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  1. Lost all progress

    There was a wipe along with a major update in mid October. A bit more than a month, but that's the only explanation.

    I see everyone mentioning that kiver will protect your head from some types of rounds, which is only half true. First off, kiver is only level 2 armor. It will block non ap-pistol threats, but even rifles loaded with the worst ammo will go through them like butter. As for how scavs with grachs kill people in one hit, they all spawn with the +p pst ammo. It will go through that level 2 armor every time. Secondly, kiver covers the head. Doesn't do a thing for the unprotected face. I can't tell you the amount of times I've shot a geared guy in the face with a handgun on stream, only for him to drop like a rock. The armor will protect you from makarovs, shotguns, melee weapons, tokarevs. They won't protect you from shots to the legs, which only require 2 shotgun blasts to kill, or shots to the face. Shot placement is very important.
  3. Graphic Cards and Filters

    Flash drives also spawn behind door 110 in the 2 story dorms on customs, albeit very rarely. Only ever found 2 there over the course of 100+ runs on stream
  4. Factory Key

    I've found 16 of them inside of doc cases and keybars so far >.>
  5. A problem with fences.

    I've never had a problem shooting through fences. Which ones in particular are you having trouble with? Plus there have been many threads like this...
  6. Money Case totally worth it

    they are a rare loot item found in both the marked room, as well as in the gas station extract on customs, either on top of or under the table as seen here
  7. Money Case totally worth it

    no he was correct, weapon case is 5x10, it holds 5 full size guns, not 6. And it takes up the 2x5 space of one full size weapon.
  8. Wallets Spawning on Scavs

    I hear you about the hatchet runs, but they aren't the only thing I do. I play with people who have "lives" who can't get on and play as often as I do, so I go hardcore farming every once in a while to stock up a group of 5 for a weekend or so. I personally have never heard of the wallet spawn in the backpacks, thanks for the info. As for the flash drives, I never once encountered any advice on finding them outside of "Woods campsite"
  9. Wallets Spawning on Scavs

    You need to get loot somehow. Zero risk runs are the easiest. Too busy supplying my squad to care about it when there are always hatchlings in every game :3
  10. I was doing some loot runs on customs, and found that a few of them had wallets in their pockets. I also found a USB key in the diary spawn location in the 2 story dorm. Video of it all :