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  1. Welcome to all the new members!
  2. 27, Торонтовка, Онтарийская обл.
  3. See you soon!
  4. Me love you long time!
  5. Yeah, I can't figure out what's the point of this thread either...
  6. Where are all the forum Canucks? C'mon! (Fine, you US people and the rest of the world are more than welcome too lol)
  7. Yup yup! Lots of new faces and more and more fun every night!
  8. Like I said. I don't know, that's just what I heard. Kudos for correcting me!
  9. From what I heard on the recent Russian Q&A several players are experiencing issues with AMD GPU's, which actually was unknown to the devs. I am ready to be corrected of course, as I myself play on an nVidia hardware and have never heard of such things until then.
  10. SKS

    What's the upper gun on the lower pic? Looks like a carbine version of Mosin.
  11. Be advised that streaming EfT until NDA is removed is probably going to end up with Battlestate Games banning your account, regardless of how much money you spent on your preorder. They are NOT extending the NDA removal for anyone at this point, so just wait a month or two until it is removed.
  12. Hear, hear! We need more Canucks though lol, where are you Canadian EfT players?
  13. It finally happened!
  14. Having an awesome time with the crew! C'mon, we need more people for morning/day runs!
  15. Applied earlier today. Let's see, let's see.