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  1. Regarding:  Verbal Warning for Bragging

    Hi Colonel Twerkins,

    Not sure if you actually read my post.  I didn't brag.  My stats are worse than anybody I have so far heard of.  I wanted to see what was out there so that I could know what was possible in the game.  So that we could all learn more about how the game works,  As alpha testers I thought that might be important to know.

    I understand you have a difficult job and respect your right to shut the post down.  I found the warning to be "over the top".




  2. I'm excited to see where this goes!

  3. Hello Escapers! I'm calling out to my community, to find those brave, and adventurous souls, with a desire to rally their region into the darkest underbelly of Tarkov. What I'm looking for in an Emissary: Be active - Always at attention, locked and loaded to carry out your orders. Translations - You will be responsible for intercepting, and deciphering all incoming news, and communications. Communications - Talk with Operators in your forum section, make social media pages, twitter, and any other way to spread the news! Field Operations - Go into your region to find well-known Streamers, Magazines, YouTubers, Gaming Events, etc. Currently, I'm looking Emissaries in the following regions: Middle East Korea China Turkey Brazil Greece India Germany **Remember, all are welcome to apply from all regions** If you believe you have what it takes, and a passion for the game, please apply HERE.
  4. Welcome my minion!
  5. Lel, I never said check today
  6. Yes. You can check by trying to upgrade.
  7. #Locked. Answer: Release will see the multiplayer storymode, PvE is not going to be there.
  8. Welcome Mon Ami!
  9. Lol, he could always use vaseline. But yeah natural wearing out of the weapon is already implemented, but rust would take a while. BTW- Which fireaarm were you thinking of?
  10. Will Sherpa pack have NVG? I feel like new players would benefit from having them. Hard to lead people into a night battle, and they can't see the enemy.
  11. If you would have used the search function.. Use search BEFORE posting..thems the rules!
  12. #Locked. Reason: Doesn't pertain to the game. Just repost in off-topic please.
  13. This should be in off topic.
  14. Bang & Clear means grenade.
  15. Is this what you mean?