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    It was never a problem, as it did not effect anything; as mentioned above the Tasks Menu is what you need to look at. Additionally I would recommend you hop into a discord channel dedicated to EFT, there are lots of people that can answer your questions / also you could check out many popular YouTubers who often showcase and promote new features of the game. You can also check out Twitter and Facebook for Updates from developers.

    Sorry, I would normally just click the little Up Vote Emote, but sadly they do not have any that quite describes how I feel so ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh!
  3. New Screen Shots of the AKM and Shoreline Location!

    If you get shot with 7.62, It will throw you off your feet, while you think about your life choices up until that point. It will knock the wind out of you, brake your ribs and destroy that SAPI plate, remember that poo was made by the lowest bidder. Adrenaline plays a big factor in getting shot and not feeling, its likely they were more worried about that follow up shot. Why do ODA Teams prefer the SCAR-H? Its only partly do to that fact that it looks bad ass. In Ideal situations a new plate (I have never seen a new plate), that has not been dropped or thrown or any of the harsh treatment it goes though while being worn can take 3 7.62 Rounds, This only works when combined with the SOFT body armor that a OTV provides. as the Kevlar in an OTV can stop a 9x19. I do not know about you but I worry about wearing body armor that says handle with care.
  4. Guy Admitted To Hacking

    You think maybe he was just saying that and was just giving guns away whilst making himself feel good by saying he is a hacker?
  5. Looking for new friends to play with!

    Would have been great if that was better explained in the post so thank your for the clarification. I can understand wanting to play with a certain niche of people, however this; ( *I'll try to be more PC with this lol* Looking for some homies to play with! Drop me a message! Just srsly, message me, somehow i don't get notifications you guys reply to this thread Time zones will be tight, as I'm from asia, but I'll try to play according to your time. See you in game! ) says nothing of a discord sever or wanting to play with certain niche or what that niche is.Perhaps this is a continuation of another post, that I have not seen yet.
  6. Looking for new friends to play with!

    So just to be clear what was posted above is allowed or is not allowed? In my opinion the above post is simply "looking for group" and is expecting people to shower you with severs....
  7. Sherpas gear

    As a Sherpa I would want the ability to copy my map to another map to share it with new PMCs.
  8. Concept art of the Therapist merchant

    Wonder how many rubles I can get for blood donations? I hear they need a lot in Tarkov.
  9. scav lameness

    I really like setting up ambushes for geared players, where they normally would not expect scavs to be at I just hate it when my plan is messed up by the other player scavs that spawn in who just want to settle for another scav shotgun. I like to go after the big fish!
  10. Some changes to XP algorithm PLEASE

    Well a problem is you have Tasks that require a player to kill 25 Scavs on Customs within an hour (counting time spent outside of raids). Killing that many scavs within that time limit and to turn in before you run out of time is very challenging to do playing the slow method. As mentioned above I really hope they adjust the time limits for Tasks such as the one above as running with a TT in my Gamma just to get to bus stop to rinse and repeat.
  11. Wallet

    I have found 3 Factory Keys, Found full AS Vals & M4s; but I have never found a spawn for a wallet, I know where it supposed to spawn but I have never seen it. I also have not seen a spawn for a Docs Case or weapon case (I know you can get for completely quests).
  12. Stash Upgrades?

    As mentioned above; I have EOD and I still do not have enough room in my inventory for all the items I need, I regularly give away full M4s just to make room for more items.
  13. Wallet

    I would like to know where you are finding so many wallets at; it would aid greatly in my adventures. Thanks In Advanced!
  14. EFT vs PUBG

    - Both Games have their Ups & Downs - PUBG is in a much better of a polished state then EFT - Both Games have a learning curve and require skill ( I have "Escaped a Raid, way more times then I have won a "Chicken Dinner" - Camping exists in both games, I find PUBG to be more balanced, for the simple fact that everyone starts with the same gear (nothing) - I don't think PUBG or EFT is pay to win With that being said I do think you should own both games if you are FPS player.
  15. upgrade escape from tarkov don't work? help please

    Did you reset your account?