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  1. Shoreline.
  2. #Locked. Reason: Answered.
  3. I know someone who can help...built mine. Going to move this to off topic though, cause it is better there.
  4. Going to use this for my YouTube Channel banner. I'll show you what that's like when I'm done.
  5. ah and one more thing .... please also point me to the patch notes of the performance update to read up on the fact that desync was adressed in this update.

    Only thing i found on that topic is the following:

    "We'd like to announce that we have installed to the servers yet another minor fix aimed at improving the performance of Escape from Tarkov Alpha version."

  6. Hi Mr. Twerkins,

    please point me to a thread in the forum where the problem of desync and it's influx on testing was discussed. I used the search funtion with the keyword "desync" and it only showed me 257(more or less) threads of problems ingame beeing discussed and "desync" was the main "solution".

    I would realy appreciate your help in this spezial request.

    Thx Buschla


  7. Well, one of them is gaining popularity - Yuri Schwedoff is the artist showcased on the launch screen for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017..
  8. #Locked. Reason: Answered If further issues persist, please report bug: Check here first, to see if it has already been reported. If it has, then it's a known issue. Make sure to read, "The Purpose of the Bug Report.":
  9. #Locked. Reason: Multiple posts on this, and the Devs have confirmed even more OP, smarter Scavs incoming. This is the game becoming what it was meant to be. When you get the chance to play as a Scav you will understand why. Please search before posting next time.
  10. Welcome.
  11. I'm starting to sense a trend. Don't let Limit hear about this. You'll be in Combat Training for 2 hours!
  12. It was ME!!! You still keep forgetting!
  13. Well, in 6 months I've seen people underestimate these devs constantly. People are under the assumption that this is a new change, and not an intended one.
  14. It means more Scavs! LOL Don't make them go through all that work, only to expand later, add more people, and have to adjust again. You're not the first to do that. Never got me, cause I'm not crazy enough to run along side the bridge. Nah, bridge is still a choke. I already see plenty of ways to utilize it. Matter of fact, there's a way WITHOUT the bridge, I'm willing to bet noone's thought of yet