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  1. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Great news, Escapers! There have been lots of questions that we have heard from you, and some that we have asked of ourselves. We know that you have been wondering about the progress we are making and maybe have some concerns about issues in the game... Here are some answers: Q) Will the quests that are in the game now stay the same in the release version or we can expect more interesting, nonlinear and detailed quests? A) There will be way more quests, and their quality is getting improved every day. Later we’ll also introduce the so called personal quests, more important and story-oriented. Q) The Scav play time in the game is too short now, sometimes you spawn 10 minutes before the end of the raid, is this going to be fixed? A) Already getting fixed. Q) Which map can we expect in the next updates and is there a list of maps, the order in which they will be implemented, and if there is such a list, could you please publish it? A) The next map is going to be Interchange. After that, most likely, Streets of Tarkov. Then we’ll see. Q) What marksman or sniper weapons can we expect in the next updates? A) The SVD is up next. Q) When can we expect - if we can - the clan system, are you going to back out of it, would it be possible to make the clan tags appendable only by clan players (i.e. not by loners or players of other clans) A) There will be a clan system. Not too soon, though, but definitely will be. Details will come later. Q) How often do you add new servers, what is the nature of problems with them and why do lags and desync happen? A) Adding new servers is an ongoing process. Number of servers added over a certain period of time is different, depending on the availability of certain configurations of servers in data centers in different parts of the world. Why desync and lags keep happening is a complex question, there is quite a variety of reasons. At the current stage, it is mainly caused by errors and overloads of the servers. Q) It’s been a while since medical animations has been announced, when do we expect it to be done? At what stage is it now? A) We’ll do our best to introduce it in the next few updates. It’s now in the stage of immediate implementation. Q) What about the flea market and auction? Really miss them in game now. A) Same thing, will be adding them over the next updates. Q) When can we expect team identification armbands for fighters of the same team, and overall, how do you plan to implement friend-or-foe recognition mechanics, maybe you have some ideas already? A) The armbands was the idea from the start. Can’t yet tell when, though. Q) There is too much loot on the maps right now, especially weapons, will there be cuts on that? Money and loot come too easy now. A) Yes, amount of loot will be reduced. Q) The UBGL was there at the start of Alpha, why did it get removed and when will it get back? A) It will be back in one of the next few updates. It caused too many critical issues that required too much time to fix. Q) Can we expect further improvement of Scavs and their social behavior and interactions, etc, something that would make them feel more alive, not just robots in search of PMCs? A) Yes, surely. The behavior of Scavs will get improved. Q) Is the ability to drag bodies still in the plans? A) Yes Q) Raid time is often different, what are the reasons? A) Increasing game rotation due to queues. That’s a temporary measure. Q) Will the dangerous zones like radiation etc be added to the maps? A) They will, in the DLC Q) Is there going to be a web interface for trading, allowing to trade directly on the official website? A) Possibly so. Definitely planned a mobile companion app for some basic management. Q) Are there going to be maps, where the maximum group size will be increased? Or maybe it will be revised (+-) for the current available maps? A) Possibly so. Q) Is it possible to remove the sharpening effect from painkillers, to avoid hurting the eyes with it? Or turn it off in the graphics settings? A) No, it's done on purpose. Q) Will there be further improvements to character movement and its interaction with obstacles? A) Yes Q) When is the karma system to be expected? Will it different for Scavs and PMCs? A) So far, only PMC karma is planned. Q) Are there any plans for magazine loading animation or increase of time required to reload in backpack (Tab screen), because now it happens instantly. A) Yes, it is planned in the near future Q) Will the number of PMCs on maps increased or otherwise changed? A) Yes Q) Will there be an opportunity to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse for each step of scope magnification? A) Did not think about it yet, but we might do it. Q) The Shoreline location is available, but there is no in-game map for it. When is it going to be ready? A) About to be completed already. Q) Is there going to be an in-game voice chat? Or are there some problems with it? A) Yes, it is planned. There are no problems, we just have higher priorities at the moment. Q) When will be ready animations for climbing the stairs, breach, bang and clear and other actions with the doors? A) All of that is planned. As soon as they are ready. Q) We’ve noticed flares on the maps near the exits. When do we expect real smoke grenades and snaplights, what’s the hold-up with them? A) There are no problems, we just have higher priorities at the moment. They will be added over time Q) Are you planning to add eye adaptation to the darkness when you walk indoors from the outside? A) This is actually already there, just not as straight as in reality. In the future it will most likely be improved Q) Do you intend to separate solo players and teams? A) No. Q) Is shooting door lock with a shotgun going to be a possible option next to kick down option in the menu? A) It’s possible. Q) Is general appearance of locations going to change or is this the final version? A) Some details are definitely going to change. Q) Weapons mastering and skills. Will there be any more significant distinctions between levels? A) Mastering already has significant differences. On the last level, for example, weapons can be reloaded while aiming. Q) The grass draw distance and anti-aliasing grasses, is there any progress in this direction? A) Working on it. Q) In some weapons, damage does not always work as it should, does it depend on the server or the weapon’s own configuration, e.g. in shotguns? A) It’s a strange question, can’t see the way we can answer it. Q) Dogtags are taking up too much space, is there going to be a list or container for them? A) Yes, there is going to be a special container. Q) Is there going to be a killcam or replay records after a RAID from the POV of all players? A) Not yet. Q) IS there going to be the fogging of eyeglasses and visors when running or heavy breathing? A) Would like to add this Q) Will it be possible to duct-tape the mags together? A) Not certain yet, but again - we’d like to add it Q) Will there be a unique non-quest loot that can only be obtained in the raid, but not bought in with the traders? A) There are already such items. Q) Will there be possibility to lock doors? Now the player can unlock, but can't lock up. A) Yes Q) Will the Fence have his quests? A) Not planned yet. Q) Are there going to be random events in the raid? A) Yes Q) What is the principle for adding weapons to the game A) Availability of necessary features and the demand for specific weapons/class. Q) Will be there more diverse ambient sounds on locations? A) Yes Q) Is there going to be the possibility of direct transmission of loot between players outside the raid? A) Will be made possible with the clan system Q) Will the game sound be improved, it is very difficult to position enemies and shots with good audio equipment. A) Yes, we’re working on it. Q) Do you plan to introduce PPE (personal protective equipment), with their own functionality? A) Yes, but it is likely to get functional in the DLC Q) Any future plans to append to containers, weapons and items such parameter as "volume" or current inventory system is close to final? A) No, volume is basically reflected now with cells as well. Interpreted type. Q) Will different silencers and other attachments differ in features, not just price? A) They already do. Kind of a weird question. Q) Can you please provide a few more details on the Free Roam mode, what locations there will be and how you see it (briefly) A) Brief info has already been given many times, please find out all the details in the interview, as well as on the Forum. Q) Will bots have limited ammo? Will they be able to loot dead bodies? A) They have limited ammo. Yes, they will loot. Q) When we can expect facial hair and will it depend on the PMC level (the higher the level, the longer and thicker the beard ) A) LOL Q) Will there be ability to climb in through windows? A) Some yes, some no. Q) Whether you intend to implement destruction physics in the game, light destruction of objects? A) Minimum of such physics, yes. Q) Will there be added cellars on the already existing maps (dorms at Customs, for example) A) Possibly so. Q) Release is planned for 2018, are these plans still in effect, do you have the time to do all the maps and a lot more? A) We’ll do our best! Q) Is it possible to make a visual display of loot on parts of equipment, e.g. magazine disappearing from the pouch after reloading. A) Possibly so. Q) Will silencers get destroyed or deteriorate over shots? A) Yes Thank you for your patience and support. We will bring you more information as it becomes available. Translations Turkish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468 Polish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Poland @TheWay Czech Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech @PugMonk Portuguese Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @dimittri4gc German Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Germany @ramjid Spanish Translation of the Q & A can be found here. Thanks to the Spanish Emissary @MrXavito
  2. New Interchange Screenshots

    Happy New Year, Escapers! We have another present for you... Work-in-progress screenshots of the new location called Interchange. The map is a huge shopping mall. The location will be available on OBT, hopefully, before the start of OBT. Enjoy! Translations: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid
  3. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Nikita Buyanov, COO of Battlestate Games: I see folks are getting nervous, а у кого то вообще бомбить начинает. And all of this is old as this world. Right now we are having the situation of newborn cheats and cheaters as well as modified cheats. You are suffering from them right now. We are taking action. We do ban waves. Many times we said that the Clean game is one of our top priority. They evolve - we are evolving too. We engage new algorithms and the madness begins - every single big ban wave we got the same reactions. ALL of the banned users are banned for the reasons. But they try to make it like we ban them intentionally like we love this and we want their money. This is not true. And I say the same statement again, which I said earlier to the banned player. "You were banned for using cheat from one of the major cheat developer, which I can't name for obvious reasons. This is the exact and clear cause of a ban. We have all technical info on this and we can use this in any official legal process if it's needed." Why can't we name the cheat name in public? For example cause, they will know that we started to detect their new version. You will not be banned for use of NON-cheat programs. We can't provide you the list cause it's cheating only list. There is NO typical, well-used and known program in this list. You will NOT get banned for rain meter. You will not get banned for memory cleaner. You will not get banned for visual studio, reshade/sweetfx, and other programs. Every time when the banwave hits, we get messages - cool stories, that "it was my brother" and "I have only downloaded it and you banned me". We get threats and curses from sons of famous lawyers, criminal bosses and so on. And we get this JUSTICE posts of banned. Lots of them. Every. Single. Time. So. The last thing - Cheat Engine, running in the background. CE running in bg can do memory scan of processes, you can learn about specific info that later you can use in hacks. Do we want to give cheat-makers such ability undetected? No. Why do you need running CE with running EFT? Maybe you want to cheat? No? Nevermind. Don't believe any post of any player who is saying that he was banned for no reason. We have clues and we can use them in any official legal process if it's needed. Haters gonna hate, but we, BSG, and I personally, are here for you - honest players. We are all for you. Thank you for your attention. Translations: Czech Translation can be found here. Thanks to Czech PMC @Death_Deliver ct2018
  4. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Hello, Escapers! Today we bring you this groovy footage from one of our fellow community members, @Adamantor. 25 KIA's and the action is insane! You'll Laugh! You'll Cry! You'll Cheer! Witness the raw power of 7.62 as the bodies hit the floor!

    #locked. Reason: Please, use the search function according to the rules! We have already gone over this a lot. Wait no more than 5 minutes and reconnect. We are already moving on the server situation and there is a patch that is being worked on. Patience is key here. ct2018
  6. Stagnant Game? My opinion on beta

    #Locked. Reason: Please research the game, and you will find out the scope and vision. A test is for testing and is not always meant to have every bit of content in it. If you say that you know it's in a beta, then to demand more than that would not make sense. As far as your complaint about wait times, Scav mode is not the main mode and 30 min cooldown is to prevent abuse. Please don't make posts to rant or complain just because you can't make it through a raid solo. This is a team game. Russia2028 will be a single player game. ct2018
  7. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you, new weapons in Escape from Tarkov - SR1M Gyrza and APS. They come in the next updates. Very nice companions to keep by your side with modding capabilities!
  8. Where do OCEANIC and ASIA connect?

    Hello, Escapers! It has come to our attention that there is some confusion as to the OC & ASIA server connection. We have heard numerous mentions of an IP in Germany being the "true" server for our testers in their respective countries. We would like to clear this up. This IP that is coming up, is actually the backend server! You will always be connected to the server with the best ping for you. For those who haven't seen the patch notes, or maybe you didn't understand, we have added a new "Traffic Optimization". This means, that a large amount of Network Data that was being used and causing ping and desync issues, is being optimized. We will continue working on this in future updates to create a quality experience for you all. Thank you so much for your support, patience, and dedication to our project.
  9. 25% Off New Year Event is OVER!

    Hello, Escapers! Time to wrap up the New Year's Event. The discounts are also done as well, congratulations to those of you who managed to get in on the deal--welcome to Tarkov! Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we put you and the servers through their paces. All your effort and support is more than appreciated.
  10. #Locked Reason: We would like you to know that we are aware of these things. The game is 18+ but of course, there is a line. We do not have a system in place at this time to deal with this sort of thing, but please give us time. We are very busy working to get game fixes together. Thank you for being a concerned community is greatly appreciated. ct2018
  11. **Dev Q & A 1/10**
  12. ** Server Matching Times

    Dear, Escapers! We wanted to give you a quick update: Matching time in EU and US are still long during the rush hours. Factory has the longest matching times. New servers are being prepared!
  13. Hello, Escapers! We'd like you to watch as CaRtOoNz and Ohmwrecker take on Tarkov and get into some really exciting and hilarious adventures. This video showcases the fun and mayhem that goes on in Escape From Tarkov! Enjoy.
  14. Fence Issue

    Dear, Escapers... Fence was not feeling good... We investigated. He should be fine now.
  15. El SÚPER setup GAMING VR: Lenovo Legion

    Hola, Escapers! Hoy tenemos un gran video de Topes De Gama que nos muestra la Legión de Lenovo. Esta configuración puede hacerlo todo, incluso Escape From Tarkov a 60 fps en la configuración máxima. Echa un vistazo y disfruta!
  16. Fence Issue

    Sorry, that's not public info. If we decide it is, then we will gladly post it.
  17. RAM??

    #Locked. Reason: This has been addressed a lot and discussed many times. Please search before posting, as per the rules and submit a support request for bugs. Also, we have done some recent load testing and this has brought up the level of these issues. We are working on this. For now, increase the size of your page file to 20-30GB or as much as you can spare. This should help! Here are the results of our loading tests:
  18. Exit Camping

    #Locked. Reason: This topic has been discussed numerous times. We have a rule, search before posting. Remember that this is Tarkov...there is nothing but ambushing, camping. Approach with caution and clear the room. Play in teams as designed and it's even easier.
  19. Insta killed by scav as i spawned

    #Locked. Reason: This is partly from the load tests we finished and spawns that will be looked at for issues. If you did not read about the findings of the recent load testing, here it is:
  20. Matching wait time for squads

    #Locked. Reason: You know all the announcements we made, so this post is not necessary. We have worked so hard and your reaction here does not show that you understand. We already said what happened and our plan to fix it. We have made sure to be communicative, to stay up all night, skip weekends, and holidays to get this far. A little patience would go a long way right now. Thanks!
  21. Hacker Report: Jimlo

    P.S. It makes sense to wait 3-4 minutes for a raid during the current situation. After that, ALT+F4 and reconnect until we get this wrangled. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
  22. Hacker Report: Jimlo

    #Locked. Reason: We have an anticheat that is working well and we then review all the reports. If they are using 3rd party software to cheat, they will be found and removed. We do not accept any player reports. Here is info on our bans work and a list of names of banned players over a two-day period:
  23. Why are we waiting for matches?

    #Locked. Reason: One of the rules of the forum is to search before posting. We have addressed this, announced it, and even have it on the launcher.
  24. On results of the New Year Event

    This test affected fps. We addressed that.
  25. On results of the New Year Event

    For all of you who may have been frustrated and did not realize we had a test, or what it was even about, now you know. It was all to benefit you, your QOL and to move us forward into the New Year! Thanks to all of you, including staff, who helped to make this so successful.