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  1. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    I have only ever seen the M16A2 (Semi-Burst) used in a traditional Army Unit. (Yes the US Army also has M4s (Semi-Auto). A2 is superior to the A1. Reason; (Stock is also 10x stronger on the A2 it has wind and distance on the rear sight, and the 3 round burst over full auto because inexperienced troops often hold down the trigger and "spray" when under fire. The U.S. Army concluded that three-shot groups provide an optimum combination of ammunition conservation, accuracy, and firepower, which is way they switched all the M16s over to the A2 variants.) Also traditional infantry units do more training with semi over full auto. Side Notes;The M16 is considered a DMR. "AR" stands for Armalite not assault rifle.
  2. Hatchings fund

    I was under the impression this was already in the game, if you lose all items and money, you receive 50,000 rubles for free!
  3. Redesign head hitbox

    This is already in the game.
  4. Throwing melee weapons

    I just want to be able to throw my empty magazine while screaming Grenade! I am hoping this mechanic will drive scavs out of cover!
  5. Throwing melee weapons

    Why would Armor stop a stab wound? its bullet proof not stabby proof.
  6. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    If it has a burst fire mode it is not a civilian version; not in the US any way 1 trigger pull = 3 rounds = illegal in the US. Also the M16 is not the civilian version of the M4..... the M4 is an adaptation of the M16. Additional the A1 is terrible I would rather see A2 and the A4 // I would also like to see the XM177. Also the A1 is not a burst weapon only semi, and the A3 is Semi / Full Auto.
  7. Exit immunity

    See to me I see it as more realistic because a stationary person would be able to lower his heart rate to not bleed at as fast and would also be able to apply pressure to wounds, even with out a bandage; currently bleed out time is the same rather running or stationary. Also I want to add that every single person regardless at the start of what they bring in all have at least one tourniquet on them, which we are currently unable to use, but would be awesome if we could (Our belt that is worn at start of raid)
  8. I agree 100% I feel as if I am being rushed, I like to sit and wait on other players. I really dislike Scav Players being able to spawn in so soon into raids.
  9. Cardbord Box Hiding

    As far as how guns preform, gun modifications, and AI mechanics I would say it is close to the gold standard. Not to mention the medical system and eating in snake eater. If you remove the Sci Fi from MGS I cant think of a game that beats it.
  10. New animations !

    They have already said these updates are coming.....
  11. Cardbord Box Hiding

    Metal Gear is the one of the best tactical shooters of all time, EFT is on its way, so why not marry the two?
  12. Cardbord Box Hiding

    Anyone else think that hiding in boxes would be awesome on Factory?
  13. Rise of the Terminator Scavs.. AGAIN

    Lolz These Scavs are so easy compared to what they used to be!
  14. Mag Throw

    I would like to be able to throw an empty mag like a grenade, while screaming grenade out! This will drive those pesky scavs out of hiding!
  15. Subway Card Game Payment

    He could be from a Third World as well.... In which case I hope he is not eaten by a lion on his next adventure in search of a card.