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  1. Remove the magical aura on comtacs at night

    Hello everyone please be aware the lighting in game is not final and will be adjusted in the future. Flashlights won’t be visible through floor and walls etc. This should go without saying. Please realize the project is still in beta, not in it’s final state. #Locked
  2. lag

    The game is not yet completely optimized. Desync is a know issue with the high volume of weekend players these problems are much worse please hang tight and be patient
  3. Huge update, but still no 21:9 support?

    Please realize that you Pre-ordered the game you did not buy a released game. Yes you are allowed to test the game because the Devs are allowing you to before the release date. This is in no way shape or form required to be available to you until the date of full release as once again you PRE ORDERED the game. Anyway I also use a 21x9 3440x1440p monitor and yes it can be wonky at times but most games, yes even more recent titles don't "officially" support 21x9. (Example: Fallout 4) The path of development isn't centered around you and 21x9 support will be added when its added IF it is added.
  4. Sharing glitches to ruin others game play is forbidden and will not be tolerated on the forums. Please refrain from creating topics that will significantly effect other players in a negative way. #Locked Forbidden Topic
  5. I ´ve encountered the error 299. There is any way to fix it without getting in the scav game?, because I get stucked in  the awaiting server response step.