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  1. Dude! If I had one I would totally give it to ya! U deserve it for this post!
  2. I am sorry, I am too busy escaping tarkov!
  3. waw!! Happy holiday!!
  4. How are you going to handle the comms? please? this could be fun @Wiseb1rd
  5. So devs get to have all the fun plotting evil twists for poor players ... Please tell me by developers you mean some kind of AI
  6. Hatchet , hunting knife , bayonet , AKS-U , AKS-UB , AKS-UN , PM , PM (t) .... get it? in case you don't get it ... 3 digits can mean anything
  7. you haven't already!? do IT!!
  8. I would like to welcome all new recruits. Last event was a blast. Glad to see everyone learned the maps call outs. Skill level in TAW is very good right now.
  9. Internet explorer syndrom. Already injoying the new patch.
  10. Good morning brother. how is the hunt going. My stash is already full and I already got team-killed Twice. funny thing about team-killing in this clan , they always bring you back the wrong stuff and it's always better than what you lost. getting team killed is more lucrative than raiding with TAW
  11. Yeah! Thank you guys for the shenanigans. .. our scav names were hilarious!
  12. I wish I could stream! But u guys can check my solo runs here. Will upload more after the patch! And will most definitely attend the steam.
  13. This brings some amazing memories.
  14. It was a lot of fun.
  15. no grinding ... PVP all the way