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  1. $140 Con

    #locked Flamebait
  2. Hello Escapers! Today we are happy to announce an amazing new feature we have on our forum. Many of you will have noticed it by now on the right side of the main forum menu, a new window has appeared! Here you will be able to find fresh and new streams and videos from the Escape From Tarkov Community and players just like yourself, showcasing their trials, failures and successes, deaths and extractions, all in one easy place, here on the forums! Previously, we highlighted videos in many places around the forums, and this new widget shall be replacing all video-announcements, so keep your eyes on the feed for great entertaining and informative videos and streams from our talented community. Within the widget, you will be able to select from two options, Youtube or Twitch, to allow you, the user, to choose from which platform you would like to see content from. Want to watch a video? Click on Youtube! Want to watch someone fight their way through Customs and snag that shiny, kitted M4? Click on Twitch! The choice is left up to you! On behalf of the Escape From Tarkov Team and your Community Team, we thank you for being a part of this project, our dream, and playing a fundamentally important roll in crafting Escape From Tarkov into one of the best hardcore-survival FPS games. Without you, our players and supporters, none of this would be possible.
  3. Hello Escapers! As you may have noticed, there's been a change on our forums that you may have noticed! It is quite hard to miss! Formerly, we have a system of Reputation, where you clicked Give Rep to provide Reputation to posts you liked, agreed with and contributed to ongoing discussions. Unfortunately, that system was caught by Scav Raiders and unfortunately was not able to make it back to the Hideout. We shall drink to his memory and valiant service. With the new Reaction system, you can react in more than one way to a post with EFT-Themed reactions! Let's take a look at the currently available reactions/likes - I like this post! Great job! - Thanks! This was a great post - Woah that's a hot post! - Brrr. That's cold man - What? - Aww man. That's too bad - I like this, man! These new reactions will create a fun way to react to discussions and contributions seen around the Escape From Tarkov Forums! Be sure to use them where-ever you wish to express your feelings about a discussion or contributing post! French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD Czech translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to Moderator @FLP The author of these stickers is Sergei Davydov.
  4. So do i not play the game until its fixed??

    #Locked Not a question
  5. Hello Escapers! As part of my duties as Jr Community Manager, I have been tasked as the Official Emissary Coordinator. What is an Emissary Coordinator? My main goal will be coordinating with all Emissaries in regards to community outreach, engagement and interaction amongst the various different player bases. This will involve players of all nations, from France to Korea, from Holland to Portugal, from Spain to Turkey, etc etc. The main goal will be engagement, coordination of information to the userbase (YOU), and organizing giveaways, prizes and events throughout the course of development. Specifics will come in the future, but engaging with the player-base is a core value to any game development, and if you are not having fun, we are not having fun. Some of you have looked up and asked, "ArmaSwiss. When can we test the game so we can see if we like it!" To this I say, soon-to-be Escapers, Soon! With careful planning and nudging, we can crafted a way to allow winners of giveaways to be given a glimpse, a taste, a touch of Tarkov to see if it captures their attention as it has captured many of you. I will be aiming to start dispersment of these 'Beta Keys' in upcoming community giveaways and contests in the future. Already own a Escape From Tarkov and would like a friend to experience the edge of your seat, heart racing experience you feel when playing? Perhaps you shall win a key and give them a chance to dip their toe into Tarkov. Been apart of our forum community but just not sure about investing in the Development of Tarkov? Want a taste of the action to solidify your decision? Perhaps you can win a key and see what everyone is talking about! These are some of the ways I'd love to open the experience of Tarkov to new and old players, and I would be honored to help bring them to you, our players. Have an idea for a fun giveaway or contest? Be sure to let me know. Community Engagement will be a core focus of mine in this position, and ensuring our players of all languages, receive equal information and communication in the Development of Escape From Tarkov. The Czech translation is here! Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk
  6. Hello Escapers! We are happy to announce a fun and creative community giveaway contest, similar to one we held long time ago, but this time we are including a great prize to be won. Winners of this competition will be receiving Beta-Trial keys for varying durations. The winners will be selected from the Top Repped responses to this thread, so be sure to vote for your favorite submission by clicking that Thumbs Up button. Thank @Colonel Twerkins for this hilarious picture! Rules are as follows Must stay true to the spirit of the game. Derogatory, Abusive, Offensive, Vulgar or any submission in violation of the forum rules will be disqualified and removed. Must adhere to the Forum Rules Must be Unique and original, first one to post will be considered the 'original' idea. Must use the Template image as supplied below! Prizes! 1st Place - Two 14-day Beta Trial Keys for themselves and to give to a friend, or give the two away to friends! Winner - @sYs with 8 votes 2nd Place - One 14-day Beta Trial key for themselves or to give to a friend! Winner - @Ziraeth with 7 votes 3rd Place - Two 7-Day Beta Trial keys for themselves, a friend or two friends! Winner - @Skunn with 5 votes 4th Place - One 7-Day Beta Trial Key for themselves or to give to a friend! Winner - Tied between four users with 3 votes each. RNG-Drawing selected with @zibertd 3 votes 5th Place - One 3-day Beta Trial key for themselves or to give to a friend for a weekend! Winner - RNG Drawing from remaining pool from 4th Place Tie-breakers. Winner is @wagner_lindo with 3 votes Winners will be decided on Friday, September 15th. Submissions will be closed at Midnight, Thursday, September 14th. Be sure to submit your entry before then! We would like to wish everyone the best of luck and creativity in their submissions. May the best comic-creator win!
  7. If theres a change or implementation, there will be an announcement!
  8. Scam von EFT?

    The forum is not the place to receive Support in regards to issues like this. Please speak with your Support Specialist in regards to what is required
  9. Thinking of buying hacks out of frustration.

    #locked Do I even need to explain why?
  10. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Hello Escapers! In honor of the conclusion of GamesCom 2017, we would like to celebrate this momentous occasion and unveiling for the upcoming gameplay features, we will be distributing 7-day Beta Trial keys to all Staff, Moderators and Emissaries to hold contest and giveaways as they see fit. Keep an eye out for upcoming giveaways in locations such as the forums, youtube, reddit, twitch and many more as our Emissaries and Staff hold giveaways and contests to distribute these keys. Let's outline what a 7-day Trial key entails. Similar to the Alpha-Access Keys of the Alpha Test, these keys will grant Closed Beta Access for a total of 7-days. At the end of 7 days, the Closed Beta Access will end, and you will need to purchase a pre-order to continue playing the game. Consider winning one of these keys as a chance to test Escape From Tarkov for yourself and see what everyone is talking about! The 7-day period will commence upon registration of the Closed Beta Trial key, by visiting your profile at and clicking 'Activate Promo Code'. We will update this post as contests occur with links to where they are occuring, barring Twitch Giveaways as they happen live and whenever they happen! Giveaways and Contests: Forum Giveaway being held by Emissary of Lithuania @wadexas Giveaway being held by Emissary of Czech and Slovakia @PugMonk Beta Key Giveaway(Beta序號描獎活動) by Chinese language Emissaary @Hazel Concours 2 clefs (valables 7 jours) CBT a gagner by French Emissary @AGN_YuD Olloch Wins the Day Giveaway by Tech Support @Olloch EFT 10k Subreddit Giveaway by Moderator @Lewisuk 2x testowe beta-klucze. giveaway by Moderator @Reconic Escape from Tarkov Brasil Contest - Create a Video!! by Emissary @dimittri4gc Beta Key Giveaway - Melhor EFT Meme by Moderator @FLP Klíče do BETY - Soutěže a giveaways by Emissar/Moderator @PugMonk Concours/Giveaway Clef Beta (Valable 7 jours apres activation) by Emissary @AGN_YuD Trial Key Contest - Create an EFT Character by Tech Support @Olloch MORE TO COME We would like to offer our humbled thanks to all our players who have purchased a pre-order up to this point, for your passion and patience as we work hard to create an amazing, immersive and edge-of-your-seat experience that is Escape From Tarkov. We have only just dipped our toes into the metaphorical waters that is Escape From Tarkov, with many more amazing and engaging mechanics, content and features coming down the pipeline in the Closed Beta Testing Phase. Thank you all for your support and faith in our vision. PS: Please do not message our staff and emissaries asking for a Beta Key. They will be disbursing the keys as they see fit via giveaways and contests. Please stay tuned here for all announcements of giveaways being held. French Translation here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD Chinese Translation here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel Finnish translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @sp3edie Italian translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @funboy Czech and Slovakia translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk Japanese Translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @giraffy
  11. Hello Escapers! We are honored to announce a new Emissary has been added to our growing team of Emissaries, by the name of @hakunamavodkatv! Hakunamavodkatv is a seasoned individual with experience in the public spotlight and helping new and old players alike through multiple avenues. He will be assisting us in community outreach programs with our German-speaking players and communities, contributing to translations, giveaways and contests within these same Communities to help foster and grow our multinational communities! You can find him within the German-speaking section of the Forum, helping to answer questions of our German-speaking players! Let's raise our Canteens to Hakuna, as he joins the illustrious ranks of the Escape From Tarkov Emissaries!
  12. Olloch's win the day giveaway

    Ive already removed two entries for 1) Being in poor taste and 2) Violating the forum rules. The forum rules and common decency apply to all entries and submissions on the Forums
  13. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    If someone violates the Terms of Service, why would we continue providing service? All hackers get banned. Permanently.
  14. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    This is exclusive for the Eng-Side of the Forums as I am the Jr Community Manager of the English speaking forums. I don't handle anything on the RU-side
  15. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Since character data is tied to account, if they purchased a pre-order, technically it should? But I'm not working on the backend so......dunno. SHOULD Can't sell them. They expire in 7 days. Anyone caught selling them is going to be demoted and permanently barred from ever holding a position. And it'll take a week for people to realize theyve been scammed and file a Dispute.
  16. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Between all the staff? 270-ish
  17. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    Oh. I'm sleepy and forgot to unhide it. Should be visible now!
  18. This game has a long way to go

    #Locked This flamebait thread has gone on long enough.
  19. Countercheating measures

    Like an immune system. Gotta learn to kill the virus so it can be killed in the future.
  20. Hello Escapers! As our player base grows, so does our Team to help convey information and ensure our players are able to understand the latest updates and news concerning Escape From Tarkov! As part of our expanding playerbase, we would like to welcome all our players from Lithuania, with the opening of the new Multi-lingual forum, Lithuania, where players may speak in their native tongue and converse amongst each other. To reach out and assist our players, we have contracted the mighty BEAR operator, @wadexas to aid these Escapers on their journey, out of Tarkov. Let us all give a warm welcome and lift our canteens as we drink to honor his arrival. Huzzah! A lightning strike struck in the very center of the city, it's crack rippling through the air as smoke rose from the buildings and streets. Echos of gunshots, explosions and the voices of men echoed along cracked and broken glass, brick and mortars and metal walls. But after time, it all died down to silence. Down in the streets, amongst smokey craters, and bullet pocketed walls, walked a BEAR, bloody bandage and dirty uniform that had not seen the caress of soap since Tarkov was cut off. He made his way into the underground, and disappeared into the darkness. There were others to find, and many more to rally and lead. His brothers in arms would not be forgotten in this dead city.
  21. Hello Escapers! We have identified a bug which caused players to not be granted Closed Beta Access even with previous pre-orders. Our technicians have been hard at work, and we have identified and corrected the error. As a result, a large number of players who had pre-orders but were not granted access now can take part in the Closed Beta Test of Escape From Tarkov. In the course of our investigations, a new issue has been identified, regarding our payment processing system not properly forwarding purchase confirmations due to a system overload, ending with some pre-orders not being properly applied to accounts. We are currently addressing this issue, and will see to it that all players receive credit for their preorder purchase, and subsequent Closed Beta Access. If you are a player who held a pre-order prior to the Closed Beta Test, you should now have access to the Closed Beta, and if you have purchased a Pre-order and it has not been properly credited to your account, please create a Support Ticket under Pre-Order and provide me with the ticket # so I may forward it for investigation as we work to correct this error. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues, and thank you for your patience while we work hard on correcting them as quickly as possible. We are here, we hear you, and we are working to bring you the greatest experience in Tarkov.
  22. Hackers Are A Prolem

    #Locked Hackers are a problem in all online video games. This comes with the territory of any multiplayer game. We have an anticheat in place. All hackers will be caught and permanently banned. Just remember when you meet one, you've met someone who's wasted their money
  23. Yes, I believe so. Let me follow up with this and see whats going on with our current Dutch Emissary
  24. That service Package costs $130 an hour, with a 4 hour minimum at the basic package, which does not include touching. I'm classy.
  25. Not doing the key giveaways here. I'll be coordinating and setting up giveaways through multiple platforms and contests. Not right this moment