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  1. Nice AK-74. Which do you like more ak or ar platform?
  2. Hi Post here eft related pics! Funny moment or cool weapon etc.. Pic dont look that good what it was in game The Beast. I love it.
  3. And yes there is wipe. Like every patch what we get in alpha.
  4. Is this joke? Do you read patch note? We have good forums and search but always find somebody who ask that same question...
  5. Hmm where they are and for what? We will see
  6. Hmm very intresting.. Who was that passenger? What they send and where?
  7. Nope. In scav mode you spawn random gear and condition on map. If you survive everything what you loot transfer main character.
  8. First four is coming updeta and other is just development. yes you are right
  9. i take my sv-98 and go camping and drink vodka
  10. I watching best rpg 2017 or something like that on youtube last year.
  11. Edge of Darkness!
  12. I cant wait
  13. Awesome good news SKS niceeee!!!
  14. Good news This is way how all cheaters should punish.