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  1. There will be a ton of new players come beta. I don't think trial accounts in Alpha would be the best idea.
  2. They can risk their account, and lose their account.
  3. The game is meant to be hard. If someone decides to cheat because they are bad at the game, then its their problem and they will lose their account. I doubt there will be any sort of "handicap" because you can't learn how to play the game.
  4. OBS studio is free and it runs fine.
  5. If you have a 64 bit version of windows, be sure you're starting the 64 bit version of OBS.
  6. +1 for an interesting idea.
  7. Even players have predictable pathing most of the time. I try to use that to my advantage. I agree. Interesting mechanic to draw people into it. And if they have a choice, the daytime section will be jam packed and the night time will be barren.
  8. That would mean that no one would play the servers at night anyways.. I think people just need to get used to the fact that there will be nights.. And nights are dark.. I don't understand why so many people get this game and then want to lock it down to 24/7 day. It's a challenge guys! It's supposed to be a challenge! If you are familiar with the map in the day, it hasn't changed at night.
  9. This is already planned. Edit: The moving bit, dont know about the trap bit.
  10. I was actually referring to the posts where people claim they were killed by hackers. Not that there are or aren't cheats. We all know what is available.
  11. Hello @eRazer_cy, currently there is no invite system. If you purchase any of the packets above the basic package, you have a % chance to get into the alpha.
  12. MOAR HYPE!
  13. Awesome! Excited for new weapons and features coming up!
  14. I highly doubt any moderator was, as you put it, belittling anyone. There are no mods that deny there are hackers, but I would imagine threads get locked/hidden if they get out of control. The argument tends to be based around the lack of proof if it was actually a hacker or if it was a case of desync/bug. At this point, the staff monitoring the anti-hack reports are the only ones who know who is and isn't hacking.
  15. Well done!
  16. Sorry, I don't have moderation over this thread. @iFunkyNL... Help me out here?
  17. I'm afraid I don't have that info. That might be a better question in Developer Questions.
  18. You will most likely need to be patient for the optimization patch.
  19. Are the frame drops just small stutters? Or do you constantly get single-digit fps?
  20. Why are you guys necroing a post over a year old? Use the search feature! Or make a new thread if you don't find anything!
  21. Aren't there rail lines in factory? I don't play that map very much.
  22. Welcome to group play! Always fun shooting people in the face, and even more so with friends!
  23. You will be able to play today if you purchase the EoD edition with 100% guarantee.