinks it passed by me aswell, i can hear people crawling or jumping literally across the map and pin point where they are because of the sound bug, and a bunch of other bugs but hey hopefully theyll be fixed
  9. Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    Hows about some juicy SEAS servers my man?
  10. Night Vision Issues?

    I mean...they used to work fine and they havent mentioned changing anything with them...Did you press N to turn them on?
  11. Opinion of this game

    Hes kinda right you know? everyone is running around with knives, pistols do take 4+ bullets to kill, the crates have horrible loot, the only thing hes wrong about is finding guns around because some do rarely spawn in certain locations, so hey maybe instead of being cancerous and saying "Learn it or go away" maybe teach him some stuff? Bare with it man, once the scavs get their fix and the loot tables are fixed up thing's will be better, but yeah you cant find backpacks and stuff laying around you can get them off of scavs, the loot crates spawn really bad stuff and rarely do they ever spawn a sight or something so your best bet are certain locations such as the scope shack on woods before extraction, or scavs back packs, good luck my man.
  12. Hey Beta players, read this!

    Rushing out is the best way to play this game? its super easy because you sprint super fast in this game and you always catch people by surprise espically since theyre scared and theyre trying to not lose their stuff By the way stay away from this whole "this isnt call of duty" statement man, call of duty has its own play style and you can apply said play style to any game if youre good at it
  13. Requesting a refund

    Yeah theyve noticed that the game hasnt progressed since january and the fact that all beta has brought is half a map they just said "WE OUTTA HERE"
  14. Requesting a refund

    if you bought it through paypal you can do a refund there or you can sell your account like most of my boys are doing because of this patch
  15. Squash That Rumor: Dev Containers

    From the devs i know none of them have that and i highly doubt thats happening with the ones i dont know dude i mean hell even the head of the game nikita doesnt play this game so i doubt theyre treating themselves like that