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  1. EFT vs PUBG

    Fact is, we are not making a simple game here. I Hope you are not meaning that we are bad managers.
  2. Video Montage Quest!

    Working smarter, not harder, I like that. Footage is sub-par, but it'll do. Gonna turn this over to my benefactors and I'll let you know if they found it useful. Now, bug off and do whatever it is you PMC like to do in your limited spare time. I see you had yourself a bit of a run in. I must say, you are a surgeon with a rifle...I'll get back to you.
  3. EFT vs PUBG

    The only reason people would compare these two games is that they do not see that they are playing a test build of EFT. PUBG will develop faster due to resources and no other content but weapons basically. We are making a story-driven game with a story mode and quests that will eventually challenge you dramatically. Do not forget, you will have 10 raids to complete, and story mode will dictate your the exit you receive in each raid. You will also need a minimum of 80-100 hours to complete, using teams. PUBG is not a team based game, you can play it solo, duo, or team so there's no similarity there. Not to mention, Arena Mode, Free-roam, and who knows, maybe more surprises. The missing features, including harder scavs and the introduction of the high-level, Scav gang bosses, will not leave any similarity between the two. Hope this clears it up for you.
  4. Taking for ever to find a match on custom???! Glitch???

    Do you have enough room on that game's hard drive? Let's try something. Make at least 15 gigs of space, but ideally, 20-30GB. (if you didn't already have that) Now, go to your virtual memory (swap file): Follow the instructions and change it to the settings above. Go ahead, restart your PC, then load into the game and try to play.
  5. Come on who was it?

    TAW, doin' TAW things. o7
  6. Will adding 8GB more ram solve custom map problems?

    #Locked. Reason: Hello. The next major RAM optimization is coming in the next patch in a few days. Until then, please increase your page file size to 20-30GB on the games HDD/SSD or as much as you can spare. Here's a how to: Please Note: Customs is our stress test map. It is rendering over 800k objects, so when the patch hits, please test it often and submit support tickets for any issues. Thanks for your support, patience, and dedication.
  7. So ban wave any time soon?

    To add on to what Necuja said, ban waves are now daily at this point.
  8. Dog tags or name patch suggestion

    #Locked. Reason: Answered^^
  9. Team Killing?

    #Locked. Reason: The answer has been provided. To add on to what my esteemed colleague said, there are no rules in this game. When it's close quarters combat; speed, surprise, and most importantly, a commitment to the violence of action are what it takes to survive. Not for nothin', but this game was designed for team play. Once story mode is implemented, and more upgrades to the AI, this game is going to change dramatically. Since you are new, check out my Beginner's Guide Video, it may help. Thanks for your support and dedication to our project.
  10. Game Upload Causes Lag on Customs?

    #Locked. Reason: Please use the search function before posting, because this is a discussion that is in play. We cannot flood the forum with posts on the same subject. Words like RAM, Desync, Lag, etc will bring back a wealth of info, namely, the recent preliminary patch notes that mention the new RAM and Network Optimization. NOTE: Customs is our stress test map. It is rendering over 800k of objects, so once the Optimization hits, please test it frequently and report any issues. Unfortunately, we have yet to have full Optimization for some 1080 cards at the moment. Please take some time to catch up on the forum rules, it would help us out a lot. Thanks for your patience, support, and dedication!
  11. Bandwidth usage makes the game unplayable.

    #Locked. Reason: Answer
  12. Traders are not showing up. Game freezes at insurance screen. Just re-installed.

  13. A Tarkov Tale of Frienship...

    Thank you for your contribution. Didn't know your IGN, so I couldn't let you know here on the forums.
  14. A Tarkov Tale of Frienship...

  15. A Tarkov Tale of Frienship...

    Hello, Escapers! I bring to you a most heartfelt story of friendship and love. The city is cold, but sometimes, we find shelter...Grab a tissue.