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  1. Airsoft DVL-10

    #Locked. Reason: Extracting anything from the game is a violation of ToS/EULA.
  2. The next wipe..

    #Locked. Reason: There are patches that have to update things in the game (especially if new items are being added) that require players to be wiped. This is a common occurrence and is stated in the EULA/ToS. Thanks!
  3. Spawn camping. (again)

    #Locked. Reason: Guys, please stop opening posts without using the search feature. We have rules for a reason.
  4. Spread out the spawn points in Woods

    This is not a "venting" forum. #Locked. Reason: In reference to spawns, this is still a test and does not reflect the final product. Finally, use the search function before posting, please! We have already had plenty of spawn posts. Thank You.
  5. A Profile reset wipe coming up???

  6. Scavs no longer see through bushes?

    #Locked. Reason: Use the search feature as per the rules, please. Patch notes (found on forum and even the launcher) tell you all these details.
  7. Practice Mode

    This has been discussed a few times. We have a forum rule that you should make yourself aware of as well as the other ones. It's a rule about using search before posting. But to answer you, this is the game we are making. Hardcore, brutal, and unforgiving. As far as practice, there will be somewhat of a tutorial area (still being designed), and handbook. There won't be an offline mode or online multiplayer training. Upon release, every tester will be reset, so they will all be starting from zero with no skill level advantage. Because of the realistic nature of the weapons, bullet physics, gear, and tactical play you can wipe a geared squad using almost no gear or even armor--or, even be wiped the same way, yourself, regardless of how many hours you have in the test build. This means, that no amount of starting gear, i.e. EoD, is going to save you against good tactics. Here are a couple links to lots of info that will give you lots of insight. No, they will not be available after release. #Locked.
  8. Vault or jump when legs injured

    This has been asked and the official answer is that it's being looked into. Any developments on this will be announced.
  9. Scav on Scav makes the mode unplayable and useless

    #Locked. Reason: You did not use the search function and that is a violation of forums rules. This has been brought up there many, many times. Please search!
  10. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    This is fine for now, but the release will be quite different. Soloing will die down a bit. Watch out for the mortar strikes!
  11. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    The contest is being extended for lack of entries. New Deadline: December, 20th. The prize I announced was based on availability.
  12. Please make SOLO servers ! !

    #Locked. Reason: EFT and always has been designed as a team based game. Solo servers would only defeat that purpose.
  13. Guía de Escape from Tarkov (Mundo Gamers)

    Hola, Escapers! Ahora presentamos Guía de Escape from Tarkov - Trucos y consejos para ganar partidas! Los escritores de Mundo Gamers han reunido algunos consejos realmente buenos para ayudarlo a comenzar y sobrevivir en Tarkov. ¡Disfrutar!
  14. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    Fire away my dude!
  15. Eurogamer Preview

    Hello, Escapers! Very nice article on Escape From Tarkov that we would like to share: