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  1. Very intresting article.
  2. map

    Yeah but 5 player is max group so... i think we will survive Finland prkl!
  3. I found skill list and there is trap and mine planting skill There is also many many intresting skill...
  4. Awesome I cant wait...
  5. Realistic Zombie survivor? But zombie are not real. So NO zombies
  6. I think i have seen one gesture (middle finger) in one devs gameplay videos.
  7. Yeah flashbangs and stun grenades and also smoke/gas grenades. And gasmask what you can put on and off and cant target properly. You can only hip fire like Battlefield 1... And Gas grenades for attachable grenade launcher.
  8. Okey so leave explosive traps/mines and crafting skill out but maybe somekind detection devices like @RemQ say.
  9. discord nick PipariVaras#3180

    1. PipariVaras


      Hups. i dont remember change you see what pack i own but now its is changed.

  10. Good hunting stalkers :ph34r:

  11. Perfect post
  12. Great idea
  13. I think EFT need somekind bomb set and crafting skill and you gain xp when you use, craft and disarm bomb. Noise bomb, flash bomb and maybe that which you get bleed. When leveling skill you can make mine and explosive bomb but only when you are hight level. Somekind tools for disarming maybe leatherman. Sorry my bad english