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  1. Hello, Escapers! I'd like to announce we have begun taking applications for new Forum Moderators! If you have an interest in joining the moderation team, please read through this post and submit your application through the link at the end! Let's answer some questions that you may have? What does a Moderator do? A Moderator's prime task on the Escape From Tarkov forums is pretty easy. Help keep the forums orderly and easily accessible by removing/locking posts which clutter up the forums or are previously discussed topics. This helps cut down on repeated posts of the same topic and allows for unique discussions and conversations. Forum Moderators also handle punishments for rule violations based upon the forum rules, the violation in questions, and the nature of the violation. Things like this include, profanity, derogatory language or attitude, toxicity towards other forums users and creating a hostile discussion environment. The Escape From Tarkov forums is a place where both new players and older, more experienced players may converse, with players of various difference age groups, so ensuring everyone is able to find the answer to their question without being ridiculed by older, experienced players is a priority. What do we look for in a Moderator? When we are going over potential applications for Forum Moderators, we look at key indicators that help predict how effective a moderator that person may be. These include: Forum Activity Written/Spoken Languages (Especially for Multilingual Forum Moderator Positions) Age/Maturity Positive Interaction with other Forum Users Previous Moderator or Supervisory Positions Gameplay/Technical Knowledge about Escape From Tarkov What affects your Application negatively? Previous Warning/Rule Violation History Forum Activity/New Users Negative Interaction with other forum users What kind of Moderators are we looking for? Currently, we are seeking to fill the following positions within our Forum Administration: German-Speaking Forum Moderator (2) (English-German Speakers) General Forum Moderator (4) You sure like typing ArmaSwiss! Get to the juicy bits! Alright alright! Of course. If you've reached this section, you must indeed be interested in joining the Forum Moderation Team. If you believe yourself to be a good fit for our team, be sure to submit your application for our review! If you wish to submit your application for Forum Moderation Team, please visit our GoogleDoc submission form and fill it out. We will be reviewing all applications and applicants, with an announcement made later on regarding our choices from the pool of applications. Click here to Submit your Application to Become a Forum Moderator End Note I'd like to thank you all for taking your time to read this announcement, and for considering joining our Forum Moderation Team. To those who apply, may the odds be ever in your favor and may the best Applicant win!
  2. Closed Alpha began August 2016. We haven't even made it to a year in Alpha. #Locked also due to necromancy
  3. #Moved. This does not belong in General Discussion
  4. I will not deny I am definitely lazy. That's why I'm going into CSIT-Networking
  5. Only in game. But don't think of double crossing a Sherpa! Their communications network informs all Sherpas of Betrayal
  6. There's a good bit of us in TAW Better to run with us and live, than go against a TAW Squad and probably die horribly.
  7. No. This is applicable for any pre-orders PRIOR to this announcement.
  8. Seeing as how the Closed Alpha started in the Fall of 2016, specifically August of 2016. I highly doubt it. Beta was hoped for in Winter 2016/Early 2017, but instead we had an extended Alpha to continue to polish things up. Beta is planned for Summer 2017 now. If you wish to take part in the Alpha, you will have to upgrade your pre-order and hope to win the lottery. Or you can upgrade to the Edge of Darkness LE and get guaranteed Alpha Access. Outside of this, you will have to be patient. You pre-ordered a game when it was in the pre-Alpha development state. Patience is required when backing early-development projects.
  9. The bottom two are 1440 versions
  10. Honestly, when people share the same source material, jokes/memes will become similar due to the same core source material. We've all made the jokes somewhere else that have been submitted here. If it had to be 100% never seen before, 75% of submissions would be disqualified
  11. SIGH Fine. I'll play along Low Effort Attempt 2
  12. From my perch, so lofty high. Here I sit and watch scavs go by. Dragunov sweetly cradled, Taking shots when I'm able. Shoulder, head, chest or knee, Where I shoot doesn't bother me. Only that their bag be full, So I may take my own bagful. Little PMC's may sneak and scurry, But in my nest, I do not hurry. Lured by bodies, not looted bare, Of my aim, they are not aware. A simple squeeze let's my baby sing, And down they go with a cling. Patience true and dear, To wait I must adhere. For if I rush, and do not tally. Surely then I shall walk Death's Valley. Into sights of their friends dear, Who wait to reduce me to a smear. For their friend they shall avenge, Let me now fall prey to their revenge. Patience now to hold me close, While I sit and write this prose. When in Tarkov, take look, For a Scavvy Sniper in a Nook. Waiting silently like a hawk, To put YOU on the shooting block.
  13. T'was the night before patch day, and all through the forums. All the users were buzzing, even the Blackb1rd, the famous. The patch notes hung, pinned to the forum with care. In hopes that the patch, would soon be there. The users posting, hyped for the day. While visions of Scavving, and how they would slay. The naughty PMCs, their eyes filled with plunder. And how in their haste, they would so blunder. The Scavs locked and loaded, Tri-Zips ready to be bloated. With AKs, M4s, and SKS's galore. They sneaked and they waited, Until a PMC they sighted. Bag heavy with toys, For all the good Scavvie boys. With a yelp and a shout, They came bounding about. With shotguns blasting, And Kalashinkov's ringing. They fell upon the Naughty PMC, With savage degree. That the poor naughty PMC, Was left an amputee. Fade out to black screen, They'd have to reconvene. And prepare for the Scav, unseen. And next time, blast them to smithereen.
  14. Salewas are Red. A pistol I drew, I went into Factory, and hell did ensue.