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  1. PP vityaz is too expensive and bad

    Yup - here it is. I haven't tested the Vityaz with its original though.
  2. Guy take 40+ Shots and lives?!?!?!?

    LOL thats ridiculous!!!
  3. PP vityaz is too expensive and bad

    I agree!! I had a real blast in Factory with it...I did however upgrade the muzzle - definitely a go to gun in factory when shotguns get boring...Not a gun for any other map - keep it in factory.
  4. Return of Super Scavs???

    lol i thought so...
  5. Return of Super Scavs???

    yeh I seriously cannot wait for the hotfix - the Scavs in factory are on serious BS mode...typical flick Bang!! its not desynch!! in the current state of play its PVE super scav mode with a little of PVP....I really dont mind the random BS grenade kill when your miles away or even desynch scavs or glitching scavs once in a while when the game hiccups and we all die - cool no worries....currently the consistency of AI one shotting especially when you've started to shoot them with their backs turned to you has gotten old since a nightmare returning from the abyss of long forgotten code of ones and zeros - they are back with a never ending shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle BANG!!! sending you back to the traders with a handful of rubles and dollars to re-kit yourself with all the same gear so you can jump back on the roundabout of pain and torture....did I mention we love EFT?
  6. Seems weve gone full circle with glitched scavs 180 spin 1 shot head shot regardless of weapon - maybe a little desynch again...but I am noticing super accurate aimbot scavs again - you know scavs are just a secondary enemy to kill and loot and keep you on your toes - not continuously die from them with crazy tight angles and super aiming - end of the day it is PVP...Im hoping this hotfix coming up has some fixes there plus some upgrades to them.
  7. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

    WOW!! that is an amazing accomplishment...Congratulations to the Mountaineers and BSG...what a view!!
  8. ok so it seemed there was a Kedr and a pistol glitch that supposedly got rectified but did not (understood not a priority)- awesome!!! now it seems the Kedrs are constantly jamming - great way to handle the glitch - just make it so they jam all the time so no one uses them - yeh thanks!!! generally when someone has an itchy nose they go straight to the nose and scratch it not wrap their arm around their head to scratch their nose!
  9. This happens sometimes - aiming at someone running in factory they come to a complete standstill and your unloading AK rounds into them burst firing 3 to 4 rounds twice easily in that time they have to stop and aim - hitting them!! they have to stop aim their pistol and pop pop pop - I'm dead!!! - there is seriously a gross lack of power when it comes to ballistic comparisons - I mean come on!!! 6 - 8 bullets from 5.45x39 at 10 meters is going to tear you up - it is absolute BS that this is meant to be realistic and people being shot up have enough health to easily aim at you and pull off a kill...this is not realism - give me realistic - Ill die and kill a lot happier knowing this bullet physics is implemented - health bar etc is from MW, COD and Battlefield - I got into EFT for realism...well there is always a little lag that might of helped him...
  10. Killcam

    no no im sure its that way last time i checked --->
  11. You wont be the last person pulled into this game by youtube streamers and how awesome this game looks sounds and feels when you play...its stunning to say the least. Now on enjoying the game...well...losing sucks and winning is fun right? little steps first id say, play some offline with a Makarov and have fun with the AI and learn how to use that pistol, creep around when you hear voices and steps, aim and lean peek corners etc - spam the pistol and unload all rounds into scavs then try 1 shot head'll die heaps and you'll do well too. Keep it fun and well just "train"* to be better...once you've got your confidence up take it live and try the same will die a lot of times believe you me and whether your running hatchet or pistol something will eventually click and you'll learn your spots on the map and you will get better - and during that process you'll get lots of loot from crates and even weapons and gear off scavs and players - it is a numbers game for certain - the more you play the more your going to die and the more your going to find success as well...the fun bit comes when your winning more than your losing and stacking up loot weapons and money... There is a blueprint to play efficiently and succeed (this is not only in raid playing with your own personal mission of what your trying to achieve - be it XP, Loot or both or a particular item or when you get better clear the server) but who to sell to and level up traders and Im sure anyone who has been playing since Alpha has worked it out how to do it right - through trial and error.... If I may say, Have fun offline for a bit of shooting practice but at the same time Start off live raids with Hatchet and try to fill as much as you can in your pouch then extract quickly dont hang around - you will get decent XP for extracting and looting - go and sell all of it and keep doing this over and over (Factory is good for this) you will rank up the traders and yourself because you are leveling up your XP and selling to traders - once in a while you will hatchet a scav (be patient here it will happen) take all his gear and either get cocky and use it - test yourself against the AI and players or extract (this is early stages) once you've got some gear keep doing it and try to kill another scav or maybe a player and when you get the hang of this the fun really begins and you will get more gear and higher XP and you will fill up your stash - admittedly you'll have bad runs and lose tonnes of gear but think BIG picture - dont be scared to lose your gear, you will get tonnes back as well the more you play...Hang in their budd success is just around the corner, just make sure you aim and peek!! * when I mean train - it also means learn the keys and how you physically use your keyboard as well - its so essential to practice using all the keys and functions available to you as it adds to your overall skill and advantage in game.
  12. 570 meter shot on woods

    WOW!! nice shot man!!! did you calculate the rotation and curvature of the Earth?
  13. REALISM!! WHAT?????

    1) Shells do penetrate doors (especially wood) 2) hmmm 3)possibly 4) LOL Figjam
  14. Has Anyone Hit Rock Bottom?

    lol rock bottom!!! I guess it does happen...people have to stop looking for hand outs when things get dire else will they become better at this game - honestly people need to learn to run with hatchets loot and get out of the raid quickly with a little loot you can sell and XP - when their confidence builds up and especially their skill which will happen automatically, then they should go and hatchet scavs for their weapons and gear (mind you keep looting crates and keep it in gamma so you've got something 1st priority in raid) - keep it sell it or use it in the next raid to get more gear...slowly slowly build your stash your money and reputation with traders back up and next thing you know - not only have you improved your skill in this game but you've got gear and a few hundred thousand Rubles - Now your cooking with gas! It is clean and rinse kinda stuff multiple times and all of that is improving your characters skills and XP, getting loot and money but more importantly YOU ARE going to learn the game better and you will personally skill up in a massive way...then you will be the one owing in raids and looting to your hearts content with millions of Rubles and a full stash. your not going to go from Zero to Kotton in a few raids!
  15. REALISM!! WHAT?????

    IM absolutely blown away by this!! - In factory - killed 4 players 3 scavs so far - I find a hatchet runner in Breach room - how I know this is hes breached the door and I can see him through the broken door - I unload 3 Saiga mags through the already broken wooden door - no damage to the guy at all - I breach the door - he takes no damage from door - I pump him 3 times more and what do I get out of all this nonsense?? a hatchet to the head!!!! WTF???? lol enjoy the loot and the factory floor all to yourself...I hope you at least extracted man!!!