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  1. Hand Gestures & Voice Commands are Here!

    Hello, Escapers! Rally up your men, deliver orders or just plain give the enemy the finger! Tell your squad what's really on your mind and show that hatcheteer your little birdy before you lay him to waste. There are also some other tidbits of useful information on new update features. We hope that this will give you a better understanding of the desire for more useful features to aid you in your Escape From Tarkov.
  2. Hatchet People

    #Locked. Reason: Way too many threads about this already. Please post these thoughts on the current patch feedback thread. Interesting info for you: This is still only a test build. We are beginning to see the semblance of the actual game, but trust me, when story mode comes it will not be so "cut" and dry. The same way you currently have to escape with your quest items for it to even count, you will also have to solve the story piece in each raid or you won't have an exit. Hatcheting is only good for a temp solution right now. When they have quests that require 14 kills, they aren't going to rely on an ax to do it. Trust me, with the way Scavs are shaping up (they will be extremely difficult by release) and the soon to come, "Gang Bosses" a hatcheteer will be hard pressed to run in teams and take gear in. Because the release game will not be about acquiring loot (not as much anyway).
  3. I suggest you start over new game new team

    #Locked. Reason: We are still testing and if it's not for you I apologize. But that does not mean you can open up these negative, flamebait posts.
  4. What's In This New Patch Then?

    #Locked. Reason: Really? Could you not be bothered to use the search function?
  5. A Different Offline Mode.

    #Locked. Reason: Please make sure to search before posting. There will not be an offline mode as you know it. There will be a training mode to get you started with the basics of the game.
  6. Hi Colenel! 

    My post wasn't actually about hacking - the meat of it was really my appeal to BSG around how the community is being managed. Are you open to an offline conversation?

    1. Colonel Twerkins

      Colonel Twerkins

      No, I can't do that. 

      On 11/28/2016 at 10:02 AM, Blackb1rd said:

      Moderators are forbidden from publicly discussing their actions.

  7. My friend got banned.

    #Locked. Reason: I'm going to lock but leave open so hopefully others can see. We will NOT accept these threads at all. They were banned and it's final.
  8. Please fix servers in canada

    #Locked. Reason: Please use the search function! Comment on other open posts on the subject of servers, or at least read to find the current server situation. We are doing continuous work on servers during the use of our test build, which will make the actual game much better.
  9. worried about the hacker community

    #Locked. Reason: Use the Search Function! Do not open a post without doing this. Especially with a topic that has been beaten to death, such as this. Even more so, on this particular topic, because we aren't even playing the game yet, this is merely a test build. Nothing you lose to a hacker, or weapon glitcher for that matter, is detrimental to you at this point.
  10. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    The answer to that:
  11. If I could offer an idea somewhat off the radar.. Operating under the premise that the psychology of some cheaters is such that they'll cheat the ban wave timing mechanism by just buying a new account if they're far enough apart. To counter this, if one were to, even if partially for show, shorten the time for the cycle of detection, list creation, into ban wave announce, it could get in the head of hackers. As a dev, I can imagine one could even refactor their code to dumbly, but simply manually trigger some cheat detection functions to populate new ban lists right away, to ban quickly after the inevitable account rebuy that's coming. It could present the picture that it's way too expensive to cheat.  

  12. 5-Man Teams

    #Locked. This is not a battle royale. There are two core features missing, story mode and quests. PVP is more for Arena Mode and Freeroam Mode. The story mode is going to be super tough upon release, so you will need a team. Here is information on what the GAME will be, and not the TEST BUILD you have right now.
  13. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    No v
  14. BETA KEY - Clan Photo Contest!

    Here are the THREE WINNERS! Please PM me for your 7 Day Closed Beta Key. CONTEST CLOSED
  15. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    We don't do that. We don't want to start witch hunts, which is why we don't accept reports at this time.