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  1. You don't argue with Death
  2. Or me!
  3. SEAU FAUNCIE! (So fancy :D)
  4. SKS

    Aaaaand the ingame SKS ended up having a heretical 20 round mag. Fun fact - it's one of the most expensive mags in game lol (5k)
  5. Oh man, when FEAR came out it not only revolutionized AI, but made a graphical revolution. Reminds me of another hidden gem - Far Cry (the 1st one obviously)
  6. И тут Блакбёрда понесло....на хайку.
  7. SKS

    This. Anything flashy and shiny has no place here. Unless it's a flashlight. I like my flashlights.
  8. The best way is to redownload. The game has plenty of bugs and fresh installation might help you to prevent some from happening. I don't know if the game relies heavily on the registry, but some games have been known to act wonky if you just copy+paste them into another folder, let alone another HDD.
  9. Don't worry, it won't. It was shown in one of the earlier trailers but since then has been denied on countless occasions by the devs. Ontario, Canada here! Filthy Canuck to distill your Murican thread here lol
  10. SKS

    @Sam_ I see a Bubba in the thread!
  11. I've been gaming since 1995 and I can say with a hand on my heart that his game even in its current iteration with simply more maps and weapons of the best I played in the last few years. Best 150$ I the last few years lol
  12. The in-game M4 currently has 2 barrels. Judging by the reply above - we will get more in the future.
  13. SKS

    I have a feeling that in the end release I'll be the ghetto BEAR - running around with a Mosin, SKS or Tokarev
  14. RussianBadger actually does a fairly decent job. But the whole wassup guys and welcome to the channel thing is...ugh.
  15. I lol'ed