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    WHY THE HELL do you put up a damn chain link fence when it is seems to be a solid object and you cant shoot through it - seriously the stupidity astounds me - a chain link fence and you cant shoot through it?? - not only can scavs see you through a chain link fence and shoot you through one but our bullets seem to ricochet or sponged by this object - I found this out the hard way by giving away my position at night by trying to shoot through one and then move around and unload 17 more automatic rounds directly into a player scav that doesnt kill him but he kills me easily with his pistol when im armored and with a helmet and in the dark...this game is increasingly becoming frustrating with insistent from scav behavior like seeing you in the dark in a bush and kill you to having a chain link fence that you cant shoot through!!
  2. Scaves are terrible right now

    Night raid in customs - Silent creep crouched hiding in a bush and well whadaya know - Scav walks right by and sees me and kills me...seriously seriously inconsistent...thnx for the BS!
  3. Inconsistent Damage and death

    Awesome video!
  4. I'm curious to know if all players regardless of naked or armored have equal standing as in damage taken and death. 1. Player with Kiva helmet - 1 TT bullet to the head can take him out 2. Player with no armor at all - takes multiple TT bullets to the chest and they do not die Its this kind of imbalance that is nonsensical. You can choose to not wear any armor to increase speed and agility but if you get hit by 1 definitely 2 bullets especially in the chest this should equate to death NOT on the brink of death heal and make your way out and still kill ARMORED players. It should be tier based as far as hit points go - Tier 1 no armor - EXTREMELY vulnerable Agile - Tier 2 Armored - Protected - Tier 3 Armored variants - Very protected - I believe you have the armored players and the hit points working well - its the unarmored players that I feel the hit points need to be rejigged.
  5. same here - Australian servers
  6. Bloody hurry up and implement something when you collide with scavs - because as players our weapons flick up and gives no damage whilst scavs can for some reason still shoot you magically with a full length shotgun - when is butt stroke coming in? hand signals are useless a waste of your programming time - game necessities like a butt stroke for close quarter combat with a weapon should be a higher priority and more useful and practical in this game...
  7. Devs pls

    Scavs are not players - they are AI - its programming...Which means their actions and thinking is instant...the mere fact you have already stated that when we wear armor scavs will automatically aim for our legs. NO ONE walks around aiming at peoples legs like its better than a headshot...this is not realistic at all and the sheer fact scavs aim at your legs instantly! knowing your wearing armor and blasts 2 shots there and you die has got to be the most ridiculous thing - you see its not the dying thats frustrating especially to good play or bad play on the players behalf but dying to AI that have an unfair advantage that crosses the BS line is infuriating...even the BS of a hatchet runner at point blank swinging away at a player who is completely armored with an AK going "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAART" into his chest and that hatchet runner doesnt die even after a few bullets is ridiculous - but hey! I think its BS but thats ok - good on the hatchet player for getting away with it and gearing up - AI BETA & BS are walking hand in hand at the moment.
  8. Showcase of your Best AK74n

    Heres mine - simple mod - sometimes I take off the scope - I quite like iron sites
  9. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    to the PMC in factory - you ran away from me when you saw I was right in front of you when you just spawned and I was completely geared - a scary sight for a hatchet runner for sure - I wiggled you ran to PVE extract - I didnt shoot or chase you - I went up to 3rd floor and looked back through hole in the wall and saw you come out from PVE extract I wiggled again - I guessed you trusted me - you ran along silos and out the back to run behind tanks and windows to leave via main extract really quickly. I was killing scavs all around us and I was hoping you would take your time to loot and leave heavy...I hope you did get some gear...its fun when strangers can work together.
  10. Showcase of your Best AK74n

    AH hahaha I love it!! frikking hilarious dude!!
  11. Not sure why this happened but ok

    hmmm DCs are most unfortunate and can happen at the worts times timing wise - Im not sure mate but looked like you died because of the blacking out screen first and almost immediately you got is an odd one though.
  12. Helmets...

    YEh that sucks dude - it actually does happen sometimes being 1 tapped through a helmet - I've had it happen and ive read here many others have experienced it on odd occasions.
  13. Post your record XP raids

    WOW 88k!! thats a really mad run...must have killed all players at lvl 50+ looted, headshot scavs and opened all doors - heres my best so far now - thats 4 pmcs and 9 scavs...
  14. Post your record XP raids

    lol so true - killed 17 scavs in factory zero players 20k - my best is 50+k no screenshot below is my best i took a screenshot of...