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  1. I think having something like this is spot on for the vibe of the game. If it was incoperated to be your characters storybook or timeline in the final game it would be very cool. I very much enjoy the idea of needing to "find" specific items in raids that would then allow you to get more information about the story. Having these things be more secretive makes it all the more special to go and discover it. Its a fantastic idea to get something like a more detailed factory map after gathering all factory Intel. As an example something useful like that should be achievable in game not from something like a code in a video. I think the code idea is best for stuff like general tarkov news and lore attached to content releases, etc. Then only those who see the video might know what happened in tarkov. This is a cool way to make finding lore a seperate part of the game while incorporating it into other things then just the game world.
  2. Has there been any news on how or when we can apply to join the sherpa ranks?
  3. Yea you can add me on steam if you like, my name is mistadizzy with castle crashers avatar. I will send you our mumble later when I get on the pc.
  4. L3 Warrior Systems Imaging and aiming devices http://www.insighttechnology.com/about-warrior-systems-2017 L3 Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters) 600 Third Avenue New York, NY 10016 USA Phone: 212-697-1111 Consumer Inquiries http://www.eotechinc.com/contact http://www.insighttechnology.com/contact2017 I would like to see more types of their imaging systems and aiming devices in the game, specifically GPNVG or AN/PVS-15 maybe even BNVD-1531. Maybe this is already planned as we have some aiming devices and AN/PVS-14 already. GPNVG above BNVD-1531 above
  5. This is very exciting, sounds like alot of fun. Cant wait for more details on the events.
  6. Hey man sent you an friend request on steam
  7. Looking for individuals who would like to join our circle of daily gamers. We are a mix of casual and hardcore people who play games almost everyday. Anyone interested in having a group to play with not just in EFT but other games aswell should message me. We are currently playing PUBGs in addition to tarkov. We are english speaking (located in NA but anyone is welcome) and have a mumble that we consistently use. Players new to tarkov and looking for instruction are also welcome, we offer training classes See you in Tarkov!
  8. I too just bought EOD and have not received alpha access yet, have been waiting a little over an hour so far.