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  1. i upload some more. just because.
  2. dont worry ill take them! they are really nice. thanks
  3. snow received! holy...waaaaaaah thats so cool thanks man for the efforts!
  4. Since we all waiting for the new patch, some of us more bored than others due to disconnect issues... LETS MAKE A PHOTO THREAD! i start with some pictures i shoot over the last year from my area where i am living in china which have some nice graphics show your most beautiful photos around the area you are living. (i would love to see some snow since we dont have any here) IMG_0282.JPG
  5. dammit i am hungry now! here in china we have some nice food. but not same as in germany before.
  6. holy.... its valentines day? gotta go to buy some flowers *sprintmode enabled*
  7. wonderful! WHO WANT SEE THE BANNED CHEATERS NAMES IN THIS FORUM? (so we can laugh about them a bit more) oh sweet revenge... i would love to see them cry. these loosers have a small weiner
  8. i was left behind because i am too poor for the top edition of the game
  9. soooo i also read that they will change engine or at least version of current one. how does it work? any news about it? or just guess?
  10. hardware posten. sonst geht niiiiix
  11. dammit... thanks for answer though
  12. intereting idea... even i also dont see that work out. if an airdrop is going down, there will be snipers like flies around a pile of poo everybody who goes near that and start loot will be shot in a second.
  13. question: will there be ALWAYS AI walking on the other maps when game is done? or is there any chance it can be deactivated and ONLY play against/with other real players? i read some of you guys dont want zombiedogs blabla and other things because they are nothing but annoying. i feel the same about AI right now. i want only real players on the map chasing me. and dont tell me the AI will change, be more smart. i know that and i still dont like it.