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  1. This doesn't belong in the General Discussion as this does not relate to anything ingame. #Moved to off Topic as it's not directly related to Escape From Tarkov
  2. Unknown. March 24th is March 24th. Just check throughout the day.
  3. As long as there is a watermark on your screen, you are under the NDA. When that watermark disappears, which will happen on March 24th, then you will be able to.
  4. You would be surprised. We had an Instagram account try to copy the Official one with every post, change their name to 'Officiel' and tried to backpedal and say they were trying to make a fan page..... Like, yea, sure. They totally weren't backpedaling because they were caught. People are weird...
  5. You can do whatever and use EFT-theme overlays as long as you don't try to appear as an Official EFT Stream. Other than that, have fun with creative freedom!
  6. Don't forget everyone! The NDA applies to anything with a watermark. So this is a global removal of the visible watermark. What do this mean? If you have screenshots//videos/etc with your watermark, that is STILL under the NDA and can not be shared. Everything after when the watermark is removed is not under the NDA, and feel free to stream/record/etc. Tl;DR If there is a watermark, the NDA is in effect and it cannot be uploaded. If there is NO watermark, the NDA has been lifted and you are free to stream/youtube/whatever.
  7. #Locked You clearly ignored the Pinned post at the very top of this forum. Read it if you'd like to find out why your post was locked
  8. Those that fight together will escape together! Everyone needs friends to survive the tough streets of Tarkov! Don't go it alone! The more friends, the more friendly guns you will have pointed towards hostile PMC Operators and Scavs! And who's more trustworthy than your friend beside you in the heat of combat
  9. ...... We aren't in Early access. This isn't an early access game. It's in development and an alpha state of development. Let's also address this: You don't HAVE to. No one is forcing you to open your pocketbook. If you REALLY SUPER DUPER MUST partake in the Alpha, and want it from the deep bottom of your heart, yes. You will have to open your pocketbook. But that is your decision..... Steam is well known for plenty of GreenLight and 'Early Access' titles that get thrown up there and then forever rest in 'Early Access/'Alpha' ' state for years on time. A Steam Release is planned, FOR THE FULL, RETAIL RELEASE, but not for the Alpha State. A Steam 'alpha' release would throw in a TON more players, forcing the Developers to divert funds meant for development of the game, into server infrastructure to support the massive playerbase that is in their Alpha Test. This, is the wrong idea. Funds should be focused SOLELY on the development, not creating a massive playerbase which bleeds off development funds to support servers, which in turn supports the player base. To partake in the Alpha is a choice. No one is forcing you to open your pocketbook. No one is forcing you to pre-order. If you so desire, follow the Facebook and read the Project News. Keep up to date with the development and have some patience. Because the responsibility the Developers have is to create a great game to release, not feed the impatience and entitlement of players like yourself, who want their bottle NOW NOW NOW.
  10. Just LORE/World building
  11. #Moved to Fan Art as this is Poetry, not a discussion
  12. #moved
  13. #Moved Wrong Section.
  14. Wooo! I nominate @Ozymandias since he's also a Bug Tracker Supervisor, so this is right up his alley!
  15. Respect to the Russian Brothers and Sisters who serve, have served, and those made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Russia!