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  1. Just contact one of the communities listed in the clan section, somebody there will fit your tastes! Hint: UWS
  2. SKS

    And I will make it my personal mission to find every single "modern" modded SKS and restore them to their wooden glory. (Brutally murdering the unlucky owner in the process)
  3. Dude.
  4. And great people with great times!
  5. Ask anyone for help if you got any questions, we'll be happy to assist!
  6. Welcome, welcome!
  7. We have to go Ludicrous speed! No. Ludicrous speed is too slow! Go Hype Speed!
  8. This. We literally have people playing 24/7. Sometimes we allow them to go for breaks.
  9. Thanks! I'll try to come online and teach new players tonight...if there will be any online lol
  10. Never mind, missed the "News" topic, my bad.
  11. This. I'm really glad that BSG actually introduces civilian weaponry into the game and not just mil-spec. (Cough, cough, BF)
  12. Why do you guys post weapon screenshots on Facebook, yet no new information here? PP-19-01 Vityaz and Saiga-9 were posted 3 hours ago...
  13. Anyone is welcome! Just hop onto our TS and say hello!
  14. Just come on Community Teamspeak and introduce yourself!
  15. Yes you can. But be careful, as you only have 3 "attempts". I got a newer laptop roughly a month after I started playing. Went through the hardware ID process again and done.