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  1. $140 Con

    #locked Flamebait
  2. Hello Escapers! Today we are happy to announce an amazing new feature we have on our forum. Many of you will have noticed it by now on the right side of the main forum menu, a new window has appeared! Here you will be able to find fresh and new streams and videos from the Escape From Tarkov Community and players just like yourself, showcasing their trials, failures and successes, deaths and extractions, all in one easy place, here on the forums! Previously, we highlighted videos in many places around the forums, and this new widget shall be replacing all video-announcements, so keep your eyes on the feed for great entertaining and informative videos and streams from our talented community. Within the widget, you will be able to select from two options, Youtube or Twitch, to allow you, the user, to choose from which platform you would like to see content from. Want to watch a video? Click on Youtube! Want to watch someone fight their way through Customs and snag that shiny, kitted M4? Click on Twitch! The choice is left up to you! On behalf of the Escape From Tarkov Team and your Community Team, we thank you for being a part of this project, our dream, and playing a fundamentally important roll in crafting Escape From Tarkov into one of the best hardcore-survival FPS games. Without you, our players and supporters, none of this would be possible.
  3. So do i not play the game until its fixed??

    #Locked Not a question
  4. If theres a change or implementation, there will be an announcement!
  5. Hello Escapers! As you may have noticed, there's been a change on our forums that you may have noticed! It is quite hard to miss! Formerly, we have a system of Reputation, where you clicked Give Rep to provide Reputation to posts you liked, agreed with and contributed to ongoing discussions. Unfortunately, that system was caught by Scav Raiders and unfortunately was not able to make it back to the Hideout. We shall drink to his memory and valiant service. With the new Reaction system, you can react in more than one way to a post with EFT-Themed reactions! Let's take a look at the currently available reactions/likes - I like this post! Great job! - Thanks! This was a great post - Woah that's a hot post! - Brrr. That's cold man - What? - Aww man. That's too bad - I like this, man! These new reactions will create a fun way to react to discussions and contributions seen around the Escape From Tarkov Forums! Be sure to use them where-ever you wish to express your feelings about a discussion or contributing post! French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD Czech translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to Moderator @FLP The author of these stickers is Sergei Davydov.
  6. Scam von EFT?

    The forum is not the place to receive Support in regards to issues like this. Please speak with your Support Specialist in regards to what is required
  7. Hello Escapers! We are happy to announce a fun and creative community giveaway contest, similar to one we held long time ago, but this time we are including a great prize to be won. Winners of this competition will be receiving Beta-Trial keys for varying durations. The winners will be selected from the Top Repped responses to this thread, so be sure to vote for your favorite submission by clicking that Thumbs Up button. Thank @Colonel Twerkins for this hilarious picture! Rules are as follows Must stay true to the spirit of the game. Derogatory, Abusive, Offensive, Vulgar or any submission in violation of the forum rules will be disqualified and removed. Must adhere to the Forum Rules Must be Unique and original, first one to post will be considered the 'original' idea. Must use the Template image as supplied below! Prizes! 1st Place - Two 14-day Beta Trial Keys for themselves and to give to a friend, or give the two away to friends! Winner - @sYs with 8 votes 2nd Place - One 14-day Beta Trial key for themselves or to give to a friend! Winner - @Ziraeth with 7 votes 3rd Place - Two 7-Day Beta Trial keys for themselves, a friend or two friends! Winner - @Skunn with 5 votes 4th Place - One 7-Day Beta Trial Key for themselves or to give to a friend! Winner - Tied between four users with 3 votes each. RNG-Drawing selected with @zibertd 3 votes 5th Place - One 3-day Beta Trial key for themselves or to give to a friend for a weekend! Winner - RNG Drawing from remaining pool from 4th Place Tie-breakers. Winner is @wagner_lindo with 3 votes Winners will be decided on Friday, September 15th. Submissions will be closed at Midnight, Thursday, September 14th. Be sure to submit your entry before then! We would like to wish everyone the best of luck and creativity in their submissions. May the best comic-creator win!
  8. Thinking of buying hacks out of frustration.

    #locked Do I even need to explain why?
  9. Olloch's win the day giveaway

    Ive already removed two entries for 1) Being in poor taste and 2) Violating the forum rules. The forum rules and common decency apply to all entries and submissions on the Forums
  10. Hello Escapers! We are honored to announce a new Emissary has been added to our growing team of Emissaries, by the name of @hakunamavodkatv! Hakunamavodkatv is a seasoned individual with experience in the public spotlight and helping new and old players alike through multiple avenues. He will be assisting us in community outreach programs with our German-speaking players and communities, contributing to translations, giveaways and contests within these same Communities to help foster and grow our multinational communities! You can find him within the German-speaking section of the Forum, helping to answer questions of our German-speaking players! Let's raise our Canteens to Hakuna, as he joins the illustrious ranks of the Escape From Tarkov Emissaries!
  11. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    If someone violates the Terms of Service, why would we continue providing service? All hackers get banned. Permanently.
  12. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    This is exclusive for the Eng-Side of the Forums as I am the Jr Community Manager of the English speaking forums. I don't handle anything on the RU-side
  13. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Since character data is tied to account, if they purchased a pre-order, technically it should? But I'm not working on the backend so......dunno. SHOULD Can't sell them. They expire in 7 days. Anyone caught selling them is going to be demoted and permanently barred from ever holding a position. And it'll take a week for people to realize theyve been scammed and file a Dispute.
  14. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Between all the staff? 270-ish
  15. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Oh. I'm sleepy and forgot to unhide it. Should be visible now!